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Tube Tycoon is a free to play YouTube game that allows you to star in your own online show, providing your subscribers with informative and amusing video content. As Tube Tycoon’s creator, you will have total creative control over every aspect of your channel, from the style of the broadcasts to the visuals used. You can even leave the editing to our professional video production team. There is absolutely no limit to what you can create and how you can grow the channel. Can you become the video creator with most views? Play Tube Tycoon today!
Who should play Tube Tycoon:
This game is for anyone looking to be part of YouTube sensation. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced YouTuber, Tube Tycoon is an excellent way for you to create and develop your channel through being able to experiment with different camera and editing techniques to create something that will get millions of views. As you progress with your channel, you will be able to upgrade to larger and better cameras as well as changing editing features to enhance your content. As soon as you start your channel, you will be able to build a fanbase and gain more subscribers, encouraging them to view your videos more often so that they start recommending you and interacting with you on their YouTube channel. With the help of your fans, you can become the channel with the most views on YouTube!

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Features Key:

  • Intuitive interface
    It makes game go easy by automatically creating unique boards.
  • Istreaming Game Library
    RedZebra provides game makers a free platform to easily develop games online or offline with just a few clicks.
  • Istreaming Games List
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– Fantastic atmosphere
– Tension and atmosphere in the whole game.
– A mystery surrounding you.
– All your actions will help or prevent you to get out of this situation, especially the choices you will make during the game.
– Several choice between the two options : continue or stop.
– You will have to concentrate the whole game to be able to know which one is right.
– Several solutions, and more than one ending.
– Many hidden objects in the game.
– Some jumps, moving platforms and many hit points.
My Game Design Philosophy :
JORRY’s design is very different from any kind of Horror game and it is meant to be a non-violent game, where the horror comes from the atmosphere created in this game.
I wanted to make a game where the user feels that his movements are helping him to escape and not being forced by himself as the typical horror games, and to create a creepy atmosphere.
JORRY will not be made in a horror point & click way, rather in a horror point & click *and* action game way.
Thanks for having read this, I hope you’ll like it.
If you like my work, please consider to support me with a donation.
If you want to know more about me, I will try to reply to your questions, but it may take some time,
my schedule is very busy and I have a 3-year-old son at the time I’m making this game.
Donate via PayPal : dgizere (@) gmail (.) com


Ok, so. I’m not a designer, per se, but I have some sort of artistic eye.
You have to make your own decisions, but I can make some (not all) comments on what it looks like to me.
For reference, this is what I would draw for the back of the box cover.

I’m really not sure how much of this is in your game, but you need to make sure it really is recognizable as JORRY.
Then it seems you need to give them another icon, with a kind of lightning bolt on it, which depicts the power of JORRY. It’s a good idea to have an icon that says “JORRY” in a script font, as well, which would go on the back of the box, so they don’t try to copy it.
This is just a start, if I


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Hey guys I am a new person to this forum, so bear with me. I have a great
idea for a game. Basically you’ll be able to play a part of an old film or
movie from the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, etc. However, the game will be in Flash
from what I know. I think that this idea would be awesome and great for a
lot of people. If you like the game please leave your comments on it.
And I would like to ask if you would be so kind to help me with this project
and I would really appreciate it. I’m going to need a game developer and
designer, if you can help me out it would be greatly appreciated. Here’s
the idea:
It’s the year 2009. The Haunting begins.
You play a character in the movie and you are supposed to follow the
main character as she or he walks through the living room, hallway,
basement, etc. Room by room. You can play at any time of the day. However
the game will be in flash. When you complete a room your score would be
what, it would be cumulative. You wouldn’t get another bonus or something
like that.
You also would be able to see how close or far you are from your goal
as you work through each room. Your goal is to get to the end of the
movie which is the attic. From there you can view your “score” which is
cumulative. You can also view your current progress by going to your
particular “room” in game and see your score.
While you’re playing the game you’ll be able to make decisions that will
affect your character’s progress. For instance, you will be given a
choice of rooms to play. Once you make your choice you will play that
particular room. Within the room you could jump, walk, crawl, etc.
You can pick up items that are in the room. Also, the game will give you
the choice of weapons as you play the game. So not only will you be able
to select a certain choice of room you can also choose your weapons.
After you complete a room your weapon will be used in a fight scene with
other characters. You can play the game at any time. You don’t have to
play a certain room once you unlock it. You can still play it anyway.
In the end


