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universities have thrown their support behind a proposal for post-graduate study to be funded by abolishing the student tuition.

New York University, Oxford University and Wellesley College are among US colleges who are endorsing the plans unveiled at a meeting to improve higher education in Malaysia.

Titled “Recomposing the Post-Graduate Labour Market and the Post-Graduate University”, the plan was proposed by the New York University Graduate Center and presented at the Conference on Higher Education and Sustainable Development last Thursday.

The conference, funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, was attended by academics and policymakers from Malaysia and from countries including Australia, Brazil, Canada and Germany.

Andrew Robinson, the director of the Graduate Center, said the proposal was endorsed at the conference because it would “better align post-graduate education with the labour market and with the state needs of a modern economy”.

Mr Robinson said the proposal for the grant to be paid directly to university would allow universities to benefit from a reliable source of income, even if national higher education policies changed.

Under the plan, the university would match the funds with money raised in Malaysia.

John Sellar, the associate dean at the Graduate Center, said the students would not be charged more than the amount they are billed for their tuition.

“It would completely eliminate the tuition, that is a given,” he said.

Mr Sellar said the ultimate aim of the proposal was to reform academic study and change the students’ experience.

“The educational outcomes are the consequence of the changes, that is a large part of the aim,” he said.

Mr Sellar said the proposal would benefit Malaysia because the students would receive high-quality education at competitive prices.

He said Malaysia needed to be prepared for rapid developments in technology, such as artificial intelligence, and for the changing nature of work.

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