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A command line tool to remove the ‘SirCAM’ worm.
The AntiSirc.exe program from Richard Bellotti can be found at:

At some point, all PCs began to be infected with “SirCam” worm. It seems it was first caught in the US, then was rapidly spreading across the world.
SirCam is very easy to remove from the PC. The goal of this anti-virus utility is to help users remove the virus from their systems without the need to know anything about computers or anti-virus protection.
After the removal is successfully completed, all registry settings where ‘SirCam’ was active get restored.
What does it do?
1. SirCam injects itself into each running executable. At each execution, it injects itself a copy of itself into another one. The copies are named after the executable name (ex. [windows_system_dir]SCam32.exe). After a while, ‘SirCam’ needs a lot of resources like system space, running memory, etc. to work properly. So it can inject itself into another executable, overwriting the executable with itself.
For example, if there are two copies of ‘Internet Explorer.exe’ and at some moment only one copy is running, ‘SirCam’ will overwrite that copy with another copy. Then, when the second copy of Internet Explorer.exe runs, it will be running as a new copy of ‘SirCam’.
2. If user runs a program that starts ‘rundll32.exe’, the worm will modify it to be running as ‘rundll32.exe’. ‘rundll32.exe’ is an important program for the worm. By doing this, it releases a copy of itself and infects another copy. When the copy of ‘rundll32.exe’ runs, it starts another copy of ‘SirCam’ to be active.
3. ‘rundll32.exe’ is a system file that provides several operations to the system like running services and starting programs. Typically, at each Windows startup, it is written and read from the ‘rundll32.exe’ file. This is the only way the worm can modify it. Once the worm does modify it, Windows cannot restore it as normal. So, ‘rundll32.exe’ is renamed to ‘run32

AntiSirc Crack Activator Free Download [Win/Mac]

The AntiSirc Torrent Download utility prevents the infection of users’ computers trough network shares. In the event of a potential infection the user is instructed with a message as to how he/she can remove the worm. In addition it serves to remove a possible infection trough network shares.
Anybody can place the’recycledSirC32.exe’ file in the directory of a network share and it becomes automatically the file to open if the user wants to open a binary file from the share via ‘Open With’.
The user is also informed that the file ‘rundll32.exe’ is being blocked and no new worm will try to use it. This last part of the message can be accessed from any folder that is shared and contains’recycledSirC32.exe’ with ‘Browse’ in the context menu.
The software installation script installs the Cracked AntiSirc With Keygen utility and the anti-worm protection binary. You can remove it by removing the entries in the Add/Remove Programs section.
AntiSirc Cracked Accounts Licence:
For commercial customers AntiSirc can be purchased separately in the AntiSirc 6.0.x and AntiSirc 7.x bundles.
The AntiSirc utility can also be sold as a standalone product which is available in the following format:
AntiSirC can be purchased as part of the AntiSirc Advanced or AntiSirc 7.x bundles.
AntiSirC 6.0.x can be bought as part of the AntiSirc Lite bundle.
AntiSirC 7.x can be bought as part of the AntiSirc Advanced bundle and the AntiSirc Lite package.
AntiSirC is available as free of charge and can also be downloaded.
AntiSirc Anti-Worm Protection Bundle:
The AntiSirc Anti-Worm Protection bundle provides virus protection and removal of the Sircam worm.
AntiSirC Anti-Worm
AntiSirC 7.0.1 Anti-Worm
AntiSirc Advanced 7.x bundle:
The AntiSirc Advanced bundle includes an Anti-Worm Protection and a De-Encryption Utility for en-encryption infected users’ DVDs.
AntiSirC Advanced 7.0.2 bundle:
The AntiSirc Advanced bundle includes an Anti-Worm Protection and a De-Encryption Utility for en-encryption infected users’ DVDs.

AntiSirc Crack+ License Code & Keygen

Microsoft Internet Office.exe from all user’s Start MenuProgramsStartup folder
”[HKCRexefileshellopencommand]’ key is restored to “”%1″ %*”
‘[HKLMSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionRunServicesDriver32]’ sub-key is zeroed – set to “”
‘[HKLMSoftwareSirCam]’ is removed with all the sub-keys it has
‘[HKCRapplicationsShellOpenRunCommand]’ key is restored to “”%1″ %*”
‘[HKLMSoftwareSecureBoot]’ key is restored to “””True”””
‘[HKLMSoftwareSecureBootForceUpdate]’ key is restored to “””False”””
Remove all copies of’recycledSirC32.exe’ from users systems:
‘Microsoft Internet Office.exe’ from all user’s Start MenuProgramsStartup folder
If the registry key ‘rundll32.exe’ was overwritten by the worm, it is renamed back to ‘rundll32.exe’.
Remove the variant in ‘[windows_drive]rundll32.exe’ that disables the user’s antivirus. In ‘[windows_drive]rundll32.exe’, search for the string:
‘”%1\%2\%3\Microsoft\Windows\ShellNoRoSys” — antivirus\’
Replace the string with “”
Remove all copies of’recycledSirCam.sys’ from user systems. The file has a text string with the purpose of exhausting the disk space. It is part of the worm’s payload. This file is removed from all users’ %windir%\system32 and %windir%\system directories.
Restore the removed keys:
‘[HKCRexefileshellopencommand]’ key is restored to “”%1″ %*”

What’s New in the?

AntiSirc is a utility that is developed and written by Joerg Fiedler. The file is released without any warranty of any kind, including quality, reliability or fitness for a particular purpose. AntiSirc may unintentionally damage your system. AntiSirc is freeware for non-commercial use only.
AntiSirc Utility Help:
‘AntiSirc’ – Help | Main page | AntiSirc.chm
AntiSirc Modules:
SirC.ldr is executed by the ‘SirC.exe’. It is an interactive executable which executes all operations. It has the capabilities of opening a number of windows (e.g. cal, calendar, clock etc.) and displays a status dialog when it is active. SirC.dll is used to access the objects exposed by the SirC.exe. It has the capabilities of providing file operations, e.g. opening file. Finally SirC.bas is the main function of the worm. It is using this function to do most of the things and to install the worm.
AntiSirc Help:
‘AntiSirc’ – Help | Software | AntiSirc.chm
AntiSirc Modules:
SirC32.dll is loaded by the ‘SirC32.exe’ when a ‘computer’ object is opened. SirC32.ldr is the version of ‘SirC32.dll’ loaded by the ‘SirC32.exe’ when ‘computer’ object is opened. SirC32.dll is the main function of the worm. SirC32.bas is the main function of the worm. It is using this function to do most of the things and to install the worm.
AntiSirc Notes:
This utility is intended only for users having technical knowledge and for users that are familiar with the Windows operating system and with computer viruses.
AntiSirc will remove all the files that are created by the worm and will restore the corresponding files from the restored registry entries. However, by definition the worm will, by its nature, overwrite some of the files of the system. Therefore, AntiSirc is not guaranteed to work on all systems.
AntiSirc is

System Requirements For AntiSirc:

-Requires Windows Vista or newer.
-Requires 2GB RAM or greater, and 1.5GB of free HDD space.
-Requires DirectX 9.0c or newer.
-Requires compatible 3rd party graphics card.
-Requires Windows 7 or newer.
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