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AutoCAD is mainly a 2D drafting program, but it supports some basic 3D modeling and 2D DWG (Drawing) files. However, AutoCAD is more widely used for 2D drafting and design.

AutoCAD has powerful 3D modeling and 2D drawing capabilities, and also has extensive 2D drafting and drawing features. It is also designed for professional 2D drafting and design work. AutoCAD provides the same basic features as other CAD programs, such as perspective, plane and angled view, dimension, and annotation. However, unlike most 2D CAD software, it has full 2D drafting and design capability. It can create plans, sections, and elevations, which are needed for architectural or mechanical drafting. AutoCAD also supports the full range of 2D drafting features, such as dimensions, angles, text, marks, grid lines, and drafting standards.

AutoCAD’s 2D drawing features also include picture or block diagram drawing tools, adjustable columns and rows, and lists. It is designed to help you create professional architectural and mechanical drawings, 2D sketches, and architectural and engineering blueprints.

You can save, load, and view drawings in 2D or 3D modes. You can also print or export the drawings in AutoCAD format.

What’s new in AutoCAD?

AutoCAD 2016 (2016 and later) lets you insert and rotate imported layers. You can also drag and drop layer elements into place. You can check the active layer by going to View > Layers and viewing the screen.

You can show and hide the Layers panel by clicking its button on the status bar. This panel lets you organize layers. You can remove any layer and add new layers.

Layers enable you to easily manage large drawings and save time and money. You can place the drawing and information on several layers. You can merge layers to display multiple drawings at once. For example, you can merge the architectural and engineering layers to display your architectural plans and elevations at once. You can place related drawings on a single layer, such as architectural drawings on one layer and engineering drawings on another. This is very handy when you are working on a large drawing.

You can insert a sheet break, either manually or automatically. The sheet break lets you separate one drawing into multiple sheets.

You can also change the layout of the tabs on the bottom of the drawing area. You can

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G-codes are commands that are generated and sent to a machine on a G-code block using a G-code sequencer. G-code is a computer language developed by George Weston Limited, the first distributor of CAD/CAM equipment in the UK. G-codes are one of the main software components used by many CNC machine tools.

They can also be used to control various technical devices, such as lighting, motors, printers, and other hardware, so they can be used to control almost any machinery. G-codes are known for their ability to control virtually any device through CAD software.

G-code is the most widely used computer language for controlling machinery in the industry. As of 2019, no other programming language supports the same level of functionality.

G-code format is a proprietary language, and companies that use a specific G-code format are called “G-code programmers.”


Many manufacturing processes involve 3D printing (also known as Additive manufacturing, 3D printing, additive manufacturing, or AM). The components for an object are broken up into digital file (often STL or.gcode) that contains the geometry data. The 3D printing method involves constructing the object by adding the geometry data into a machine. The machine adds material in a precise order, one layer at a time, until the desired shape is obtained. The technique is suitable for mass production and custom-built production.

The widespread use of 3D printing has led to a notable adoption of the STL (Standard Tessellation Language) file format. This is the de facto standard for digital files. STL is an open source language for exporting geometry from a 3D CAD software package to a 3D printer.

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What’s New In AutoCAD?

Add text, lines and arrows with a simple click. Drag and drop annotations to your drawing, at any orientation and with any font.

Edit annotated drawings at any scale with no additional steps. See your changes appear right away on the drawing.

Both markers are applied automatically in a single click. There is no need to re-select the marker to modify its properties.

There is no need to select text to annotate it, the marking feature finds and applies the necessary information automatically.

– Change color, opacity, linetype and lineweight.

Use colors to change the stroke color, linetype to change the line type, and lineweight to control line thickness.

– Move the text with the arrows, or scale the line or marker with your mouse.

Draw text and lines using the same methods as annotating images.

– Enter data by pointing at text or drawing a line.

Navigate with a ruler, 3D model, path, imported PDF, mouse, or printout.

– Read and write all the data in the drawing file.

– Design without the need to import the drawings first.

Markup templates and styles:

Create your own templates and styles. And apply them to many parts of the drawing.

With the new Create Styles tool, you can quickly create customized, reusable annotation styles with just a few clicks. Use the existing annotation properties as a starting point for your custom style, or override any aspect of the style. (video: 2:00 min.)

Use the Create Annotations tool to build a template that covers all types of annotations, including text, arrows, marks, and lines. (video: 2:18 min.)

Customize a single annotation by selecting the properties that you want to change. You can change the color, opacity, linetype and lineweight of an annotation.

Use the Polyline tool to quickly create curves or arrows that link to a common point.

– Draw straight lines, curves, and arrows on all sides of the current path.

– Move the lines or arrows by holding the Shift key.

– The straight lines extend to infinity and have infinite length.

Annotate your drawings with the polyline tool. Draw from any point to any point.

– Combine multiple lines to a curve

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

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