Canon MP370 MP Toolbox Crack [Win/Mac]

Canon MP370 MP Toolbox is a useful piece of kit that was designed in order to provide you with the means for scanning your documents and printing them easily. It enables you to configure the printer and scanner settings in just a few clicks.  







Canon MP370 MP Toolbox [Updated-2022]

This software is a complete toolbox that has been designed for photo printers and scanners. As mentioned above, it can be used for scanning as well as printing. The software will be your best companion and help you to set up your Canon printer and scanner settings easily and quickly. You can configure your Canon printer settings, perform a scanning test and configure all of your Canon printer driver options. The software also enables you to perform various operations such as the power on/off the scanner and the printer.

You can also import custom scan settings into the Canon MP370 printer. Besides this, you can also set up all the Canon MP370 driver options and all of your printer options. Furthermore, this software provides you with a batch conversion function. It is very useful when you are done with the process of printing or scanning.

This utility has been designed to be compatible with any version of Canon printer and scanner drivers.

All of this is achieved by providing you with the necessary settings that enable you to configure your Canon printer. You can perform simple setup steps without any complications. The software works simply and you can create custom scan settings as well.

In addition to this, you can also create custom scanning settings for Canon printers. In addition to this, you can also backup, remove, restore the settings and install them on your system. Moreover, this Canon MP370 MP Toolbox also provides you with a backup function. It enables you to create a backup of your settings and save it in a compressed file format.

You can also restore your Canon printer and scanner settings from the backup file that you have created. Therefore, if you are facing any problem or difficulty with your printer, then you can restore your printer settings from this backup file.

The backup files are in the.XML format. Therefore, you can easily restore any settings from them. With all of these settings, you can configure and set up your Canon printers and scanners.

Canon MP370 MP Toolbox Main Functions:

The software is in the.EXE format. Therefore, you can run the software easily and perform all of its main functions easily.

This software is also free from bugs and you can perform all of its functions without any complications.

The software is also very easy to use and you can perform all of its functions easily without any complications.

The software is also designed to be compatible with all of the latest and previous versions of Canon scanners and printers.

This software performs

Canon MP370 MP Toolbox With Full Keygen

The Canon MP-370 toolbox, designed to control the performance and function of the MP370 Printer, was developed to offer flexibility and ease-of-use. Features such as wireless printing and copying, USB cable, and a built-in button allows a user to control printer performance from a single PC. It provides…

Key Features:

Radio Communication

CD-R Print Speed

Enhanced Security and Networking

Simple Web Server

Features and Specifications


IEEE 802.11b/g WLAN Internet Connection

Wireless Printer/Copier

Support Easy to Scan Documents

Print Images From the Web

Canon IP-WLAN Button


Support for Canon MFP Printing

Remote Firmware Updating

Remote Maintenance

Canon Toolbox

Safety & Security

Canon Power-On Self-Test

Advanced Functions

Repeater Function

Wi-Fi Direct Function

IEEE 802.11b/g WLAN Internet Connection

The optional USB Ethernet connection means that the printer and a computer with an internet connection can be connected and use the printer’s features to scan, copy and print from the internet or any other computer.

Wireless Printing and Copying

The printer and the computer can communicate wirelessly to each other.

When using the optional wireless network adapter, which is available separately, you can start or resume a printing task directly from the computer.

When you use the optional wireless network adapter, you can connect to a wireless network from a distance, up to approximately 100 meters.

The printer can also be connected to a computer, equipped with Windows 7 or later, by using the LAN cable. The computer can print, copy, scan, fax, and even create presentations using the printer’s built-in functions.

Print and Copy

The printer can print and copy at speeds of up to 18 pages per minute (ppm) when printing A4 documents and 8 ppm when printing A3 documents.

PC-Free Image Scan

The printer can scan in a high-quality format, using the latest Canon device-independent multifunction technology.

EasyScan Mode

The EasyScan mode can be used to scan directly from almost any software application, and so you can avoid the need to pre-load a separate device driver.


