Microsoft DirectAccess Connectivity Assistant (DCA) will help organizations reduce the cost of supporting DirectAccess users and significantly improve their connectivity experience.
This Solution Accelerator is part of the Windows Optimized Desktop Toolkit 2010 (WODT 2010).
DCA informs mobile users of their connectivity status at all times; provides tools to help them reconnect on their own if problems arise; and creates diagnostics to help mobile users provide IT staff with key information if necessary
all to help customers operate with more efficiency, and at a lower cost.
DCA is the newest addition to the Windows Optimized Desktop Toolkit 2010, which is designed to help IT pros plan, deliver, and operate the right desktop technologies for users across their organization.
The download includes the following components:
· Microsoft_DirectAccess_Connectivity_Assistant_x32.msi
· Microsoft_DirectAccess_Connectivity_Assistant_x64.msi
· Microsoft_DirectAccess_Connectivity_Assistant_DeploymentGuide.docx
· Microsoft_DirectAccess_Connectivity_Assistant_Release_Notes.en.htm
· DirectAccess Connectivity Assistant GP.admx
· DirectAccess Connectivity Assistant GP.adml
DCA 2.0 RC provides the following functionality:
· Provides DirectAccess users with connectivity information. Users can view their DirectAccess connectivity status at all times.
· Provides diagnostics and troubleshooting features. DCA 2.0 RC provides tools to help users reconnect if problems arise, and create diagnostics to help IT administrators with troubleshooting information.
· Supports one-time password (OTP) authentication for DirectAccess users required to authenticate using OTP.
Note: DCA 2.0 RC can be installed on Windows 7 computers that connect to the corporate network using DirectAccess running on a Windows Server 2012 RC computer. It can be installed on Windows 7 computers that do not have DCA installed, or on computers running DCA 1.0 or DCA 1.5. DCA 2.0 RC should not be installed on computers running Windows 8 Consumer Preview. It should also not be installed on Windows 7 computers that connect to the corporate network using DirectAccess running on a Windows Server 2008 R2 computer or on a Forefront UAG server
The download includes the following components:
· A zip file ( containing eea19f52d2

Tuber-YouTube Downloader is a lightweight software application that helps with downloading videos from YouTube so you can store them on your computer for offline viewing. It can be deployed on all Windows flavors out there.
Minimalist looks
You are welcomed by a small panel that gathers all configuration parameters in a single window. A help manual is not included in the package but the setup parameters look very easy to tweak so you are not going to spend a lot of time learning how to work with this program.
Video downloading options
Tuber-YouTube Downloader gives you the possibility to paste the URL copied to the clipboard directly in the main window. In addition, you are allowed to pick the saving directory and select the preferred output format, namely MP4, WebM, FLV, or 3GP.
What’s more, you can choose between several video profiles that differ in quality, start or pause the downloading process, as well as get information about the current clip, like resolution, video profile, video and audio bitrate, and video/audio encoder.
Tests have shown that Tuber-YouTube Downloader carries out the downloading process quickly and without errors. It offers very good output results. It does not eat up a lot of CPU and memory resources so the overall performance of the computer is not affected.
Final remarks
All things considered, Tuber-YouTube Downloader comes packed with several handy functions for helping you grab YouTube clips and export them to different video formats on your drive. The intuitive feature package makes it suitable for rookies and professionals alike. On the downside, it does not offer support for batch actions so you cannot download multiple videos at the same time.
Tuber-YouTube Downloader 1.4.2

Product Information

Any USB flash drives that are provided by Free-Soft and to which you install the program on, can be used for backup purposes and contain the installer for your license which comes in form of a license key that you need to insert. This key is the only way that we allow the product to be installed on your computer.

With this application you can enjoy watching your favorite YouTube videos on a computer without an Internet connection, on the go, or wherever you are. The program is also fully customizable allowing you to choose your preferred options and features depending on your taste and needs.

When you start watching a video you are prompted to enter the license key