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Must go to the site of CastlePNG and download the.exe file. Once installed: right click the image file you wish to. Pdfsharp is a set of components written in C# for creating PDF. for decompressing JPEG and PNG images as well as for extracting the image.Q:

How to uninstall Adobe Audition plugins?

How to uninstall Adobe Audition plugins?
I am using Windows 7.


From the Adobe website you can download all the plugins on a single page. However if you need more information, please start a support ticket and we will be happy to assist you.


date range – sql query

I have a table which has a date column, I would like to search a set of date ranges:


I would like to create a sql query in order to select all the dates within the range (for example ‘2000-2010’) and all the dates between two arbitrary ranges like :

between 1950-1994

As you can see, the ranges contains one instance of the year and the total number of years for each range is not constant (it depends on the actual date range).
Any idea on how to do this?


What you can do is create a table that contains each decade between each of your years, and then join to that. Something like the following would work:
Select date
From [YourTable] A
Left Join [DecadeTable] B
On A.Year = B.Year And A.Year = 2010
Left Join [DecadeTable] C
On B.Year = C.Year And C.Year = 2005
Where A.Year Between 1950 And 1965
And B.Year Between 1951 And 1964
And C.Year Between 1966 And 1969

This would result in:

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How to delete cookies with php?

I tried the cookie delete function
setcookie( ‘cookie_name’, ”, time() – 3600, ‘/’ );

but I have to delete every cookie manually and I have many cookies to delete on my website so it takes way too much time.
Is there an automatic script or an API that can do that for me?


This will delete cookies for the current domain:
setcookie(‘cookie_name’, ”, time() – 3600, ‘/’);

The following command will delete all cookies for the current domain and for all sub-domains.
setcookie(‘cookie_name’, ”, time() – 3600, ‘/’, ‘/’);

If you are interested in deleting cookies only for the current domain, use the following command.
setcookie(‘cookie_name’, ”, time() – 3600, ‘/’, true);

if you are interested in more information about cookies, see the following link:


You can use a CLI tool called delete_cookies to delete the cookies on your server.
If you want to do the same with a PHP script you can run the following code.


Alternatively you can use this code to delete all cookies from a website

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The Student Survey (previously known as the Student Survey of Demand and Supply on the Te reo Maori Programme) is a survey of the medium and high school students in the Wellington and Aotearoa regions of New Zealand about their use of te reo Maori. The Government Department of Education and Early Childhood Development conducted the survey in 2005 as part of its programme of work supporting the use of te reo Maori in schools.

Focus of the survey

The study has a broad focus on how te reo Maori is used in schools, with a specific interest on students’ language learning, their use of te reo Maori within classes and their engagement with the teaching of te reo Maori. Further questions were asked about teachers’ own use of te reo Maori, their involvement in the teaching of te reo Maori and their perceptions of the quality of teaching in relation to their use of the language. A specific focus was placed on encouraging students to more deeply engage with the spoken and written aspects of the language. Schools reported on their own practices, where possible, in comparison to the national targets set in the Te Kete Ipurangi Report. Individual schools were also asked if they had undertaken any specific activities with a view to encouraging more widespread use of te reo Maori.

Questions were also asked about the use of the language in and out of school, including the use of te reo Maori in family time, and the extent to which students feel supported by adults to engage with the language.

Primary questions addressed in the survey

What do you think are the factors that will encourage or discourage you to use te reo Maori more?
What does it take for you to use te reo Maori in your everyday life?
How do you think your use of te reo Maori compares to the average student in your class?
How do you feel about the quality of teaching of te reo Maori?
How do you feel about the quality of school-based learning of te reo Maori?
Have you

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