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Downloading AutoCAD Serial Key

The link below takes you to the Autodesk web site.

Downloading AutoCAD for Mac OS

To download AutoCAD for Mac OS (Mac computers running Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard and later) you can use the steps below:

Download the application from the AutoCAD Download Center. The Autodesk applications that run on Mac OS X are only supported on Snow Leopard (Mac OS X 10.6) and higher.

Installing AutoCAD

To install AutoCAD on a Mac, follow the steps below:

Unzip the downloaded file. Open the unzipped file.

Click on the Application menu > About This Application.

Then follow the instructions on the About This Application dialog box.

Click Install.

Right click on the Applications folder in the Finder and choose Move to Applications to move the new application to the Applications folder.

You can also go to the Applications folder, then double click on AutoCAD. A dialog box will open asking you to open the application file. Click Open to open the AutoCAD application.

Alternatively, you can move the Autodesk folder to the Applications folder, then double click on AutoCAD.

The AutoCAD application window will open to the Welcome to AutoCAD page.

It will display the splash screen when you first open the application.

How do I create a drawing?

Creating a drawing is similar to the process used in other popular commercial CAD packages such as AutoCAD, Inventor, and Microstation. The steps are as follows:

First, open the application. AutoCAD must be installed on your computer and a drawing template must be loaded to start a new drawing.

Step 1: Open the application. Click the Autodesk symbol on the toolbar to open the application, or press the Mac OS X Command-O key combination (you might need to hold down the Option key to use the Command-O shortcut).

Step 2: Open the application and create a new drawing. Click the New icon in the lower left-hand corner of the application window.

Step 3: Enter the name of the new drawing. A new drawing is opened in the application window. The default template is called the Template_1.dwg, which is the same template used

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AutoCAD also uses a compact binary file format (CBF) that is similar to the SWF animation file format used by Flash, and the Shockwave file format, for importing and exporting the CBF file format is the extension.cbf. Unlike a CBF, however, a DGN file is also an ObjectARX representation of a drawing. A DGN file can also be opened in ObjectARX. AutoCAD can create a.cbf file from an SVG file.


AutoCAD has had two software releases since its first version was released, and has evolved from AutoCAD LT to AutoCAD 2010. This new release introduces features such as parametric support, new parametric primitives, 3D support, new expressions and symbols, and CAD data exchange (CADDEX) support.

AutoCAD is primarily developed in Redmond, Washington by Autodesk.


Supported file formats

ObjectARX (C++) and other languages

AutoCAD has supported many programming languages. These include:
Visual LISP
DLL for Visual Basic and Visual C++

The AutoCAD ObjectARX file format can also be used to read the AutoCAD native drawing format (DGN). AutoCAD supports the DGN, as well as DWG, and PDF file formats.

An AutoCAD Feature Record (c_arxrf_Ftr) is the base object for all graphics features that can be created in AutoCAD. An AutoLISP package provides a high-level interface to the graphic features.

New AutoCAD 2010 features

Parametric support
Parametric support allows geometric features to be manipulated in 3D space and resized without breaking the feature, by moving points in 3D space. These features support both geometric dimensions (X, Y and Z) and parametric dimensions (u, v and w), along with the related “Parametric Dimension” command.

Parametric Dimension
Use the Parametric Dimension command to convert a feature to parametric dimensions. The command is available in 3D and drawing views. The command’s options allow you to choose the type of feature. You can also edit the dimensions, such as changing units or setting the feature’s X, Y or Z coordinate. The dimension of the feature changes as the command executes. You can also

AutoCAD Download

Open Autocad.

Make a new document.

Add a rectangle, circle or polygon as a plane.

Select the Plane tool.

Drag and select the tool.

In the drawing, click on the rectangle, circle or polygon, select all and click OK.

Click on the small upper right icon next to the Plane tool and select command-panel.

Select the same command and click on AutoCAD restart.

That’s it, it will load the last used command.

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What’s New In AutoCAD?

Revit Elements:

Make sure your CAD data, drawings, and Revit models are always in sync. In your Revit project, start by running a reporting and validation check (video: 1:30 min.). You can also download and export AutoCAD marks.

Enhancements to C# and SQL

Extend the design of Visual Studio to support your projects, such as for building custom database forms or using conditional expressions. (video: 1:20 min.)

Enhanced script development:

Create C# scripts in several popular scripting languages, such as.NET, JScript, and Python, and integrate with existing programming languages and libraries.

Automate with DDI

Use DDI to perform common programming tasks, such as setting properties, running commands, and validating conditions, in a secure, cross-platform way.

PDFCreator (additive manufacturing):

Make your 2D drawings work for you. With the ability to import, manipulate, and export 2D and 3D data, you can quickly add annotations, dimensions, and text, as well as adjust existing data in your drawing. You can also export directly to a 3D STL file.

Optimizations for speed:

For faster editing, we’ve made several improvements to the performance of your drawing, such as faster, more accurate object snap, more smooth camera motion and camera animations, and other improvements to speed.

For code:

VBA, ECMAScript (JS)

Refresh your AutoCAD with the latest technology. For code that was previously written using VBA, you can now use ECMAScript (JS) to work with the drawing in the browser.

Extend your use of RDL files

Create custom RDL files, from multiple data sources, to support all your design and programming needs. RDL files can store data in several formats, including DBF, ESRI Shapefile, SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, and ODBC.

Extend your use of XML

Use XML to create components to work with data and scripts. You can also import and export your XML files.

Extend your use of AutoLISP

Create AutoLISP scripts for your own data sets, modelers, or design extensions. AutoLISP scripts can be used across different types of CAD software, such

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

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