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While AutoCAD has a long legacy in CAD, it is not without its detractors. As with any software program, there are valid criticisms to be made of AutoCAD. One issue that some users have with AutoCAD is the interface. Some users feel it is too complicated or difficult to learn. Others have issues with its stability and performance. In this article, we will briefly look at these issues.

What is AutoCAD?

AutoCAD is an established design application that has existed for over 35 years. It is a commercial package which has grown over time as new features and functions have been added to it. There are two versions of AutoCAD: Standard and Enterprise. Standard is free while Enterprise is sold at a cost. The Standard version of AutoCAD has three levels of subscription. The Standard version is considered to be suitable for beginners and enthusiasts.

Enterprise provides more features and function for advanced users. Enterprise users can purchase the following additional subscription options: AutoCAD Enterprise Single User, AutoCAD Enterprise Model Exchange and AutoCAD Enterprise Project Exchange.

It is important to know that the commercial CAD packages have a much more limited user base than the free packages. For example, Autodesk released the Windows version of AutoCAD in December 2009 and it was available for free. By comparison, the iOS version of AutoCAD, which is for mobile devices, was released in June 2012. The Android version was released in July 2013.

Even though AutoCAD is a commercial CAD software, it is still possible to access all of the functionality in a free package without paying for the full Enterprise version. So, when we say that AutoCAD is commercial, we are not saying that it is a costly application, we are saying that it is a commercial CAD software package.

Interface of AutoCAD

In this section, we will briefly look at the interface of AutoCAD and see how it could affect the way that you use this package. The CAD package has a Windows, Linux and Mac version. You can access the interfaces of AutoCAD by clicking on the Launch AutoCAD button on the desktop or by clicking on the AutoCAD icon on the desktop.

The interface of the AutoCAD desktop application consists of a number of windows. You will notice that there is an interface, a properties window, a drawing window, a command window, a menu bar, an objects window and a timeline.

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Web-based and command-line client AutoCAD is also available as a Web-based product as well as a command-line application. AutoCAD R14 includes a command-line Interface called the “Command-line Interface (CLI) for AutoCAD” (ACLCLI), providing a standard set of commands for performing common tasks.

AutoCAD LT and AutoCAD LT 2016 are a graphical, not command-line, CAD product. In AutoCAD LT, commands can be entered via the keyboard with the Command Shortcuts list.

MSPaint is the default Windows Paint program in Microsoft Windows.

AutoCAD and Autodesk products use object modeling. This supports a number of geometric-based relationships such as “Is a” (an object has a category that is another object), “contains” (an object contains another object), “intersects” (a line intersects a polygon) and “inside” (an object is contained in another object). There are also relationship-based tools to check for common drawing mistakes, such as “sides are parallel”, “top and bottom points are parallel”, “join lines” and “join points”.

AutoCAD can read and write DXF files created by other CAD applications, and by multiple CAD programs, such as ArchiCAD, FreeCAD, MicroStation and Pro/ENGINEER.

AutoCAD uses XML, SVG, and HTML for file format interchange between computer and Web-based applications. A number of XML schema files are used by AutoCAD, including “cXML”, “xcXML”, “cXML2”, “cXML3”, “Dimension” and “MDD”.

AutoCAD can import and export:
DXF files
DWG files
PDF files
VLX files

Hardware support

AutoCAD’s predecessors, AutoCAD R13 (Autodesk was acquired by Autodesk in 1997) and AutoCAD LT, are fully compatible with Microsoft Windows versions up to and including Windows 7, although not Windows 8. AutoCAD LT lacks a 3D component, and therefore supports older graphics cards. In 2010, AutoCAD LT was upgraded to support Microsoft Windows 8. Some early versions of AutoCAD LT supported only the Intel Pentium Pro and Celeron processor, but newer versions support the Pentium II and Celeron processors. Some versions have been released for

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Simple Data Transfer over a Network

We have two PC’s connected to a router with an ethernet cable.
The PC1 runs a windows application that reads data from the sensor (GPIB) and updates the PC2 with that data.
We would like to transfer data from PC1 to PC2 via the network cable without running a software on PC2 to read the data from the GPIB.
So I need a way to achieve it without interrupting the application running on PC1.
Can you suggest a method?


If you can afford a powerful PC at the other end, you can do it directly using something like TCP or UDP. If you can’t afford such a PC, you can use some off-the-shelf hardware device (RS-232 based) that enables direct data transfer. It would be something like a serial to ethernet adapter. You can easily get one for less than $10.


Your best bet, if you really need this (i.e. you can’t afford a PC at the other end), is to use an RS232 serial to Ethernet adapter. The Arduino will work, and the Arduino has an RS232 serial port. Simply connect your GPIB to the Arduino, and then send your data to the Arduino using the serial port. From there, a number of serial-to-Ethernet adapters will work fine.


The easiest solution is to use one of the RS232 to Ethernet adapters. The biggest problem is that you will have to first convert the RS232 signal to a serial signal. The best solution for this is a USB to RS232 adapter.
An alternative solution is to run some software (on a PC) to convert the RS232 to serial over USB and then do what you want.

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What’s New In?

Enhanced Blueprinting:

Draft your engineering drawings with enhanced blueprinting. Sketch a schematic view on the CAD surface, use the keyboard and mouse, or a pen and pad. Scale and position the view as you work, and continue working on existing designs without needing to redefine and recopy. Blueprinting has been enhanced for beginners and experts.

Augmented Reality:

Try it out and learn the basics of using an AR headset. Create and collaborate in AR with friends and work colleagues to jumpstart the real-time, mixed-reality features coming to the new 2020 release of AutoCAD.

Sharing Your CAD Experience:

See what your colleagues are up to with two new cloud-based collaborative features: Stream Your Work and See My Work. Stream your drawing and collaborate on the same drawing from anywhere. See what your friends and colleagues are up to with the same tools you use.

More User Experience:

See how you can use an extra level of control with the Quick Access sidebar. It’s the new key to navigation. You can click on it and quickly choose how you want to work.

More Actions and More Tools:

Power through more drawings and more tasks. Quickly undo or redo changes without long clicking or ctrl-clicking. Optimize new actions to make them more powerful for the user.

More Speed and More Power:

Use the new multi-tasking for fluid and responsive work. You can start another drawing while continuing to work on the first. Easily navigate to an existing drawing, even after a long pause.

Create with the Expert Touch:

If you want to start creating on AutoCAD with ease and speed, this release includes a new user-interface, new and updated commands, new panels and windows, and much more.

More CAD-Like Functions and Tools

Since the new features are all built on top of a new architecture, you’ll also see new functions that are more like what you find in other CAD software.

A new tab-bar-like user interface gives you quick access to commands, tools, and options. To create, use the new create tool, AutoFill, or the features-specific tools (measure, sketch, and so on).

Work with the new ribbon, commands, and commands on the tool bar. All the features that used to be on the right

System Requirements:

The game requires a 64-bit processor and an operating system running on the 64-bit architecture. 64-bit compatibility mode must be enabled in the operating system. You must have at least 4GB RAM (8GB recommended) for the game to run. The latest DirectX 11 drivers are recommended. (The minimum system requirements stated in the system requirements are the minimum system requirements. If your system meets the minimum requirements, but has more RAM, it may be able to run the game with better performance.)
Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista
Intel Core 2 Duo