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Automation Studio 5.7-torrent.torrent


Automation Studio Educational Edition is a comprehensive solution for all levels of education for future technicians and engineers.
GSC Game World Data Base – database for student papers in Russian.
Supply of software package. Training – together with the preparation of jobs.
Expansion of the licensing site from November 1 to December 31, 2012.
SCADA software for 2×2 boards
ACS Data Control SDK is a completely Russian-language programming environment for user devices.
SCADAPack R11-3 is a package of tools for developing simple controllers and I/O modules.
TRIM is a device control tool. Allows you to quickly restore the program, change the state of sensors or modules, edit the configuration.
EDK is a component for creating logical volumes and partitions. Allow you to create and “clean up” logical volumes, as well as create and clean up memory partitions.
Common Sense Optics Module – a module that tracks chiaroscuro in a scene, with customization options.
Level 0 for Developer – data preparation module for data collection terminals DS1990A, DS1920A, Symbol LD.Power filtering module PD011 using a common bus, output 0-5 V. Supports two options: with an external relay or with an external sensor.
Industrial controllers and interface modules
Testing and debugging industrial automation
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