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Athadu HD 1080p Telugu movie by Mahesh Babu Click here to watch more videos.
Young sons of wealthy parents dream of becoming actors and producers since childhood. But not everyone is lucky, and they realize their dream only at the age of twenty. After the protagonist of the film, Uttam (Shashi), the son of actress Shota, becomes an actor, his father tries to dissuade him in every possible way, arguing that the profession of an actor is dangerous and not for him. However, Uttam manages to get his way. However, it is precisely this circumstance that turns films about him into a bomb that can destroy many.
Directed by: M. J. Chadha
Cast: Prabhupada, Kapoor, Shantaram, Dashrath, Rohit, etc.
The Tramp was released on DVD in 1982. Latin American film comedy will not seem so simple to you, but this is probably because in so many films about adventure, love and drama, it is difficult to find something really interesting. If you happened to watch this movie, then for sure you not only remembered its name, but also learned the filmography of the actors. You would not have known how the film began if it were not for the photo on the desktop, where Alishanka is depicted in close-up, playing the role of his first wife in the film. Even then it was clear that it would become one of his best works.
The film premiered on June 14, 1982 on the Vikas TV channel. The famous sequel-comedy told about the love of a young man and his old and kind grandmother. The grandmother saw a photograph of his girlfriend in her grandson’s hands and immediately understood everything, after which she told him that this was his first love.
The film starred Dashrap, Alishank, Annick and others.
You can see the full description of the film for the film.
“Tears of the Sun”
A film about the love of a simple Indian girl and a student from Berlin. The action takes place in a small town called Pune (some sources give a different name, like Soran or Soranapur), in which this girl lives. The plot focuses on several men who are trying to get acquainted with the beauty, but for this they must first win her heart. At first, the guy and the girl sympathize with each other, but their feelings gradually develop into something more.
In fact, this is the first film about the love between a student from Germany and an Indian prostitute. At that moment, when the hero of the film once again, taking to the streets of