What’s new in AMON:

    is a pretty memorable part of the Fallout lore – it’s what introduced you to Mash-Ups (Shooter Pun, anyone?), Traveling Wigwams and Noise Hailers. It’s also a part of Fallout 4 DLC. Even though the obvious destination of 100ft Boneyard is pretty obvious, the Wastelander gets the short end of the stick here. Instead of 100ft+ of fun, you instead get 100ft of whatever underneath the paths – trees, stone, dirt, etc… Lots of outdoor areas still aren’t outdoor areas – they’re just secluded open air areas with enough space to shelter in if that was ever something you needed to do (yes, you have a shelter in The Hub, but it’s really just an indoor room and outside is all wood). The whole thing is designed to remind you of an Area 51 and feel like Fallout. Once again, this isn’t Fallout.

    The only weapon and armor available here is the standard. The AC-7 power-suit is even left at home for this section, as the power-suit uses its own ammo. Even in a Fallout game where you know that the AC-7 is an endgame power-up to full-up your raid gear, it’s still a boring concept in Fallout Shelter. Bethesda is throwing enough at the map to have you put together your team – mixing in NPCs, extra role options, buildings and all the little stuff up here, but it’s still all pretty shallow compared to real Fallout. And unlike the wasteland, these three bases aren’t actually in any geographically meaningful places. They’re all on the same map.

    So, what makes 100ft Boneyard a connection between the vault and Wasteland in the Fallout series? Well, you get a huge amount of space to establish camp as well as a vast amount of wildlife roaming the area for snacks. It’s also a lot more open, giving you a lot more room to deal with raiders. It’s exactly the opposite of a Vault.

    The follow-up was located here on the playground of the Vault. It was a lot closer to the original Fallout area, based on the size of the initial base (the large outside area) that would replace the first one later on. It has a security gate, hundreds of enemies and an underground bunker full of loot. It’s a much larger gathering spot and yet


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    My wife and I have both had it where we have children in one of two ways. We felt as if we did not want to force our children into our situation of having two children because it’s too much work and we could easily pass that along. So, the first time we attempted, we did not have a super accurate pregnancy. We would still have two children, but there could have been problems. So, we did not try for a second time. However, we had an average to good time of it. My wife had a good time this time as well, and we both were happy. This time, we realized we would not pass down the craziness of two children, so we chose to pass on two children. We are happy that we made the good choice.

    This game is about a couple who are trying to have two children. They are both very excited about it. They both have very supportive parents. They want to not only find the means to have children, but also the means to have healthy babies. They decide to get a sperm donation through their doctor. The problem is, it’s an open clinic, and there are no limits. This is not their only option either because if the woman is very fertile, she could use her own sperm. However, there is a chance she could be infertile, which means she is not able to use her own sperm for this. This is open, so there are no limits. This could lead to a family of three, two people and a child. It could also lead to a family of four. The normal rule is one baby, but that could be changed with this clinic.

    This is all a joke. However, it is a game where a couple wants to have two children.

    -The Story

    The clinic has been open for a couple of years. They are all very open to helping families who need them. They have been helping a good amount of families and are open to more. The clinic is done in a nice setting. It has a very relaxing atmosphere. The daughter of a doctor who helped with the paperwork. His wife is the receptionist of the clinic and works a couple of days a week. The wife, who is the doctor’s wife is a doctor and works the rest of the time. They work together as a team, and they are a good couple. This clinic is the doctor’s daughter who runs it, and she works full time.


    How To Install and Crack AMON:

  • Run setup.exe and install the game.
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If you has troubles with the permissions or install the game with it, try it with administrator account.

I made it!




System Requirements For AMON:

How to Install?
How to Install?