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( keymacro is a lightweight (1.0 K) utility designed to provide the features required by most keyboard macro programs, while remaining free and lightweight.
Powerful scripting language
keymacro can be used for complex scripting tasks, such as building your own GUI-based macro application, editing files, automating and monitoring the system.
You can use the standard scripting language as well as the extended scripting language (ex. Replace text in files, fill files with text,…).
Scriptable keymapping
Most of the keymapping features have scripting interfaces. In addition, the GUI provides several methods to automate and control the keymapping (keyboard, mouse or joystick).
Selectable file mode
In the default file mode, keymacro displays the name of the file. You can change this behavior so that it displays the file’s contents or even opens the file in the application associated with the file.
Debugging mode
You can open the log file in the debugger when the problem occurs. This way you can explore your keymapping and script exactly when you want to find the problem.
File selection mode
keymacro offers several ways to select a file. You can open the file in the default editor or choose an alternative application.
Automatic typing
keymacro can automatically type a string in several files. For example, you can configure it to type a text in a certain file every N minutes.
Multiple windows
keymacro is fully integrated into your Windows desktop. It can open a second window for each file. Each file is automatically opened in the correct application.
Ability to save files
You can save your script or keymap to a file. The.kmap extension is added automatically. The script can be reloaded from that file on startup.
Automatic load of scripts
The shell can automatically load the files you have saved as keymaps. You can select the application in which to start the script.
Powerful and full-featured scripting language
keymacro is equipped with a powerful scripting language, which allows you to build your own scripts or modify existing ones. You can save the files as text files.
Paste and object orientation support
You can copy and paste text, or even file objects, into your script. You can also store the objects in variables.
You can save the files in text or object mode. You can also manually convert a text mode file into 4f8c9c8613

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NetPIMP is a mature and robust PIMP (Privacy Information Management and Protection) engine. It is developed and maintained by InfraNova, the leader in IPR theft prevention. It is the ideal solution for protecting the IP value of your firm, from any external threat, making it ideal for the company with one of the highest public and private IP theft incidents in recent history.
The main innovation of NetPIMP is the algorithm it uses to protect the IP address. It has been specifically designed to be as fast as possible and to work in every imaginable context.
NetPIMP is an Open Source package. InfraNova offers consulting services, training and support in addition to the software.

GOGGLE FRAMEWORK SDK is a collection of components that will help you implement the Google framework. It contains the design and implementation of an OTA application and a core for Android. It is based on the Xamarin platform.
You can install it on any device of the Android market (4.4 and up).

GITATROC: Sample app to aid developers in Git-like development. This one demonstrates various Git related usage. It also contains a sample of how to use git hooks. To contribute a sample application, please use the git-sample project.

Guake is a drop-down notification dropbox that overlays the desktop. It’s simple, fast, and provides a perfect window management tool. With only one single icon, you can quickly bring up the notification area and drop down notification dropbox.

All-in-One DotPad is an editor for writing posts and blogs. It offers a convenient UI with which users can easily create blogs and write posts without hassle. It provides support for XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Ruby, Python, Perl and any other development languages.

eDMS is a robust enterprise-grade e-commerce software solution. It can manage the e-commerce infrastructure and provide a full suite of features for managing customer, order, inventory and pricing. eDMS can be deployed on-premise, as a hosted solution or in the cloud. The solution provides full scalability, fault tolerance, and operational support.

This library provides an API for creating an FTP server from the command line. It works with any FTP server, whether you are using OpenBSD’s, FTPd, or an old-fashioned FTP client. And it supports SSL/TLS,