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How do I get started with AutoCAD?

Before you start AutoCAD, download and install it. The installer will tell you where to download the AutoCAD program from.

Download AutoCAD Here

AutoCAD is available for most Windows systems. AutoCAD for Mac is available for Macintosh systems running OS X.

Download AutoCAD for Mac Here

The latest version of AutoCAD can be purchased on DVD-ROM, or you can download AutoCAD from the Autodesk website. Check the Autodesk website for compatibility information. The Autodesk website is not currently supporting the download option, but you can find the download software as an archive for download.

AutoCAD is available for Windows, Macintosh, and Linux systems.

Download AutoCAD Here

AutoCAD is not available for macOS, BlackBerry, Android, or iOS systems. If you are looking for CAD software that runs on these systems, check out our list of free CAD software.

What do I need to work with AutoCAD?

AutoCAD is a Windows-only CAD program. To run AutoCAD, you need a Windows-based computer with a screen, a mouse, and a monitor. A computer with a Windows operating system, a mouse, and a monitor is commonly referred to as a Microsoft Windows system. AutoCAD requires certain software to be installed on your computer. Some of the minimum system requirements are listed below. AutoCAD will work with less than the minimum system requirements listed, but you will not be able to use the full functionality of the software.

Screen or monitor. Monitor resolution is typically listed in pixels per inch (ppi).

Video graphics card. It will work without one, but you may experience slow performance and some features will not work.

A mouse to control the drawing canvas.

Your operating system must have the following software installed in order for AutoCAD to work:

Windows Vista or later

Microsoft Windows XP (SP3 or later)

Microsoft Windows 2000 (SP2 or later)

Microsoft Windows ME

Microsoft Windows 98

Microsoft Windows 95

Microsoft Windows 3.x

Microsoft Windows 95/98/Me systems with VGA graphics card hardware

Hard disk space for installation.

Internet access.

Minimum system requirements.

You will need a PC

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Controls can be created by using custom commands, or by modifying existing commands. For example, by modifying a standard command such as ALIGNPOINT, it is possible to change the unit of the coordinates.

Drawing tools
In a simple drawing, there are nine basic drawing tools:

Move (or drag) – repositions the current (active) object in the drawing, such as the movement of the currently selected object
Scale (or stretch) – expands or contracts the current (active) object (such as enlarging a line)
Rotate – rotates the current (active) object (such as rotating a circle)
Rotation – rotates the current (active) object (such as rotating a line)
Grid – places a grid over the current (active) object, or displays a grid on the drawing canvas
Dimension (or snap) – places a reference point (such as a line) over the current (active) object, and measures (or snaps) the object to the reference point
Offset (or offset) – moves the current (active) object in some arbitrary direction.
Define – Draws the current (active) object
Undo – reverses the most recent editing operation.

Editing tools

Select – selects the current (active) object
Select (or click) – selects the current (active) object
Shape – creates a new shape object (such as a square) or transforms the current (active) object (such as rotating an object)
Rotation – rotates the current (active) object (such as rotating a line)
Cut – cuts a section from the current (active) object.
Copy – copies the current (active) object.
Paste – pastes a section from the current (active) object to another object.
Move – moves the current (active) object
Delete – deletes the current (active) object.
Paint – paints the current (active) object with a solid color.
Erase – erases the current (active) object.

Alignment tools

Horizontal and Vertical Alignment – aligns two objects (such as two lines) along their horizontal (or vertical) axes.

Centerline and Center – centers the current (active) object along a horizontal (or vertical) centerline.

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Call constructor in a static method

I know I can do something like this to call a constructor:
$obj = new MyClass();

But is it possible to do the same thing in a static method?
I know I can do:
$obj = new MyClass;

But I want to be able to do this:

I want the advantage of the static method but I also want to be able to pass variables through a constructor (and obviously use them inside the method) and I would have to do this:


From the PHP documentation:

If the method is defined as static, it is called directly from the class, using no instance context.

And as @pachico pointed out, you can’t do the whole Class::newInstance() method with just one line.


Simplifying Query

I have the following code:

What’s New in the AutoCAD?

Save your time with AutoCAD 2023 Markup Assist. Markup Assist scans up to 400 pages per hour, and calculates accuracy metrics to offer detailed feedback. You can analyze the drawing more easily with the improved annotation functions, which enable you to add or move comments and notes directly in your drawing.

Advanced annotations:

Make your annotations more intuitive with enhanced Boolean operations and the added ability to see dimensions and surfaces. You can also use the new perspective drop-down in annotations to display objects on the layout of your choice.

Enhanced Annotation controls:

You can select and interact with your annotations in many new ways. AutoCAD 2023’s new click-to-annotation controls let you perform more precise actions. If you hover your mouse cursor over an annotation, you’ll see pop-up menus to either edit the annotation or toggle it off.

Additional editing controls:

Re-draw a part of your design more quickly with new commands that edit existing annotations. You can use the new Shape commands to select and change the shape of a previously edited annotation. You can also create/move/delete annotations and edit text boxes.

Improved Annotation commands:

Create and manage annotations with ease. You can highlight an entire drawing, section, or annotation object and select an annotation type, such as rectangle, text, rectangle with a text box, or freeform. You can also create, move, edit, or delete annotations.

Improved manipulation:

You can navigate from annotation to annotation with a single click of your mouse. You can also create your own navigation shortcuts to work more quickly. Plus, with new Anchor Point functionality you can easily navigate the work area by clicking and dragging. You can also create and edit boundaries using new Objects (bounding box, polygon) and Geometry (polyline, polygon, freeform) commands.

Improved design tools:

Use the new user-friendly navigation icons to move around your drawing more quickly. You can click to highlight objects, follow your cursor with the arrow keys, and Zoom in and out with two fingers on your touch pad.

Speech Recognition:

Speech recognition automatically creates speech-enabled comments and notes. You can add speech commands to your menus. You can also automatically assign a comment or note to a tool bar button. And you can access your project files, add comments or notes directly

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

Please note: this game requires an internet connection. The game is played in split screen.
WASD = Moves, E = Zoom in/out, Arrow Keys = Pan around the screen, Ctrl = Select items and perform other functions.
Game Mode:
Single Player – The game is played in Single Player mode.
Multiplayer – Game is played in Online Multiplayer. It can be played with up to 8 players.
Multiplayer Options:
Set a Game name. All players should use the same