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The arcDev Mainliner X2 application was developed to be a triple-oscillator monosynth designed specifically for just this. Each of the 3 Osc groups is made up of three detunable suboscillators, so if you want you can quickly dial up a huge warbling chunk of hoov. Add an 8-pole LPF and 4-pole BPF, and watch the speaker cones wobble.
There’s a whole lot of modulation and wave-mangling options though, so you can get other sounds with it, too.
MLX2 is optimised for bottom-of-the-keyboard playing. It may well work as a lead-type synth, for all I know. YMMV.
Oscillator Bank
Three Oscillator groups (A/B/C), each of which is made up of three sub-oscs. Waveform for each sub-oscillator may be independently set, and suboscs may be detuned against each other.
OscGrp B & C may be set to hard-sync to, or be frequency-modulated by, subosc 1 of OscGrp A. If either oscgrp is set to FM, OscGrp A main output is muted, and its LVL control is re-routed to adjust FM Depth.
Additionally, OscGrps B & C are sent through an adjustable-level Ring Modulator. Standard White-noise generator is also present.
Filter Bank
Two independent filters. Filter A is switchable 4pole / 6pole / 8pole Low-Pass. Filter B is switchable 2pole / 4pole Band-Pass or High-Pass.
Filter routing may be switched between three modes:
– Parallel
Signal passes seperately through Filters A & B.
Mix controls A/B Mix.
– Multi
Signal passes though Filter A, then is split – one signal passes to the output, while the other passes through Filter B.
Mix controls A/A+B mix.
– Serial
Signal passes through Filter A, then Filter B. Mix is disabled.
Envelope Generators
Four velocity-sensitive (H)ADSR generators. Env A is hardwired to main amplitude, Env B is hardwired to Filter A Cutoff. Env B & C can be freely assigned to most parameters.
Env B, C & D feature adjustable Pre-Hold (delay) time & bipolar velocity and mod depth. Env A features unipolar velocity.

Lfo Generators
Three tempo-syncable assignable Lfo generators.
Smooth/Quantize control modifies Lfo wave shape:
Negative values smooth sharp transitions (useful for smoothing out a random waveform).
Positive values quantise smooth transitions (useful for ‘stepping’ a sine or triangle waveform).


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ArcDev Mainliner X2 Crack + Keygen Free [Mac/Win] [Updated] 2022

Click to toggle large description.
Default Mainliner X2 settings include:
– FM (frequency modulation) depth from 80-300 cents.
– Number of Modulation sources per voice from 1 to 6.
– Detuning from 0 to 1.0 cents.
– Maximum number of rings of modulation at once from 1 to 6.
– Maximum output level.
A starting default mainliner X2 settings:
(Amp gain) / Ringmod Freq / Ring mod depth / Mod sources per voice
/ Detunings * / Ring mod count
/ Modulation depth/LFO freq/LFO depth
0dB // -75 (0.75 cents) // 250 // 3 // -1
Settings to experiment with:
– FM/Pole Bias
(Amp gain) / Ringmod Freq / Ring mod depth / Mod sources per voice
/ Detunings * / Ring mod count
/ Modulation depth/LFO freq/LFO depth
0dB // -75 (0.75 cents) // 250 // 3 // -1
/ 0.0 // 8 // 3 // -1
– Filter A Cutoff
(Filter A gain) / Bp cut – pass – 2pole – 6pole // 4pole – 8pole // 2pole – 6pole // 2pole – 6pole
/ Lp Cutoff
(Lp filter A gain) / Bp cut – pass – 2pole – 6pole // 4pole – 8pole // 2pole – 6pole // 2pole – 6pole
/ High pass cut – cut – Lp pass
– Filter B Pass
(Filter B gain) / Bp cut – pass – 2pole – 6pole // 4pole – 8pole // 2pole – 6pole // 2pole – 6pole
/ LP cut – cut – High pass pass
– Mix (A/B)
(Amp gain) // Env B Mix // Env A Mix
/ Mix threshold
(Amp gain) // Env B Mix // Env A Mix
* use the mainline mixer if you want
Signal routing:
– Dual Upright
– Dual (A, B, C)
– 2 Upright
– Dual (A, B, C)
– 2 Upright
– Dual (A, B, C)

ArcDev Mainliner X2 Crack Product Key Full

“The arcDev Mainliner X2 Cracked Version is a three oscillator hybrid synth that provides a build-your-own vibe and features three identical oscillator groups (A, B & C).
A dedicated keybed and a wide range of controls make the Mainliner X2 really easy to play and control.
Oscillator A can be set to oscillate on any of 3 sub-oscilators, A & B are either detuned against each other or frequency modulated, while oscillator C is hard-synced to A.
Oscillator groups B & C can be set to modulate A’s oscillator or create rhythmic ripples, while oscillator B can be configured to also add either a rhythmic or sub-harmonic waveforms.
The Mainliner X2 is also equipped with top-of-the-keyboard controls and external, independent LFOs, a modulated filter, and an 8-pole low pass filter”.


