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How to enable EC2 create/attach snapshot/backup storage if not running?

I’m trying to get the “Create Backups” checkbox in

EC2 -> Snapshots

to be enabled when an AMI is running. Running an AMI is easy, but I’m not sure how to turn on/off that feature if it is off.
I’m running an AMI that didn’t have it, and now the checkbox isn’t there, even when I manually launch the AMI. Any ideas?


You can find this under Advanced Options (4th button down under Snapshots):

If you launch an AMI, this option will automatically be turned on, but you can’t turn on the option once the AMI is running (like if you launch a weekly backup).

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How to use the list search?

Start by selecting a name for your search. If you do not select a name, every record in this collection will be selected. Selecting a name limits the list to only those records that match that name.

Start typing your search term in the box. Press enter to search that name, or select a range of names from the list by using your arrow keys.

Select all the records in the list matching your search term. You may do this by checking the box next to the record, or using the keyboard shortcut CTRL+A (Command+A on the Mac).

How to use the list navigation buttons?

Use the buttons below the list to navigate between pages of results.

The first page of results.

Use the back arrow to navigate to the previous page of results.

Use the forward arrow to navigate to the next page of results.

Press enter to select the current page, or press ESC to exit the list.

How do I export this list?

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Use the following script to extract the compressed files into any folder of your choice.
#!/usr/bin/env python
import os
import gzip, bz2, zipfile, shutil

for file in os.listdir(“.”):
# Compression specific files
compressed = file.lower().endswith(“.gz”) and “gz” in file
# Database Specific files
if file.lower().endswith(“.dcr”):
print “Compression:”, file
with gzip.open(file, “rb”) as myFile:
data = myFile.read()
with bz2.BZ2File(file, “w”) as myFile:
zip_data = data.decode(‘utf-8’)
with zipfile.ZipFile(file) as zf:
zf.writestr(“./”, zip_data)
elif file.lower().endswith(“.zip”):
print “Compression:”, file
with zipfile.ZipFile(file) as zf:
print “Extracted”, file
print “You did not extract any compressed file”
print “File:”, file

Note that it will extract files in case the archiver itself is ZIP, GZ, or BZ2
For Customization, add your files to the.config file.

Add this to your.config file
[plugins] [plugins