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Al Caiola Discography (1955 2009).rar

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It’s an old format, that is subject to format changes over time. When it was created, it used a format that you find in mp3s and music DVDs. If you don’t have a copy of a media player that understands that format, you won’t be able to play them.
Most of the time the file you’re seeing is probably an old version of the recording. Copy it to another folder, and use Media Player Classic (or other player) to play it. If it plays, it’s a safe bet that it’s not an old version.
If you want to see more about the format, see Wikipedia’s page on MP3. Also check out the Wikipedia page on the ID3 tag.

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Al Caiola Discography (1955 2009).rar

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Al Caiola Discography (1955 2009).rar

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How to make my template be docked to a panel in my main window form with the rest of the elements of the form

I’m developing a project in Delphi XE2, in which I created a new form with a single label, one panel and one timer. I used a TImage to show a JPEG loaded from a file.
I want to make this TImage docked to the panel so it looks like it is a part of the panel.
How can I do this? I don’t want to use the north panel because I don’t want the rest of the elements of the form visible at the top of the form.


Forms are created for convenience. They often contain many panels, but it is rather inconvenient to add or remove from them. You can create a form and dock it directly to a panel or window.
Add a docked panel and add your form to the form’s top right corner. Then add the panel to the form.
Use the form’s construction.


Javascript not running in IE

I have this javascript which grabs a row from a database and displays it in my web application. It works in all browsers except IE. Here’s the code:

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var img = document.createElement(“img”);
img.src = “./images/logo.png”; = “500px”; = “200px”;

The problem is that you’re appending img to the body before the DOM is loaded. See below:

The DOM is loaded first, and then img is appended to the body. Since you’re appending before the DOM is loaded, img is not actually visible, and so the default image is displayed. To fix this, you can instead append img to a div element when the document is ready. Try adding this line to your script (which adds the div, and then appends img to it):
$(document).ready(function() {
var img = document.createElement(“img”);
img.src = “./images/logo.png”; = “500px”; = “200px”;


If $x_n = \frac{1}{n-1}$ and $f(x_n) = \ln (1 + x_n)$, what should I find $f'(x_n)$?

Let $x_n = \frac{1}{n-1}$.
If $f(x_n) = \ln (1 + x_n)$, what should I find $f'(x_n)$?

Using the definition I found $f'(x_n) = \frac{1 + x_n}{x_n