Bootlust Nazi Officers 26 🟣

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Bootlust Nazi Officers 26

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“Hitler Ho Chi Minh was a broken man. He was aged and overweight. I saw him naked in a field. He was so humiliated. He wore a shabby cloth around his waist. He had long hairy legs and moustache. He was barefooted. I was a young guy at that time and I went there for a walk. He saw me and joined me. He had no clothes. He was naked. He was a very humble man. He tried to convince me that he would save Vietnam from French control and rule. I didn’t take him seriously.
“I am the most trusted man in Vietnam, he said. I am the most kind and just man in this country. I will change Vietnam.
“You are a boy. You won’t understand Vietnam. I can’t trust you,” I said. “But you can trust me,” he replied.
“I was a soldier in the French army. I did missions in China. I defeated the Japanese in Burma. I am a soldier, I said. “But you are not a soldier. You are a young boy. I can’t be at war with you,” I said.
He was hurt. He looked at me and said: “I won’t take your lectures. I’ll keep fighting for my country.
“Hitler is now dead. My soldiers are strong and well trained. I don’t need your help.” “I can give you a place to live. You can stay here as a guest. You won’t ever need to fight for your country again. You can give your energy to me. We can become great leaders.”
I was intrigued. I didn’t see what he was talking about. I said: “We don’t have leaders. We don’t have any country. We are a disunited people.
“The French will return in a few years and they will crush us. They are strong. They killed my whole family. They are preparing my family to be their subjects. We will not stand for it. We will fight against them. If we are defeated, the world will be at their mercy.”
“I will teach you all my secrets. I will give you my weapons. I can make your army strong. You will win the war. You don’t need to be a leader. I can be your leader. I will

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