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I really wanted to write a simple message to be able to rate you for everyone.n really wanted to send a simple note to thank you for everything unique. I would like to stay this constant for as long as possible.n)n over the past two years I have discovered a lot about the Republic of Batavia, as well as about its non-public attractions.n I am amazed that you have such beautiful places, and i hope you will visit them too.n thank you for choosing batavia and being with me all these years n later i hope to see you again nn i can’t recommend this tourist area. nn there are too many people who want to get everywhere for free. nn go sightseeing based on real historical events. n my aunt told me that in 1835, a lot of people rioted and died in the streets of Batavi. It was not a revolution, it was an uprising and turmoil.n now you will also discover this massacre in a historical key.n justice and truth are an integral part of the culture of the Batavian Republic, and you must have hope and ways to nurture this soul.n wonderful and diverse places based on real and historical events that can be described in this way.n would like to return these lines to my diary and subscribe to new letters in my mailbox.nlet’s be friends and I will make you smile.n
Gabriel de Montreal
March 12, 1792. (Monterotondo. 11)