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* **Layer panel** The Layer panel is a nondestructive editing workspace where you can view, group, and edit your layers. It’s usually on the left side of the workspace.

* **Curves** This tool enables you to quickly apply a smooth transition between colors. You can use it to adjust brightness, contrast, and hue.
* **Channels** This palette displays color information for all color models. You can use it to edit image transparency and to add layer masks to any or all layers.
* **Histogram** This tool is a visual representation of the distribution of tones in your image. You can use it to view the distribution of colors and their range of brightness.
* **Basic tools** Tools available for any image manipulation task are available in the Basic panel.
* **Layers panel** The Layers panel displays all your layers. You can move, copy, delete, arrange, and rename layers.
* **Modify panel** This panel enables you to modify the settings of all active layers (as opposed to just layers that have layer masks applied).
* **Expert panel** The Expert panel is hidden by default, but you can access it through the menu. It offers many editing options to fix problems.
* **Tools** In the Tools panel you can use many tools to crop, straighten, resize, and reposition images.
* **Colors panel** You can modify color settings.
* **Lights and shadows** You can adjust the brightness of the lights and shadows in your image.
* **Blacks and whites** This tool helps you adjust contrast by altering the brightness of the blacks and whites in an image.
* **Adjustment** You can use tools to adjust sharpness, brightness, contrast, and exposure.
* **Text** You can edit text in your image.
* **Filters** You can use the filters to add special effects to your images.
* **Blends** You can modify the effect of your blends with the tools in the Blends panel.
* **Masks** You can use masks and layer masks to apply different effects to

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There are many other tools out there for image editing, such as GIMP, Photoshop Express, PhpStorm, and Paint.NET. You can learn more about them in our guide on the best image editing software.

Here we’ve tried to provide you with as much of a complete list of features as we could. We have tried our best to take a look at the features available in the free version of Photoshop Elements 2019.

However, if you have any suggestions for other tools that we have missed out or you can think of any features that should be added to this article, feel free to contact us in the comments section below.

What’s New In Photoshop Elements 2019

The most recent version of Photoshop Elements, Photoshop Elements 2019, went release on October 16th, 2018. The update brings a number of enhancements to the software. Here are some features that are included in the update:

3D (v19.1) – Enhance your 3D drawings with automatic camera calibration.

Access and product previews in the Content panel for Microsoft Office and Microsoft SharePoint

Assistive options are now also available in the Format palette

32-bit editing for the various image editing tools, such as the original, curves, and channels

Many new improvements to the crop and rotate tools, including the ability to rotate images using the grid

The Screening tool now offers 8 different image displays

The Brush tool now has the ability to apply different modes and effects to the individual colors

The Aviary tool now has more customization options

The 3D shape enhancements have been improved

New collection and panels have been added

The Content panel for Microsoft Office and SharePoint has been added

Enhanced PDF export

Some of the updates to the other tools, such as drawing and text, still await to be implemented.

The following video has some of the features of Photoshop Elements 2019.

The video has been put together by a comparison website called Reviewed.

The New Content Panel In Photoshop Elements 2019

One of the biggest changes in the new version of Photoshop Elements is the complete redesign of the Content panel. In the older version, you had to use multiple tools to view and edit different files in the way you wanted. The newer version, however, has a much more convenient layout for dealing with various files.

The Content panel used to look like this before

The Panel Used to Look Like Before

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How to pass jquery object to a function?

How to pass a jquery object to a function?
I have an image object in html:

I want to pass this to a function to apply styling to it. I’d like to have access to the width and height properties, but since $(“#mydiv”).children[0] returns an jQuery object, how do I make these accessible to the function?
I’ve seen a lot of people doing something like this:
function foo(){
return $(“#mydiv”).children[0];

But I really dislike this, since you need to write $ twice. Is there a better way?


In short, no, you do need to reference it twice. You’ve just got a shortcut for it. That’s not something I’d choose to use, but you can do it.
The long answer is that you should be using this method of passing the item around rather than object references, even in your function declaration (even if you don’t use this).
var myobject = $(“#mydiv”).children[0];

function foo(myobject){

myobject.css(‘margin-top’,’5em’); //My object has already been set, so
//I don’t need to refernce to it


So, it looks like you’re already doing the proper thing, it’s just that you’re a little confused about how it’s all working. The only thing I would do differently is remove the square braces from your selectors when you’re adding the elements to a jQuery object. You have to use them when they’re being matched against, but they’re not needed once you’ve added them to an element collection.

Is not the same as

Even though in this case, it’s making no difference, it’s good to be consistent.

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