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Inline Attenuation / ADSR is a method of dynamically altering the magnitude of a sound signal in relation to time. It can be done on any analog instrument (not just drums) to alter attack, decay, sustain and release.

The way this works on this drum sampler is that the decay is always set to 1.0, the release is set to 1.0, the sustain is set to a ratio of decay plus the release and the attack is set to decay. (attack is high when the stick is released and decays to 0) So when you play the instrument, the volume of the sound will decay until it reaches 1.0, then it will sustain, and finally it will release again to 1.0. As the decay is always 1.0, the sustain will never be fully present.

This function can be used in many different ways to radically change a sound. If you want to slow a sound to nothing, just turn up the sustain. If you want to make the sounds stick, slow the attack/decay. If you want to take the sound and make it big and powerful, turn up the sustain/release and turn down the attack. This mode is useful if you want to make a drastic transformation on a sound.

If the drum sampler is set to loop, this drum sampler will loop the drum part indefinitely. If set to play, this drum sampler will play the drum part. If set to record, this drum sampler will record the drum part.

Arachnid Special features:
– the speed at which the recorded drum part plays is set by itself without any external knob on the mixer section.
– any control is completely lit (or unlit) without any light levels on the mixer section.
– there is no mod-wheel on the mixer section
– not fade or mute function
– there is a separate mic input and line input (on the mixer section)
– an automatic level control function with settings for internal input, external input (line/headset/mic) and internal mic
– compression settings
– 5 different preset engine settings
– there are 5 preprogrammed engine settings in the presets
– ability to save and load presets
– there is an option for using the input data from the drum sampler as the amplitude instead of the preamp
– a cutoff control
– an end control, so you can make the loop stop at any point
– there is also a

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The Arachnid drum kit was originally designed for the DOS based software sampler, Vinyl Scratch. It was added to the VST version of the software in 2008.
The Arachnid sounds were recorded live on a 1970s Gibson SG guitar and a variety of instruments including a marimba and a gut drum. The sampler features full inline ADSR and is voiced for the original hardware.
Key features:
Full Inline ADSR
Polyphonic Instrumentation
Hi-Res Equalization
FX Features
Sequencer and Performance Modes
NOTE: The Arachnid kit will play automatically from disk with no setup required, as with all Moog samplers.

Full VST + full AU version of the most popular guitar simulator “guitar eq guitar amp effect”
guitar amp effect is developed as a plugin or VST instrument and use software synthesis technology,
All of the parameters and functions are adjustable.
There are lots of features of tone control to allow one’s sense of EQ the shape of the sound as needed.
You can choose from five types of guitar sounds in addition to selecting or buying the guitar’s sound itself.
There are fully equipped eq real time parameters,
(standard for producing instrumental guitar sound.)
This is not like other emulators in which you have to specify the sound, so the sound can only be produced in a limited sound.
There is a function that can produce a sound as close as possible to the real guitar amplifier sound,
For example, the characteristic and tone control parameters are adjustable real time,
The overall quality and tone are close to the real.
And it sounds a little detuned.
You can see the tone control value in real time,
And also the sound parameters
This is cool.
Since this is an actual acoustic guitar instrument,
sound quality and tone can be controlled and changing the settings,
You can faithfully simulate the sound of live performance.
– Function ★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★
– Definition of the tones ★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆

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The Arachnid is a small, lightweight and portable battery-operated sampler that is easy to transport on the road or in a band’s travel case. The main focus of the Arachnid is portability. The samples in the Arachnid are loaded into memory from a solid state recorder using a simple push-button interface. There are 64 megabytes of memory inside the Arachnid so users can load as many samples as possible before running out of memory. The Arachnid’s LFO and Envelope shape, can be controlled from the software, and it can be mapped to your MIDI controller to control other synthesizers. There’s also 6 midi in and out jacks so you can use it with an external sequencer. Every sample in the Arachnid comes loaded with a wide range of parameters in the software so you can get the most out of every sound. The interface on the Arachnid is very easy to use. There’s a single knob for the ADSR curve, another knob for the envelopes, and a menu button with 8 other options for arpeggiator pattern, tempo, pitch bend, gate, sequencer, and save and load functions. There’s also a power switch on the back panel to turn the Arachnid on or off, to save power when not needed.

Arachnid Features:
■ Push-button interface
■ MIDI mapping to control other synthesizers
■ 64 megabytes of memory with instant recall of sounds
■ MIDI in and out connections
■ Push-button for LFO and Envelope
■ 64 presets with full parameters
■ Three oscillator types
■ Variable pitch control
■ Time stretch function
■ Envelope shaping
■ Tempo control
■ Arpeggiator
■ Sample and hold functions
■ Trigger level control
■ Limit switch control
■ Unlimited LFOs
■ Sequence loading
■ Save and load
■ Trig mode selector
■ Phaser and delay effects


This drum sampler features full inline ADSR in the amp section.
Arachnid Description:
The Arachnid is a small, lightweight and portable battery-operated sampler that is easy to transport on the road or in a band’s travel case. The main focus of the Arachnid is portability. The samples in the Arachnid are loaded into memory from a solid

What’s New In Arachnid?

Drums are the center of the universe, and today’s sample pack showcases the atmosphere of a perfect drum mix. The following sample packs use the same variety of drum styles to bring you an immersive experience.
Arachnid Details:
24 bit
2000 loops
2000 audio demos
29.9 MB


Kit Controller Description:
For the more demanding projects where full drum machines are not flexible enough, this is your drum machine controller. This AC powered, all in one application features over 40 real sounding drum machine kits, complete with all the features of an Atari ST drum machine. Save endless hours of time and get the job done in no time! The Kit Controller features sound effects, sequenced loops, reverb, and FX like a true drum machine.
Kit Controller Details:
This versatile drum machine controller runs all of your favorite ST drum machines such as Punch, Master Drum and MIDI Sequence. Plus many add-ons are sold seperately to make the controller work your specific needs.
Offers 4 real drum kits with 2 varieties each.
23+ Single drum sounds.
5 drum kits.
Includes all the sound effects, reverb, and FX that make a real drum machine.


Hydra Description:
Have you ever wanted to produce your own instrumental tracks by sampling your favorite rhythm synthesizers? Whether you love rock, r&b or jazz, the Hydro features you can’t find anywhere else. Sample 100 synthesizers! Get your foot on the pedal!
This exciting new downloadable instrument is an expandable, modular instrument for modern musicians that feature sound synthesis – massive sound effects banks – a sequencer with multiple tracks, and a preamplifier section that allows sampling from the mixer section and fuses the sampled sound in to a synthesizer that looks and sounds like a proper drum machine.
The unit starts with three sound synthesizers, with 40 sound banks and 3 Bass lines per synth. Add to that a 5 band mixer with full band EQs and compression and the synthesizer section with three oscillators and full waveforms, and you can sample hundreds of real sounding synthesizer basses and drum sounds to be used in your own tracks.
An Articulation Pedal section provides for 14 presets of the over 100 parameters available in the synth, including 3 position knobs, LFOs, LFO depth, velocity, string counter and multiple formant pre-sets, as well as a modulation matrix that

System Requirements For Arachnid:

Windows 7/8/10 (64 bit)
90MB of free hard disk space
NVIDIA GTX 970 or AMD R9 290
Steam installer:
Run the installer and install the game (click on the Next button).
Do not change anything on the page that says
As it is configured at the moment, the game will not work.
Steam webpage:
Run the uninstaller.
On the page