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A: As I understand, the artist is creating some geometry in ArtCAM and it’s you are asked to make a puzzle out of it. I will give you an idea of what you can do to create puzzles in ArtCAM. To hide the commands needed to create geometry, you can simply go to the command shelf and check “No Commands” under the “Execute” section. There are other options you can set to hide commands, check the following link. To convert the hidden geometry to puzzle piece, you can select a region in, which contains the geometry. Then click on the “Right” button to bring up the right tool for creating puzzles. Click on “Puzzle” and then select “Select: Select the geometry of another region that you want to create a puzzle out of”. In the box at the bottom you can specify the area you are creating the puzzle out of. To finish the puzzle, go to the menu on the top left, choose “Select All” and hit “Green” to convert the selected area to puzzles. I hope this can help you. Q: Is the Student’s t-distribution a proper solution to this problem? Assume that a set of data points are used to determine a trend through a least squares fit. I believe that least squares fitting is a type of linear regression, but am not certain. If it is not a linear regression, then the student t-distribution is a substitute. If the t-distribution is indeed used to fit a linear trend, then the t-distribution also replaces the normal distribution as the standard for a student’s distribution. Does using the Student’s t-distribution to fit a linear trend satisfy the normality assumption? My reasoning is that I fit the linear trend as $ \hat{Y} = \alpha + \beta X $ and so the standard error $ \sigma $ is $$ \sigma = \sqrt{\left(\frac{\sigma^2}{N} – (\alpha – \hat{Y})^2 \right)} $$ where $ N $ is the number of data points. Thus $$ \sigma = \sqrt{\left(\frac{\sigma^2}{N} – \beta^2 \right)}$$ which 0cc13bf012

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