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* New Simple and relaxing GUI
* A real step into the nature
* Bright and pleasant color scheme
* Many details for a wonderful desktop design
* New and bright Windows that look great
* Well suited to match with Windows 7-style themes
* Fresh : new freshness
* Atmospheric : real atmosphere
Fresh Leaf doesn’t have to have any installation (just double-click it and you’ll have it running immediately). For those of you who are interested in finding out more about it, you can read the description that will be appear when you double-click it in the Add/Remove panel.
In fact the theme includes many details (background, menu, toolbars, status bar, notification area, etc…) that make this theme to suit every need. So if you are in the mood for a new scenery, don’t hesitate to try it.
A couple of tips for you to know:
– If you want to keep this theme always as fresh as it is, you should close all your running applications (even with the task bar on the top of your screen).
– If you like the theme, I invite you to post a comment on my blog and tell me which are your favorite aspects.
If you like the theme, I invite you to post a comment on my blog and tell me which are your favorite aspects.

Welcome to the seven pack. I spent an entire afternoon writing this pack. I hope you enjoy it. It is designed for Windows 7 but will also run on Vista and Windows XP. It can be run standalone as a logon or startup, or from the Windows 7 Start menu under the Logon tab.
Seven Pack Features:
You can use the entire pack as a logon or startup, or as a standalone application.
The theme works great with Windows 7 start menu.
It works with Vista and Windows XP and you will never know that it is not the original Windows 7 theme.
Everything is done in C#, which means the pack will run under version from 1.1 up to 4.5.
You will be able to switch between your 7 theme and the theme of your choice as many times as you want.
It’s lightweight, so you can take it with you to all your computers.
You can easily start your 7 pack on multiple computers at the same time by simply restarting the pack.
You will be able to choose from more than 25 effects and more than 35 graphics.
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SoftFuse Password Generator Free is an intuitive, easy to use and reliable tool for generating secure passwords with or without any other license key. It lets you set all your requirements and preferences by creating as many keys as you want.
Main features of SoftFuse Password Generator Free:
Generate a random password (letters, numbers, special and custom characters).
Quickly save results to TXT, RTF, HTML and XML files.
Configure the length and complexity of the password.
Exclude or include characters from the generated key.
Exclude similar characters from the generated password.
Set the default password length, and set the key character set.
Copy the password to the clipboard.
Hide the generated password.
Configure the frequency for automatic checkups for SoftFuse Password Generator Free updates.
Keep the generated keys only for you.
Set the password mask.
Set the mode of ClearClipboard when the utility exits.
SoftFuse Password Generator Free Pro:
We got you covered with an extensive and premium edition of SoftFuse Password Generator Free. Using this approachable tool, you can generate multiple keys and store results to various file types, so that you can use them as you wish.
Additionally, you can also make the application renew itself automatically, set various report options, the key character set, hide the generated passwords, exclude similar characters and a lot more.
SoftFuse Password Generator Free Pro Features:
A reliable tool for generating secure passwords.
Instant generation of random keys.
Store passwords in any format.
Automatically regenerate the program on any updates.
Hide passwords using asterisks.
Set the password mask.
Supports SHA1, MD5 and SHA256 hashing.
Keep passwords only for you.
ClearClipboard mode when the utility exits.
Supports AES-256, AES-192, AES-128, AES-96, AES-64 and AES-40 algorithms.
Settings can be restored to default.
Advanced options for specifying the character set.
Supports the use of all keyboard layouts.
Supports Shift-Alt or Alt-Alt combination.
SoftFuse Password Generator Free Version:
SoftFuse Password Generator Free Version also has all the advanced options for generating complex and hard-to-crack passwords. However, the free edition only permits you to create a single key at a time. It has the ability to import.txt and.xml files.Q:г±ol-mega/