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Photoshop’s name may now refer to editing images, but when the application was first released, it’s name stood for “photo-induced programmed syndrome.” It was first released for Macintosh computers in 1987, after the company acquired the assets of a company called Aldus, which produced desktop publishing software. The first version of Photoshop had many limitations, and was considered a buggy mess of an application.

The current version of Photoshop has taken a huge leap forward in functionality and image manipulation in every sense. If you’re not familiar with Photoshop, it’s worth becoming familiar with this state of the art application. Once you’ve made the jump and gotten to know the basics, you’ll have a solid foundation for all of your future editing and imaging needs.

photoinduced programmed syndrome

1. Menu Bar

2. Basic Editing

Editing a photo to look more appealing in the three editing panes

Double-click the fly-out menu on the tool to make changes. Edit Menu

1. Brush: Contains tools that allow you to paint with color, bevel, or blur the edges of an image.

2. Crop: Allows you to trim away portions of an image and use the remaining image for new projects.

3. Color: Contains tools that allow you to make adjustments to your color-balance.

4. Eyedropper: Allows you to select and sample color from an area of an image, or an image on your computer screen.

5. Filter: Contains a collection of specialized filters that you can use to change the appearance of an image.

6. Gradient: Contains tools that allow you to create a palette of colors that can be used as a gradient.

7. Histogram: Displays a graph that shows how light and dark an image is.

8. Image: Contains tools for formatting, enhancing, and cropping your image.

9. Layers: Opens a window that displays a collection of images overlaid on your photo. You can arrange these images any way you like and manipulate them with tools you can use to change the way the pixels in an image look.

10. Pixel: Contains tools that allow you to modify and adjust the appearance of a pixel, or individual dot of color in an image.

11. Search: Contains a library of thousands of image samples. You can use the search bar to locate a library of images and copy

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Getting started with the Adobe Photoshop

How to get started

Adjustment layers

Create a new adjustment layer

Create and name an adjustment layer

Edit an adjustment layer

Add, edit or delete adjustment layers

Add an adjustment layer

Add adjustment layers

Add a mask to a layer

Resize layers

Resize an image

Convert layers to smart objects

Make a selection

Free Transform







Add new layers

Add a new layer

Add a new layer to an existing image

Add a new layer to an existing image

Change the way layers interact with other layers

Create a new layer group

Merge layers

Apply mask

Apply transform to all

Merge all layers in a group

Create a regular layer

Switch layers

Add a new fill

Add a new stroke

Add a new gradient

Add a new pattern

Add a new bevel

Add a new texture




Change a layer’s blending mode

Blend modes

Add texture and pattern to a layer

Add texture and pattern to a layer

Combine transparency

Group layers

Create a new layer and paint color



Align layers

Align layers

Align & distribute layers

Transform selection

Transform selection

Draw a selection

Erase selection

Add a drop shadow

Create a new gradient

Create a brush

Gradient filters

Alpha to selection

Add a bevel

Add a stroke and blend mode

Add a radial gradient

Add more colors in a gradient

Add a linear gradient

Add a pattern

Add a pattern to a layer

Add a pattern to a layer

Create a type or symbol

Create a type or symbol

Add text

Add text

Draw text

Draw text


Create a bevel

Create a bevel effect

Create a gradient

Create a gradient

Create gradients

Create gradients


Add a blur

Add a blur

Change blur


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System Requirements:

By default, the app has been tested on Windows 7 & 8 and iOS 10.
As of now, the app is currently in ALPHA stage and is currently in need of some stability fixing. We have some more advanced features planned for it to be stable so this is mostly a test version.
The app works great on both Windows 7 and 8 but it might be a bit crashy on Windows 10 at times. We’ll try to make this work better in future builds.
What’s New:
-Performance improvements