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Since then, the popularity of AutoCAD has grown as the software is used by many companies and individuals. And many times AutoCAD, and the rival software Inventor, are both available in a version that can work on both Windows and Macintosh operating systems.

AutoCAD is available for purchase online, in retail stores, or by a subscription basis. Before buying AutoCAD online or in a store, however, first you should check if the software you want is compatible with the operating system(s) you have. This page contains information for Windows, Macintosh and Linux users.

How to install AutoCAD in Windows

The following instructions show how to install AutoCAD on a Windows operating system. It is possible that you already have the software installed on your computer, in which case you can skip ahead to step 3.

Step 1: Start the Software

Download and install the program you want to use

The first step is to download AutoCAD and install it on your computer. If you’re going to use AutoCAD on the Windows operating system, you have to have a Windows computer to run it on. If you have a Mac, then you can use AutoCAD to design for the Mac, or if you have a Mac and a Windows computer, you can use both operating systems for different design projects.

How to download AutoCAD from Autodesk

Start the Autodesk website you want to go to. To do that, use one of the following options:

To go directly to the download page, use the link below:

If you’re using a Macintosh computer, you may also click the link below to find the AutoCAD download page:

For more information on how to download AutoCAD, see How to download AutoCAD.

Step 2: Read the EULA

Before you can use AutoCAD, you must accept the license agreement. When you begin the download, the download page will ask you to click on the ‘accept terms’ button to accept the EULA agreement.

The EULA agreement should only take a few seconds to read. It outlines how AutoCAD works and in what conditions you can use it. Once you’ve accepted the terms, the page will show you where you can download AutoCAD.

Step 3: Install AutoCAD

After you’ve downloaded AutoCAD, you can continue to the next

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VBA and ObjectARX are also available for Windows, but require a separate.EXE to be installed on the user’s computer. However, VBA is not available on the Mac platform.

Most of these features are available via a plugin, or extension, to AutoCAD. These plugins must be installed separately, and are accessible via the menu. Most plugins are written in Visual LISP or Visual Basic. However, some plugins are written in Java, and are called JAR files. A simple search in Autodesk Exchange may help locate any suitable plugin.

Drawing and annotation
AutoCAD also has an annotation feature which allows users to tag and group objects in the drawing, make comments, and attach files. The annotations can be stored in the drawing file or on a CD-ROM.

The annotation feature can be limited to particular objects, or the entire drawing. It can be hidden or even completely removed from the drawing. Each annotation can be assigned a title, text, and various attributes. Annotations can also be made interactive by assigning a tool tip or other annotation effect to them.

A drawing created with the annotation feature can be presented as a poster or printed on paper, or incorporated into an installation or presentation. The file can be made to be automatically saved after a set number of hours or days (depending on the settings), or can be saved automatically on a schedule (e.g. daily). AutoCAD creates these files with a.DAA extension.

A.DAA file is a Dimensional Acronym Archive file. These files can include:
objects and text annotations
links to objects and text
references to objects and text

These files can be imported into other applications like Mathematica or Adobe Illustrator.

AutoCAD also has a hidden feature that allows for the insertion of an object (by default a line) at the location of any click. With the aid of software add-ons, this can be used for actions such as randomizing the placement of the objects, or inserting a file path.

User interfaces
AutoCAD uses a mouse driven interface. This can also be used to create graphics in the form of AutoCAD lines, and plots. Multiple cursors can be used to allow more efficient placement and editing.

Axonometric views
AutoCAD has three kinds of view: orthographic, isometric, and axonometric. The orthographic and

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First time open the “User interface”, then launch CAD (2).
Choose “Open Autodesk File” > “Include CAD Files” > “Open files”
Choose “Autodesk Format” > “Autodesk DWG”
Click “Next” > “Continue” > “AutoCAD 2D 2017” > “Autocad 2D 2017”
Click “Next” > “Continue” > “AutoCAD 2D 2017” > “AutoCAD 2D 2017 (English)”
Click “Next” > “Continue” > “AutoCAD 2D 2017 (English)” > “AutoCAD 2D 2017 (English) (32-bit)”
Click “Next” > “Continue” > “AutoCAD 2D 2017 (English) (32-bit)” > “AutoCAD 2D 2017 (English) (32-bit) (Current Platform)”
Click “Next” > “Continue” > “AutoCAD 2D 2017 (English) (32-bit) (Current Platform) > “AutoCAD 2D 2017 (English) (32-bit) (Current Platform) (64-bit)”
Click “Finish” > “OK” > “OK”
Choose “Save to File”
Choose “Save in Current Folder”
Choose “Save in This Folder”
Choose “Save” and “OK”
Add the program to your Autocad Startup File
Open “startup” in “autocad” > “Application Startup” > “add”
Choose “Open Autocad Application Folder” > “Open Application” > “autocad”
Choose “Add”
Add the path to “C:\Program Files\Autodesk\AutoCAD 2017” in “Application Path”
Choose “OK”
Press “OK” to restart Autocad > Press “Ctrl + Shift + F”
Click “Yes” to let Autocad boot > Wait until Autocad is restarted
You can start Autocad now

What’s New in the AutoCAD?

See details on the Import and Markup buttons in the Windows ribbon

Import and make edits to BIM files and Revit projects:

Import model and elevation information and make edits directly to your AutoCAD drawings. Using a smart find and replace, we can search and replace 3D BIM and Revit objects in your model.

You can now make edits to 3D BIM files and Revit projects using AutoCAD. You can search for your model in a 3D BIM file or a Revit project.

If you make changes to a 3D BIM file or Revit project, then the search will automatically search the model or project for all instances of the object you found. Then you can make your changes directly in AutoCAD.

If you have your model open and are on the same workspace, you can also search and replace these items in the model.

See details on the Import and Markup buttons in the Windows ribbon

Revit Services:

See details on the Revit Services ribbon tab

Revit Services are available from the Revit Services menu. You can create and manage your own configurable services for Revit.

You can manage your own workspace configurations. You can also manage the parameters of the services that you create.

Create a new service, or modify an existing one.

Create your own services based on the functions available in the AutoCAD DesignCenter.


If you want to draw objects in a way that is familiar to other users, it’s easier than ever to draw and edit things the way you want them to look. If you select a tool with the Simplify toolbox button, or the Simplify tool itself in the drawing toolbox, the drawing tools will all have the same look and feel. The Drawing Appearance dialog box will be displayed. There you can set and edit most of the drawing settings. You can change line color, fill color, line width, font style, font weight, text style, and more. You can also change the size of the drawing window, or toggle it between hidden and visible, for example.

See details on the Drawing Appearance dialog box

There are several new vector editing tools.

Curve tool allows you to create curved lines.

Create a circular arc or a segment of a circle.

Create a hyperbolic arc.

Drag to

System Requirements:

Windows 7 SP1, 64-bit only
Operating system:
5GB of available disk space (minimum)
Video card:
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660, 256MB of video RAM
i5-3570K or equivalent
i7-4790 or equivalent
8GB DDR3-1600 (or equivalent)
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680, 256MB of