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One thing that we must agree upon is the fact that, nowadays, there is no shortage of platforms for transferring content between our devices.
But, despite the multitude of available variants, finding a platform that is very intuitive, fast and readily available is not as easy as it may seem.
CopyCopy is a cross-platform utility that aims to offer a straightforward and swift way to copy and store content (such as text snippets and other types of media files) and paste it on other devices. This said, you can think about CopyCopy as a clipboard manager, but with instant Internet-based transfer capabilities.
Instantly access the contents of your computer's clipboard from your mobile devices
The application undergoes a minimalist installation process, subsequent to which you are required to log in using your CopyCopy username and password. As expected, the same easy process must be underwent on all your other devices.
This is a good time to point out that CopyCopy also comes with companion apps for OS X and mobile platforms such as iOS, Android and BlackBerry. Working with CopyCopy follows the same principle regardless of the device your are currently using.
Upload content with the help of two intuitive methods
Simply copy documents, texts, web addresses, pictures or even entire folders and the utility picks up the content directly from your device's clipboard.
This can be achieved using two intuitive techniques: you can copy content to your computer's clipboard and use the floating CopyCopy Button to upload it to your account or you can use the self-explanatory technique called Double Copy.
The Double Copy and the Floating Button are good ideas, yet a bit rough around the edges
The good side is the fact that you can enable or disable each one of these features. The not so good part is the fact that the earlier mentioned floating button and displayed for only for a couple of seconds and you cannot do much about it, as it does not come with a customizable timeframe.
Furthermore, despite the fact that the Double Copy Detection method works well in most situations, the chances of accidental uploads are greater once the values are set at above the 10-second margin.
Therefore, it would have been quite useful if the app would allow you to define custom keyboard shortcuts for uploading content. Customizable display time for the CopyCopy floating button would also be quite handy for users who have their workflow based on the mouse.
Still a lot of room for improvement
If you are working with large numbers of snippets, you might also find it annoying to scroll and scroll until detecting the exact one you are looking for, as CopyCopy does not provide you with a way to organize them, nor does it offer a quick search function.
It is a pity that CopyCopy does not make it possible for you to generate shareable links to your files, so that friends, family or co-workers could download them with no more than a few mouse clicks or taps on their smartphones.
A very good app that could become even better with a few tweaks and with the addition of a few simple features
That is not to say that CopyCopy is not a good application, far from it, actually. The principle behind the service is smart, the platform works well on multiple devices and the actual workflow is as intuitive as actually copying something to the clipboard and pasting it to other locations.
What we are really saying is that CopyCopy could be so much better by implementing the few simple features mentioned above. All in all, CopyCopy is a very useful app that works well as it is, but its true potential is yet to be reached.









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Paste content that you have copied.

Transfer content instantly from one device to another.

Available for Windows, Mac OS X, iOS, Android, Blackberry, Palm and Symbian.

Create and edit text snippet templates with pictures and links.


1. Selection.

2. Paste.

Text Snippet History.

Save as a template.

Copy to device.

Send via a text or email.

Double click on a text snippet to edit.

Text snippets are clickable.

Copy a text snippet, paste on another app.

Multi-select / drag-select for better clarity.

Create as many snippets as you want.

Create both black-and-white and color text snippets.

Auto-complete your snippets with suggestions.

Create both regular and light-weight snippets.

Color your snippets with the same color as your document.

Create snippets with preview (images, high-res, or links to the cloud).

Copy and paste text snippets with the click of one button.

Text snippets come in two formats (Text+Picture and Text+Links):

3. Text snippets (or Text+Picture snippets).

Text only snippets are black-and-white and opaque, meaning that the text will be literally copied on the clipboard and pasted on another machine.

Text with pictures will copy the text followed by a preview picture that will be pasted on the machine.

Text with links (clickable snippets) will copy the text and paste a web address that is clickable.

Text snippets with pictures are available in both regular and light-weight variations.

