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David Billa, a refugee, comes to Rameshwaram in Tamil Nadu, and his journey begins with crime. n Initially, he starts out as a local diamond smuggler. But he soon discovers that he has a magic pipe with which he can change the reality around him. Soon he begins to be threatened by the CIA, and he goes to India to return the magic pipe and get out of the control of the CIA in order to get rid of the threat from them. In the end, he has a younger brother Lars and they all try to escape from this crazy world together. The film stars Caramon Singh, Layne Jerasson, Mas-Tipri Raj, Kim Kapoor, Amitabh Bachchan, Pratika Patil and Tejas Amirani. To write the script, such personalities as Khinshtein, Anya, Alexander Tikhonov, Chloe Zhao, Patrick Pejaker and Chris Redgrave appeared on the screen. According to the director, “the script was bright, intricate and varied, but the core was clear and understandable.” The main idea of ​​the film: “The winner always benefits from his position.” The whole film is built on special effects, and the main character and his friends look like fabulous creatures: thanks to high-quality computer graphics and computer effects, the film looks incredibly fantastic. The film was filmed during the Gang Film Festival at Rambedi Madhav in Tamili Poruchi, India. On February 5, 2010, Watanabe Lupus Animation, a subsidiary of Lupus Pictures, released the film in cinemas in India.
This is the first film in the world based on real events about a real person who won the lottery.In 2008, Arthur Tavernier, president of the French aircraft manufacturer Airbus, won a national lottery and requested that documentaries be made about the event. As a result, a chain of events began to build up that led him to success, namely: he wins the lottery and wins the bulletin de l’ordre des partisans de la République française. His biographer Hubert Vaillant said it was