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Photoshop makes basic photo editing a cinch. But you can use it for more creative projects, too. Because Photoshop works with digital photography, it works very well for creating any type of image, regardless of whether it is real or digital. Better Than Photoshop CC A trend you’re seeing more and more of is the claim that certain image editing programs are better for certain types of images. This claim is often simply based on personal preference, such as the direction in which you’d like the image to develop, or the texture or style that you prefer. Conversely, you may also find that the features that are most useful for a certain type of image may not be the best fit for another type of image. You can experiment with different types of images with Photoshop and figure out what settings work best for what type of image. For example, a portrait may be easiest to paint and add a light on if the image has a white background. In contrast, a landscape is usually more straightforward if it has a dark background. Adobe offers Photoshop Elements, which is part of the Adobe Photography collection ( Elements is good for basic photo editing, but you should know that elements is a program for beginners. At this point in time, it does not offer the professional features available in Photoshop. Probably the best editing program for you is to determine what type of image you’re most likely to edit, and then try it first. Because Photoshop is the industry standard image-editing software, you can always go to the pros or resources in your area to get help if you don’t like the way Photoshop edits images. Using Photoshop: Making Simple Projects Photoshop can do almost anything you can imagine, and you’re certain to find some type of project that appeals to you. In this section, we give you a variety of simple projects to demonstrate how Photoshop works. Take some time to try them, and, if you’re a beginner, experiment with each project with a beginner’s skill level as your goal. Making a simple photo collage To make a simple collage, follow these steps: 1. Create a new Photoshop file (choose File⇒New) and resize it to 600 pixels on the longest side (choose Image⇒Image Size⇒Resize) by moving the Resize slider to the right (refer to Figure 9-1).

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The Elements app is not just a video editor. It also works as a batch picture editor for editing RAW photo images or other format of images. The RAW image file formats support larger color gamut and allow higher dynamic range but you need a specialized RAW image editor. If you can access RAW image file formats directly or convert them to a different file format you can use Elements to edit RAW images. This article will guide you to learn how to use this great image editor. We will find out what are the applications of the image editor, how to use the tool, how to edit RAW images or other formats of images, how to create new images and what are the different operations of the tool. Photoshop Elements is not just a simple paint brush for image editing or paint for RAW image editing. The program gives you the tools for advanced photo editing that includes more control over layers, greater power to shape and position elements, and the ability to create professional-level final images. That’s why it’s a huge resource for pro photographers and image editors. Applications of Photoshop Elements The program comes with the great feature of editing RAW images like a DSLR camera. It gives you the option to view the RAW files by opening the camera with the RAW Editor or by importing images with the RAW format supported. The basic editing tools include: Chromatic Adjustment Color Balance Color Balance Crop Duplicate Image Rotation Image Rotate Image Size Make a Picture Move Resize Sharpen Smart Filter Layer Filter Lighting Effects Camera Raw Lightroom Printing Degunk Collages Color Replacement Adjust Sharpness Color Mask Paintbrush Mixer Brush Gradient Make this Tutorial Easier We know that learning a new software takes time and effort, and it is even more difficult when the program is Photoshop. We have created a few steps that will take your learning time down to a minimum. Step 1. Open Photoshop Elements Download the latest version of the software if you are using Windows, macOS or Linux. If you are installing for the first time on a brand new computer follow the steps in the first section of our user guide. If you already have the software installed follow the steps in 388ed7b0c7

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Pen tools are special effects brushes that use the vector-based native pen tool to simulate the look and feel of a pen or pencil tool. Photoshop has a variety of built-in fonts that allow you to add fancy or professional fonts to your projects. Typography is the study of type and how it’s arranged in a design. In Photoshop, fonts allow you to add several stylistic elements into your work, including weights, styles, and colors. Text is one of Photoshop’s most powerful features. Text tools enable you to measure, align, and manipulate text. Effect is a type of filter in Photoshop. Some effects, like liquify, blur, and blur variants, are collections of many different filters. Bump Map is a built-in filter that simulates a high gloss surface, making the image look like it’s cast in wax. It’s useful for making a gloss-like look on shiny objects, like a car. After Effects is a powerful video compositing and animating software package. It has more advanced features than Photoshop, like motion tracking, keying, 3D rendering, and text effects. The Clone Stamp tool allows you to copy pixels from one area of an image and paste them into another area. This is useful for repairing damaged or corrupt images. Pen tools are special effects brushes that use the vector-based native pen tool to simulate the look and feel of a pen or pencil tool. Photojournalism is the most common subject of photography in newspapers, magazines, and the Internet. Photojournalists use special lenses and equipment to shoot certain types of pictures. The Photomerge tool allows you to combine several photos and make them one seamless image. Picking tools are designed to paint over another image or selection, creating a new layer. Working in Photoshop is easy if you start by creating a new document and learn some simple shortcuts like shortcuts like CMD+J (Mac) or Ctrl+J (PC). Photoshop has a variety of built-in fonts that allow you to add fancy or professional fonts to your projects. Photography, or “photojournalism,” is the most common subject of photography in newspapers, magazines, and the Internet. A photo retouching job is done on an image to make it look better. A retouching job can also be done on a photo for marketing purposes, such as adding a new logo to a business card or website. A rainbow is a type of lens that takes a photograph

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