Canon MP370 MP Toolbox

– Scanner Software (includes driver)

– Printing Software

– One-year warranty

Canon MP370 MP Toolbox…

To get the most from your Canon MP370 MP Toolbox, you should understand the reasons for which its hardware and software are designed. Here are some of the features that we have taken into account when designing the Canon MP370 MP Toolbox:

– An excellent quality scanner

– The Canon Flatbed Scanner MP370’s scan resolution is 1200 dpi and the scan area can be changed from 24 x 32 to 32 x 40 inches. The whole set can be used for small – medium and large documents: 8.5 x 11 inch, 11 x 14 inch, 21 x 24 inch, and A4 size. This Canon Flatbed Scanner is worth having if you’re looking for a high-quality scanner. This is because the scanner is able to produce clear, accurate and detailed images, thanks to the CMOS technology used in its design.

– A robust printer

With no doubt that this printer is designed with high quality materials in mind, making it worthy of your time and money. This Canon printer with inkjet technology is a great deal, in fact, it is the perfect printer for printing on a lot of different types of paper, including but not limited to plain paper, decorative papers, Post-it notes, transparency, and many others. The Mopria™ iPrint app allows you to print high quality documents, presentations, stickers, and 3D objects using your mobile device as well as convert the PDFs to e-books with some bookmarks. The MP370 printer is well-designed with many helpful features, to make it the best printer in its price range. It also uses the Canon Five Easy Photo Printing technology for the users, which allows you to print a photo with three clicks, no matter what size and type it is.

– Connectivity options

The Canon MP370 printer provides you with numerous connectivity options that are easy to use. With these connectivity options you can connect your printer to various devices and networks. You can set it up on a PC or Mac, scan, print, copy and fax a document, and send it to a network via a number of connections.

– Charging process

Although the Canon MP370 printer is quite small, it has a large battery life. It uses an average of 50 – 60% per hour, so you’ll have no problem using it

What’s New In?

The Canon MP370 MP Toolbox allows you to create a customized scanner and printer configuration for multiple users. The menu-driven user interface is simple and easy to use; just select the printer from the drop-down menu and choose the scanner settings. In addition, you can print by changing the scanner and printer settings, while the scanner can also be used as a fax machine. The Canon MP370 MP Toolbox allows you to create your own set of default settings. By using the included batch file software, you can create a new default set of scanner and printer settings. While the default settings can be saved automatically, you can also save settings to a dedicated folder for future use.

You can save your preferred scanner and printer settings to the included default profile. The Canon MP370 MP Toolbox can also be used to share your printer and scanner settings with other users. This can be done by adding printer and scanner users to the default profile.

Overall, the included Canon MP370 MP Toolbox is a useful tool to have around for any quick task. It allows you to print, scan, and fax using the least amount of effort.

Canon MP370 MP Toolbox – Features

Print Canon MP370 Printer by using the Toolbox:

This program allows you to print using the Canon MP370. The program allows you to configure the settings for the Canon MP370 printer using a menu interface. This allows you to print out simple documents, but also easily configure the printing options. You can choose between using different paper sizes or print multiple copies of documents. You can also configure how the print is divided up between the various print heads. You can also choose the orientation of the printout from portrait, landscape, or auto-rotation.

Scan Canon MP370 Using the Toolbox:

This program allows you to configure the settings for the Canon MP370 scanner. The program allows you to set the scanning options for the Canon MP370. You can choose the scanning orientation and the print speed. You can also choose the paper size for your documents.

Canon MP370 MP Toolbox – Limitations

The Canon MP370 MP Toolbox program is not compatible with Windows Vista and Windows XP. The program does not have any options for the OS specific functions.

-> From the home page, click “Download”<br>-> Click “Save” to save the file to your computer<br&

System Requirements For Canon MP370 MP Toolbox:

OS: Windows Vista (Home or Business or Ultimate)
Processor: Intel Pentium III or later, AMD Athlon II or later
Memory: 1 GB RAM
Graphics: DirectX 9.0 compatible with 1 GB video card
Hard Disk: 45 GB free space
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You can unzip the