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This video player can be used to play any video file that is supported by Windows Media Player. It will display various text statistics in the lower part of the video screen.Q:

Why does the “pi” get appended to some built-in functions in R?

In the following code there are two built-in functions.
> fn.less fn.less.pi sum(df1(1, 2) – df1.

Briz Chart Video Player

Briz Chart is a free online charting and dashboard creation tool. Users can easily create user-friendly dashboards that present important data, in real-time, to your mobile devices.
With Briz Chart, you can use data from nearly any online source. Real-time updates are supported, together with the ability to refresh data at any time.
Pricing and features:
Free plan provides you with 10 charts, with no limitations in terms of number of lines, data types or colors. If you wish to add more charts to your dashboard, the extra time and money that would be required for conversion of existing charts to the new format is not required. This plan, which is fully functional, comes with 8,000 unique characters of SVG animation.
Another free plan allows you to create up to 50 charts. The data that can be retrieved from the available API sources is limited to the types available in the Free plan. The plan also comes with 10,000 unique characters of SVG animation.
An open and unlimited plan with a 30-day grace period is available for $12 per month. After the grace period, there is a $5 monthly cost for each new dashboard that is added. New charts will be stored in the free plan, but the number of unique characters of animation will be limited to 10,000.
Professional plan allows you to create unlimited dashboards with the following features:
• Unlimited numbers of charts and data
• Unlimited number of unique characters of SVG animation
• 24/7 customer support
• Unlimited data, including online real-time data
On any plan, you can save a dashboard as a private file that can be viewed by yourself and a limited number of others. It can be sent to your colleagues, clients, and even other teams at work. Multiple dashboards can be downloaded at once.
Apart from the ability to import data from any source in real-time, users can view data in various formats, such as graphs, tables, and charts. Data can be filtered and organized as required to complete the purpose of the chart.
When arranging the data, users can select to be shown or hidden the lines and slices that comprise the chart. This can be useful to present less information or to create a pretty and clean chart design.
The application supports multiple data sources, from which users can import data manually or simply choose them on the fly. It can then be combined in a common chart where you can add dimensions and filters to narrow down the

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