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_Figure 2-1_ ## Using the Photoshop Interface Photoshop comes with no default interface. In fact, it’s pretty much an empty workspace, with the exception of an image you select at the top and a couple of layers underneath (Figure 2.2). But you can actually operate Photoshop almost entirely from the command bar at the bottom. You’ll see a few buttons and some menus along the top, and a big, black, featureless bar down the bottom is more or less where you’d type in commands if you were using Photoshop by hand. The command bar is a good place to look for many of the most important Photoshop commands, but as of this writing, a bunch of the buttons and menus on the top bar are collapsed. Thus, you can use the tabs on the right side of the screen to expand and collapse the menus you want to use. In fact, the tabs are a great way to see things that don’t really make sense in the default Photoshop display layout (Figure 2.3). For example, I’ve expanded the Layers panel to show the color and create modes (Figure 2.4), but when I look at these buttons in the expanded menu, I see that there is a Color adjustment button on the right side of the Photoshop window instead of what I expected. * * * **Figure 2.2** **Figure 2.3** **Figure 2.4** The shortcut menu has one button, which you can use to create new layers. You don’t have to use the shortcut menu. You can also drag a new layer onto the Photoshop window from the New Layer icon in the bottom-left corner of the Photoshop window. This only works if you have a layer with a white background. If you have a black background, the new layer will come out with a solid black background and the white pixels will look like holes in a dark box, which is very distracting. Note that you can right-click with your mouse to access this shortcut menu, but the shortcut menu for the Layers panel is quite a bit different. In that case, you need to use the ALT key on your keyboard and then click on the new layer icon on the Photoshop window. To create a blank new layer, simply double-click with your mouse on the window. If you want to modify an existing layer, you can either double-click with your mouse on the layer’s thumbnail (which is the only way to interact

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You can use Photoshop Elements 2.0 (24.0.0) on Windows (XP or later). Adobe Photoshop is a vector graphics editor used for photo manipulation. Both Photoshop and Photoshop Elements are available as cross-platform solutions. The range of photo editing features of Photoshop includes: Color and saturation adjustments Contrast, brightness and image sharpness Image manipulation Image replacement Image layer manipulation Image resizing Picture in picture Resizing and cropping Text and font editing White balance Windows users can install the latest version of Photoshop directly from the Adobe website. You can also download Photoshop Elements from the Adobe website to install the software on your computer. The standard version of Photoshop requires a licence. You can purchase the software from the Adobe website or from a local computer retailer. How to install Adobe Photoshop Elements The standard version of Photoshop Elements requires a licence. You can purchase the software from the Adobe website or from a local computer retailer. Use these steps to install Photoshop Elements. 1 Open the Adobe website. Click on the software download link. Choose the operating system and the language version you need. Find the download link for the version you need, and download the installer. Click on the download link. Double-click on the Adobe Photoshop Elements installer. Follow the instructions in the application. Install the program on your computer. You need to install the application on your computer to use it. This guide shows you how to install Photoshop Elements in detail. 2 Follow the steps in the application to install Photoshop Elements. Click on the link Install the software for your Windows operating system. The application launches a setup wizard. Choose your language and installation location from the list of languages and countries. The next page gives you options for installation, upgrades and downloads. Click on Continue. The application installs the application. The user account manager opens. Click Next. The software starts the first time you use it. Click to start the Photoshop Elements installer. Note: Do not start the installer if the program is already installed. 3 Open the Start menu. Select Programs from the list. Click on Adobe Photoshop Elements. The program opens in the Program window. When you launch the first time, you receive the Welcome to Photoshop Elements page. You receive the Welcome to Photoshop Elements page when you open the program the first time. 4 Click on the Help 05a79cecff

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* **Shape Layers** : Shape layers allow you to group several groups of pixels into one shape. Each shape has its own layer. You can place shapes anywhere in your image, and you can add, move, and resize them. In addition, you can give shapes groups and styles, and then control how they look by applying color, effects, and other Photoshop features. Photoshop makes it easy to manipulate and combine group layers into a finished image. In fact, you might create a single Photoshop file that contains hundreds or thousands of different layers. You use layers to create the complexities in a photograph. When you arrange the elements that make up a photo, you place them into layers, which you then name. It’s easier to adjust, or _tweak_ the elements as a group, rather than changing each layer individually.

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Please check the game’s minimum and recommended system requirements before buying the game. Note: The game’s minimum system requirements listed here are the game’s minimum hardware requirements. Any system that is below the game’s minimum hardware requirements listed here is compatible. Note: The game’s minimum system requirements listed here are the game’s minimum hardware requirements. Any system that is below the game’s minimum hardware requirements listed here is compatible. Minimum: OS: Microsoft Windows 10 Processor: Intel i5-4590 or better Memory: 8 GB RAM