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AutoCAD’s official name is AutoCAD LT. It is aimed at small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), whereas AutoCAD Premier is aimed at medium-sized businesses and large enterprises. AutoCAD LT is available for desktop computers and Windows Mobile devices, whereas AutoCAD Premier is available for desktops only.

The following article originally appeared on ARCHITECTURAL DRAFTING AND DESIGN, an American magazine and website for architects and designers.

AutoCAD is part of the suite of Autodesk’s BIM software applications, which also includes Autodesk Revit and Autodesk 3ds Max. In February 2015, Autodesk released 3ds Max Design, a standalone design application, which is included with Autodesk ReCap, a new type of software that provides a means of capturing, recreating, editing and sharing 3D models.

AutoCAD features a user interface with several ribbon-like menus, such as Tools, Parameters, View, Home, Project, Drawing, and Window. Each ribbon-like menu contains several tabs of commands and options for performing various tasks, such as creating, editing, and manipulating objects, viewports, and layers. At the top of the user interface is a tool bar where the most frequently used commands and commands that are typically used together are grouped into categories called tabs, so that the user can quickly access them and perform all of the steps involved in creating, editing and manipulating various objects in the drawing.

Because a drawing can contain many objects, and because some of the objects may be linked with others, it is beneficial to manage the visibility of objects on the canvas, including hiding objects, moving objects, and creating and deleting layers.

Creating and Editing Objects

In the default AutoCAD mode, the canvas automatically includes the drawing window, its title bar, a status bar, and a number of standard drawing objects, such as Lines, Shapes, Dimensions, Arc, 3D view, Axes, Grids, Snap, Orient, Draftsman, Project, Status, and Extrusions. All of these objects are initially visible in the drawing, and the user can place them in the canvas with the click of a mouse.

Drawing objects are the building blocks of a drawing. There are hundreds of kinds of objects that can be used for various purposes, such as creating and editing lines and arcs, drawing and editing text

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Supports object-oriented programming via VBA for MS Office, Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), Visual Basic for Applications with class extensions and macros.


External links
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Extract the file.
Double click the acanthus.exe file to run the program.
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How to create a shapefile from a GeoTIFF using Python?

The following code converts a set of tif images into Shapefiles
from osgeo import ogr
import os

#Path to the directory where the GeoTIFF images are stored
path = r”C:\Users\User\Desktop
#Create a list of the filenames
names = os.listdir(path)

#Open the input file.
input_file = open(path)

#Create a reader object for that input file.
in_reader = ogr.Open(input_file)

#Iterate through the list of names.
for i in range(len(names)):
input_file = ogr.Open(os.path.join(path, names[i]))

#Add the feature class into a layer.
layer = ogr.CreateLayer(path, ogr.wkbPolygon)

What’s New In?

Other new features and enhancements include the following:

• Zoom on the CAD screen to help you work at the right scale. You can also temporarily zoom into the current viewport.

• Climb the center of the hierarchy for navigation and more efficient operation.

• Explore a new design task page for visualizing the drawing and defining your next move.

• Add shape edits to a path.

• Make more paths more readable.

• Set or reset the extension properties of an object.

• Determine how an object will draw on a new object.

• Find and replace a text style to match a text object in a drawing.

• Add new tabs to the window title bar.

• Check for recent documents on the Start screen.

• Add the current drawing to the search criteria for locating drawings in the Organizer.

• Use the new mouse pointer to select the location of the current tool tip.

• Enable the Group Command to add commands to other selected commands.

• Find common features and options for individual drawing tools.

• Resize an object in the viewport.

• Auto-detect and configure various Office programs that are installed on a machine.

• Preserve multiselect editing in some editing commands.

• Add common options to the Edit menu.

• Enable the Bookmarks tool on the ribbon.

• Detect and convert color to grayscale in a drawing.

• Consolidate overlapping drawing elements.

• Insert a new page at the end of a page group.

• Define a default name for the first layer in a drawing.

• Reset the system date to a more accurate date.

• Create a new layer to show the original drawing elements.

• Add a design task for an object in the Start screen.

• Easily annotate a drawing.

• Create a new image for each page in a publication.

• New types of bars and indicators for plotting.

• Auto-save drawings as you work.

• Filter the items displayed on the scroll bar.

• Use the new interface for the viewer.

• Add a New Parameter option to the Clipboard History.

• Find references for common drawing commands.

• Set the default settings for the drawing window.

• Print pages and show page settings

System Requirements:

System Requirements:
Recommended Requirements:
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