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History AutoCAD was originally developed by Computer Applications, Inc (now Autodesk) as a technical drawing and CAD software, which was released in 1987 for the Macintosh and Windows personal computers. Version 4 was introduced in 1991, and was the first version that included ObjectARX, one of the first extension development environments. (The first company to offer a more powerful extension solution was Corel Corporation, which created the CorelDraw extension development environment.) ObjectARX, a C++ class library and development environment, was introduced in AutoCAD in 1991. This package included an object-oriented language (ObjectARX), a software development kit (SDK), and a documentation set. Version 2.0 of AutoCAD, released in 1994, included a 3D version of the software. AutoCAD was introduced on the PC platform in 1991, initially written in C. It eventually moved to the Microsoft Visual C++ (MSVC) and then Microsoft Visual Basic programming languages. The transition of AutoCAD’s development from C++ to MSVC and then Visual Basic was controversial at the time, and resulted in some features (like AutoLISP) being dropped in favor of newer languages, such as Microsoft Visual C# and Microsoft Visual Basic.NET. AutoCAD added VBA support in AutoCAD 2007. VBA has been the most powerful development environment for the past two decades. AutoCAD was originally a stand-alone product, but in 2006, Autodesk bought a company called Productivity Software, who also created the Autodesk Architectural Desktop product. This was a new suite of tools that used many of the same features as AutoCAD, and was initially available only for Windows. Autodesk, at the time, was still transitioning many of its AutoCAD users to the Autodesk Architectural Desktop products. The two products are often confused with one another. The AutoCAD name is often used in the AutoCAD Architectural Desktop product name. One exception is the VectorWorks product family of products. VectorWorks is an entirely separate company that specializes in technical drawing programs. The VectorWorks product name is AutoCAD Certified Professional. This product, like Autodesk Architectural Desktop, offers many of the same tools as AutoCAD. VectorWorks still offers a direct-X interface to AutoCAD (VectorWorks DWG), and is sold only as an application. This 3813325f96

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Requires an Intel Pentium 4 or higher CPU, or equivalent. Game will run with any current graphics card that supports DirectX 9. Mouse control is recommended for the smooth gameplay. To minimize latency during gameplay, a system with very good sound quality (i.e. onboard sound or a USB headset) is recommended. This game is intended to run from the CD or DVD. Hard Disk Space: 10 GB (11 GB for 64-bit systems) is required for installation, which is significantly larger than the game