You’re looking for the Ensoniq ASR Digital Harmonizer. They were made like that from ’85 to ’94, though I don’t know what the range of its release was.


There are several ways to get arpeggiated semitone guitar riffs:

Filter with cutoff, resonant peak, low-pass, high-pass
Attack with envelopes (frequency and/or duration)

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ArcDev Mainliner X2 Full Version (April-2022)

Mainliner X2 is a multi-functional monosynth utilising three oscillators per module. Each oscillator has a subosc, ring modulator and an adjustable level, while each ring modulator is freq-modulated by the subosc or one of the other ring modulators. In addition there are also envelope generators and LFO’s. In order to mix and balance the different synth sounds a filter banks are included.
Mainliner X2 features four oscillator banks, whose levels are balanced by frequency divider dials. To produce special sounds it is possible to connect different oscillators in sync to each other. It is also possible to sync any oscillator banks through modulation to a sub-osc.
Mainliner X2 also features LFO’s, which can be set to sync with any other synth, modulated by the other LFO’s or modulated on their own. It also features envelope generators to modulate the parameters of the oscillators as well as an “adaptive” envelope section, if you drop the LFO’s modulation to zero.
If the ring modulator’s frequency is modulated, the output of the ring modulator feeds into the filter bank, which can be switched to either parallel or serially.
Built in tremelo can be turned on/off with a 0/1 gate.
Built in fuzz can be muted or turned on/off with a 0/1 gate.
Built in overdrive can be turned on/off with a 0/1 gate.
A third LFO can be modulated with the LFO’s internal modulation settings.
External modulation devices can be connected to the oscillator banks with a stereo L/R input.
A stereo X/Y output offers buffered in- and out to other synths or devices such as a mic pre-amp.
Pricing and Availability:
Gear4Music is pleased to announce the introduction of the new Mainliner X2 triple oscillator monosynth.
Since its inception in 1999 ArcDrums & Drums has been at the forefront of the Eurorack modular synth market with three decades of experience. For the past seven years the Mainliner has been the flagship product, with its triangular and pin-striped casing, it has always been in the top tier. Mainliner X2 is a significantly modified version of the triple oscillator landmark, a revolutionary feature in it’s own right that has become a staple of the modular synth market.
The Mainliner

What’s New in the?

All the available sound generation, parameters, controls and connections via TLE patchbay.
You get a monster system of 3 oscillators, with three subosc’s in each oscillator.
The base output of main osc has 3 modes, 3 modes for filter select, 2 modes for filter routing, and 4 envelope generators.
In addition, the main osc has a mod emu (sub-osc 1) as well as a slewable ring mod (sub-osc 2).
In total, you have 6 modes to set up and tweak.
The filter routing may be set to parallel/multi/serial or highpass/bandpass/filter routing.
4 bandpass filters may be set to either soft or hard.
The envelope generators have mod control and envelope adjustment, where you can also use the modulation depth to modulate sub-osc 1 of main osc.
There is also a slewable low pass filter.
3 different LFOs have slightly different setups, one of them LFO has also mod control.
A LFO and a ring mod has also mod control.
Bipolar as well as unipolar mod for all envelope generators.
Highs & lows are generated by autoranging and detuned.
In addition to these the main osc may be ring mod, resonance and chain mod.
A ring mod has also a LFO with mod control.
A resonance is a resonant filter (added as a sub to osc 2).
A chain mod is a synthesis of a ring mod and resonance, to get the useful resonance and to make it break.
This mod system makes the oscillators very versatile.
There are also an FM Filter which is on the osc 1 group, a ring mod on the osc 2 group and a resonance on the osc 3 group.
The main osc 1 may be set to LFO or main.
The filter and ring mod may be set to hard synced (to main) or as a FM (either to main or the main osc 1).
There are also a slewable hard and soft low pass filter, envelope control and a freq mod.
In addition, there are four additional envelopes with slew control and mod control.
Full access to the Patchbay and oscillator assign.
VIPer is distributed as a standalone VST/AU plugin.
You have a total of 89 patch bay and inboard patch bays.

System Requirements For ArcDev Mainliner X2:

OS: Windows 7 / 8
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 / AMD Phenom II X4 945 / 3.2 GHz | AMD FX-9590 / Intel Core i5-4590 / 3.3 GHz | AMD Phenom II X4 9600
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: 1 GB RAM Video: DirectX 11 compliant video card
DirectX: Version 11
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Storage: 75 GB available space
OS: Windows