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Though it has similar functions as other commercial CAD programs, AutoCAD is marketed as a software “suite” offering a broader selection of 2D and 3D drawing tools for architects and contractors. AutoCAD may also be used for engineering, industrial design, architecture, landscape design, mechanical design, drafting, graphic arts, and other similar fields.

AutoCAD’s extensive list of features is designed to make it easier for users to create drawings. The software is well-suited for creating technical designs, diagrams, and projects in the fields of architecture, engineering, and manufacturing. AutoCAD can also be used for small-scale drafting of architectural and structural details, mechanical layouts, electrical schematics, wiring diagrams, and engineering drawings.

How to Learn AutoCAD?

AutoCAD can be a complex software application with many features and tools. When learning AutoCAD, it is important to begin with a basic set of AutoCAD skills to simplify the process of learning. The best way to learn AutoCAD is to work with it, using it to create your own drawings.

AutoCAD Training

Beginner Training

Intermediate Training

How to Use AutoCAD?

AutoCAD is similar to other CAD programs in that it allows users to perform functions such as drawing, editing, modifying, and printing with tools such as text, lines, arcs, and curves. Many functions in AutoCAD are best accessed using keyboard shortcuts, which are the quickest and most efficient way to navigate the software. However, AutoCAD includes tools for adding geometric objects such as circles, polygons, and rectangles.

Main menu

Main menu

Create a New Drawing

FILE > New > Drawing

FILE > New > Drawing

FILE > New > Drawing

FILE > New > Drawing

FILE > New > Drawing

FILE > New > Drawing

FILE > New > Drawing

File Menu

File menu

File menu

New AutoCAD Drawing

New AutoCAD Drawing

Open AutoCAD Drawing

Open AutoCAD Drawing

Open AutoCAD Drawing

Open AutoCAD Drawing

Open AutoCAD Drawing

Open AutoCAD Drawing

Open AutoCAD Drawing

Open AutoCAD Drawing

AutoCAD License Code & Keygen

Autodesk started as a company that produced electronic drafting and design software for drafting, visualization and design and construction on March 14, 1982. AutoCAD Serial Key was initially called “AutoDes” (Auto Drafting) and was limited to drafting and drawing until version 2. AutoCAD was renamed in 1990, and the first release of AutoCAD was 2.0, dated October 18, 1990. The first company product released after the initial release was “AutoCAD Drafting”, but the full product name was not “AutoCAD” until version 2.0. AutoCAD 2.0 was formally introduced in 1990 and was named “AutoCAD” in 1991, when the company started using the symbol “AutoCAD” in their logos.

In 1990, Autodesk released “AutoCAD Electronic Design System”. In the 1990s, Autodesk founded The AutoCAD Group, a network of Autodesk resellers and the publisher of its most popular titles. Autodesk also established Autodesk Authorized Training Centers and Autodesk Authorized Resellers.

In the 1990s, Autodesk started a new architecture division, naming the division “Autodesk Architecture”. AutoCAD Architecture is dedicated to “architecture, landscape architecture, and planning”, and the new product also includes Autodesk BIM 360 Architecture and Autodesk Green Building. Since then, Autodesk Architecture has provided modules and extensions. Autodesk Architectural was also responsible for AutoCAD Graphics, until it was absorbed into Autodesk Inventor in the 2010s.

Autodesk also introduced Autodesk Value Stream Design (VSD), and design management tools.

In 2007 Autodesk acquired Canadian company Cadsoft, a company that produced CAD and CADD software that was sold under the name “AutoCAD R14”. The acquisition was led by Autodesk CEO John Brooks and included Autodesk’s product developer, Emanage, with the new company being called “Autodesk Emanage” (later renamed “Autodesk Emanage International”). The new company was also based in Vancouver. Autodesk acquired the 3D modeling and animation software developer ConceptDraw. ConceptDraw was renamed to “ConceptDraw Archi” in the late 2000s.

In 2009 Autodesk acquired 3D design software developer 2Dfactory. The new product was called “Autodesk 2D

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What’s New in the?

Enhance the reliability of existing features by integrating with the RapidDraw multi-engine technology. This solution enables immediate feedback from popular apps like Freehand or Sketchup for real-time collaboration.

Over the last two decades, AutoCAD has evolved to become one of the world’s most popular drafting and design applications. We’ve introduced a new series of features in AutoCAD 2023 to make the most efficient, productive, and intuitive drafting and design experience possible for our customers.

Tiny Pilot:

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Transform your document by moving, rotating, and resizing a new object.

Add lines, circles, rectangles, polygons, and more.

Create more professional drawings by combining various shapes.

Erase, move, and join multiple objects.

Adjust your drawings

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