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XML Editor is a fast, secure and feature-rich XML Editor. Its main features include XML data validation and conversion tools, a code generator and an XML editor. Rinzo XML Editor is based on a clean, extensible and well-designed CodeMirror control, which has come to be the standard for creating custom editors.
XML Editor Control and Requirements:

• The ability to edit XML documents.

• Compactness (size of the code base).

• Extensibility (user can change and extend).

• Ease of use (for administrators and for users).

• Integrates with other controls.

• Works in Internet Explorer.

• Works in other browsers.

Rinzo XML Editor may be used standalone, or embedded inside a web application. The Rinzo XML Editor Control is available in several versions, as the following table demonstrates. The free version is compatible with Internet Explorer 7 and 8 and any supported browsers.

The Developer License is the most powerful Rinzo XML Editor Control version and is compatible with Internet Explorer 7 and 8 and any supported browsers. In addition to the capability to edit, validate and convert XML documents, it has all of the features of the free version and allows all the data shown in the user interface. It is compatible with other controls, including the Rinzo XML Editor Control.

Advanced / Developer License Features:

• Support for XSLT transformation and other XML transformations (XMLT, XPath).

• Save and Load only part of the document (Uniform Resource Locator – URL).

• Save/Load / Save/Delete / Save/Flush.

• Client Script.

• Save/Load and Save/Delete parts of XML data from/to server.

• Load options.

• Customizable format.

• New/Delete element.

• Validate/Convert/Valid.

• Select elements (XPath).

• Comments.

• Format.

• Hidden elements.

• Collapse Element.

• Inner Element.

• Outer Element.

• Element is Element.

• Text in Element.

• Text of Element.

• Text of Element as text.

• Search Element.

• Search Node.

• Search child Element.

• Search child Node.

• Search parent Element. 70238732e0

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Mouse over the icon to show the keystroke equivalent.Click the icon to set the keyboard shortcut.Compatible with all versions of Windows: 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista and XP.
“Active Shooter” is the game where you have to kill as many people as possible in 5 minutes.
The game is set in a school or a workplace. You can choose to play from the first-person view or a second-person view.
You have a gun with unlimited ammo which fires bullets. The bullets don’t hurt the game’s characters. You can walk through them or jump over them.
You can play the game in normal mode (without obstacles) or with obstacles (trees, cars, slabs, etc.).
Sprinting mode allows you to run faster and jump over obstacles.
If you use the key shortcut for “Active Shooter” and select the second-person view, you can choose between eight weapons (from different manufacturers):
Pistols (Colt, Glock, 9mm and.38);
Assault Rifles (AK-47, AK-74, M-4, FN-FAL, M-16);
Automatic Shotguns (Tommygun and Benelli M4);
Combat Rifles (AK-12, AR-15 and M4);
Battlefield Support Weapons (heavy machine guns);
Sniper Rifles (GPS and DEWALT);
Shotguns (Benelli M12);
There are about 700 different combinations. You can even use a top gun or “suicide bomb” to kill everyone in the game.
You can also choose between a free and premium version.
There are two versions of the game – one in the Windows Store and the other on the developer’s website. They have different features.
The game is available for Windows 8, 8.1, 10, 7, Vista and XP.
If you use Windows 10, you can play the game on the desktop version too, even though it doesn’t have any special features.
The Windows Store version of the game can’t be accessed when the game is already running in fullscreen mode.
If you want to play the game from Windows Store, exit it first. Then start the game from the desktop version.
The Windows Store version of the game has no ads.
The desktop version has no ads.
The Windows Store version of the game costs $1.99