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Auto Monitor is a system utility application that monitors and records changes made to vehicle components. It can keep a detailed database of changes you have made to your car and of standard repairs.

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After a real long look on the market for an equivalent app for Windows I’ve just found a simple solution that seems to work quite good and free! It is called:
Automate 8.x. It’s an open source application that allow you to store information on your vehicle (including a vehicle history) and make easy edit and backups. It includes a description list of functions and an easy to use (intuitive) interface. The whole solution is quite easy to use and it is open source, meaning you can modify everything in it.
It’s also has a lot of nice functions like:
Make New Tasks
View Current Tasks
Monitor Vehicle
Backups of Tasks
Log of Changes
Many more.
Just install it and you will see that it’s a very easy and simple app to use and with a great interface.
I’m not going to continue the review, it was written by the developer himself, so you should check it out and if you decide to purchase it you can check some screenshots too.
Auto Monitor Description:
Automate is a free, open source, cross platform application which is ideal for storing and managing repair records (previously known as “Car Histories”). Automate’s menus, tabs and actions are intelligently hidden or displayed when needed. You can change the background colour and the

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I know, I’ve spent a few hours yesterday trying to find a simple app for Windows that could do what Auto Monitor does. I’ve found that I have to save my data manually, and manually again after every repair, so Auto Monitor seems to be the best solution for me. Another thing that you might want to check is a program called Windows Registry Editor. It’s a freeware from Microsoft that allows you to store data in the Windows registry for storing repair data that you can modify easily. I highly recommend it.

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I don’t recommend using ‘Automate 8.x’ for Auto Monitor. This software has issues when updating and didn’t follow the design we had in the application so it’s very difficult to modify the software and to handle.
However, we started development of ‘Auto Monitor’

Auto Monitor With Key [Mac/Win]

Platform: Mac | Windows

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Automate the tedious task of replacing car parts and keeping a record of it. Start with the basics by listing of your car, and watch your database grow over time. Create a list of tasks and tasks, and see when the tasks are next performed. You can also add notes and comments as well as specify the date, condition, and value of each part. You can even view and edit your data in real-time.

It looks like you’ve lost none of the data from your monitor, nor anything else of interest. Now, check your sub-divisions as well as all the relations!

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A database must have a predetermined number of columns, and it must have one column per available data that you would like to include in your database. For example, if you need to save the engine oil data of a certain vehicle, you would need to add a column with that name and specify the values that the column should hold there.

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System Requirements For Auto Monitor:

Intel Core i5-4590
4 core CPU with 8 threads or equivalent
Intel Core i7-4930
Intel Core i7-7820
Intel Core i9-9900K