3. Links snippets (or Text+Links snippets).

Text only snippets are black-and-white and opaque, meaning that the text will be literally copied on the clipboard and pasted on another machine.

Text with links (clickable snippets) will copy the text and paste a web address that is clickable.

Text snippets with links are available in both regular and light-weight variations.

Attach to an e-mail.

With the same selection of colors and alpha blending options (alpha, display only, high-res only) as for normal snippets.

Keyboard shortcuts for file attachments in email composer.

Select multiple files to send in one email.


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CopyCopy Crack Free Download is a cross-platform utility that allows you to copy and paste between your PC, mobile devices, and the Internet.

Available as a floating button or a keyboard shortcut, CopyCopy Free Download can detect a copied piece of content on multiple operating systems: Windows, Mac OS X, iOS, Android, and BlackBerry.

For added convenience, you can also add multiple devices to the list and control what you want to copy.

The cross-platform convenience was made possible by implementing a connection with the Clipboard pane (floating or at the top of the window).

CopyCopy is available in two different versions. A light version that has all necessary options (including Firefox 3.5 support) for less-capable devices and a Pro version that has the Firefox 7.0 support.

CopyCopy is available for download on CopyCopy.

CopyCopy Review Summary:


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CopyCopy Size

CopyCopy runs smoothly on Windows platforms (XP/Vista) and on Macs with 1 gig of RAM or more.

With the installation of CopyCopy, you can perform three options: Copy to your clipboard, copy a URL or copy a file to your clipboard.

In addition, copy and paste can take place simultaneously as the function works with floating buttons and keyboard shortcuts (for example, CMD-C and CMD-V).

If you want to copy and paste multiple files to your clipboard, you must install the companion apps for Mac and Windows.

CopyCopy Key Features

Easy to use

CopyCopy works on all your mobile devices (Windows and Mac) with minimal configuration.

Copy or copy URL

Copy to your clipboard or copy a URL. The more you use CopyCopy, the faster the detection will work.

Media Types Supported

Applies to all your mobile devices.

Copy or cut images, music, and videos to the clipboard.

Files copied from your computer to your clipboard, among which are web pages,

CopyCopy Crack is a powerful and personal cloud clipboard manager for iOS.

All the information you need is stored in a private server, so there is no need to worry about privacy issues.

In case your screen is locked CopyCopy will save the clipboard content for you, so you will always have the content available.

The service is available in English, German, French, Spanish, Japanese and Russian.CR62]\].

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Look through your favorite websites and apps while you can use CopyCopy on your PC, Mac or mobile device.

Get your content from anywhere and share it instantly with friends and family.

Get whatever you like from Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram, Gmail, Google Drive, Dropbox, Amazon, LinkedIn, Office 365, Evernote, Box, HTC or more apps from the Chrome Web Store.

It’s like using a second clipboard and you don’t have to be online to use it!

Here’s what we didn’t like:

It requires you to register before you can use CopyCopy.

All of the above information has been carefully selected and is accurate at the time of publication. Purchases are not covers.

All the prices and specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

Publisher’s Description

Are you fed up copying and pasting from one device to another? Are you frustrated when you want to share content with a friend, family or co-worker? CopyCopy provides you with an instant and easy way to transfer content between different platforms.

When you copy something from your computer’s clipboard on a mobile device, you’re just viewing it. Once you want to access the same content on your PC, Mac or your home screen, you’ll need to paste it in. CopyCopy is the best solution to avoid this hassle.

When you paste something from your computer’s clipboard on your mobile device, you’re just copying it. Once you want to access the same content on your PC, Mac or your home screen, you’ll need to paste it in. CopyCopy is the best solution to avoid this hassle.

If you copy something from a PC, you’re just copying it. When you want to paste it on your home screen, you can find a use for this!

We’re listening to what you have to say, and are currently working on adding more features. This means that we appreciate all of your feedback. Look for updates to the current version of CopyCopy on your device, and keep the conversation going on the CopyCopy Facebook page.Q:

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