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Call to v8::Function::Call with an incorrect number of arguments

I have a simple test harness that creates the following v8::Function object:
v8::Local my_func;

my_func = v8::Function::New(v8::Local::Cast(v8::String::New(“myFunc”)).ToLocalChecked());

When I call v8::Function::Call on my_func with no arguments, it results in an ASSERT failure. When I call the function with one argument, I get a Write to unallocated memory error, which is an ASSERT failure.
Is there a way to get the function call to work with no arguments?


Ok, I found the answer to this one. In the end, this was more of an error from my previous question, although it was the same in the sense that I was calling a function with incorrect arguments. It turns out that I had made a mistake while assigning a parameter value. The function signature had the wrong end.

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