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If you work as a musician or study musical theory, you are probably familiar with what a metronome is and its usability in the musical field.
However, as an alternative to a physical metronome, nowadays it is possible to turn to software solutions, such as DavesMetronome, which can yield quick, adequate results.
Please be aware that this program requires you to have Java Runtime Environment installed on your computer so that it can function as intended.
No installation is needed
Setting up this tool on your system is not required since you only need to unpack its archive's contents and launch the executable component, after you provide it with the necessary dependencies.
Moreover, it does not tamper with any of your Windows' registry entries, nor does it generate additional files or folders on your computer.
User-friendly interface
DavesMetronome packs a simplistic design that encompasses a few interactive functions, thus making it highly accessible to a large number of users, regardless of their PC operating skills.
The main window displays a virtual metronome that you can adjust according to your needs by just clicking the buttons or dragging the sliders. You can modify the tempo, change the volume for both major beats and sub-beats or choose the number of sub-beats by dragging the slider to 0, 1 or 2.
Sound customization
If you are not satisfied with the current sound scheme, the application provides you with an audio library that shelters several other sound effects, which you can easily use to replace your current ones.
Doing so can be easily done by navigating to the Sounds window from the Settings menu and clicking on the desired audio effects for major beats and sub-beats alike.
Lightweight virtual metronome with changeable sound effects
All things considered, DavesMetronome is a handy application that simulates a metronome and lets you modify its tempo, volume and number of sub-beats. More so, it is possible that you can change its default audio scheme by using its built-in sound library. It features a user-friendly interface, intuitive controls and also packs helpful information, to simplify user-software interaction.







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DavesMetronome Download With Full Crack is a virtual metronome, which you can use to train your ears and keep pace with music. The software is structured into 9 major areas. They include:
Audio Library,
Tempo, and
How to download and install DavesMetronome on your system:

Download the.EXE file of this program from and extract it.
Double-click on the newly created.EXE file.
Follow the prompts and read the needed details, which are displayed on-screen.
Initiate the installation process by pressing the Install button.
After completing the installation process, exit the setup wizard and relaunch the.EXE file.
How to uninstall DavesMetronome:

Uninstall this program from Control Panel>Add/Remove Programs.
From there, locate and delete the.EXE file from %ProgramFiles%.
Reboot your system to ensure that all changes are processed on it.

This application is distributed as freeware.
Please remember to support the author by notifying him of your
findings on his email id: “Noah”
What’s New:
9 May 2015
– Note: The application now supports a new Audio
library with over 56 audio effects.
If you have any issues, or suggestions concerning the
application, or you want to contribute, please email me or
post a comment.
– Note: The program is now equipped with a bootloader
image, which can be used to boot the application from a
USB, and USB support is now enabled. However, booting on a
USB is in no way a substitute for using the program on a
hard drive. Please make sure that you install the program on
a hard drive instead.
– Note: The audio effects are now used to simulate
different musical instruments.
– Note: The range and tempo features no longer need
to be used alongside each other.
– Note: The audio and clock settings can now be
modified independently.
– Note: The program’s metronome function is now

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DavesMetronome Crack Mac is a virtual metronome that lets you customize its sound and tempo through its built-in sound library. However, in order to change the sound scheme, you need to navigate to its Sounds window from the Settings menu and select the desired audio effects, which can be done easily by clicking on the corresponding entry. It has a simple design and offers many interactive functions, which make it extremely user-friendly.

Sound Editor: It contains built-in sounds and offers many options in order to customize them according to your needs.

Tempo Clock: It provides a number of visualizations for the tempo, including an animated rolling wheel that can be used for adjusting the beat-to-beat interval.

Volume: The sound may be adjusted through the Volume feature.

Multiple BPM Values: This simple but very useful feature allows you to change the beat-to-beat interval through the setting of the particular major beats.

Tempo Incrementing: The metronome automatically alters its BPM value in relation to the tempo-clock’s beep frequency.

Steady-State Sub-Beat: This feature simulates a steady beat of 0.25 seconds and consequently divides the BPM interval into sub-beats.

Easy to use

Please find below a video showing the application in action.

Quick easy to use




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DavesMetronome Crack +

DavesMetronome is a highly customizable software that simulates a virtual metronome. You can customize its sound effects by accessing its Sound settings feature and utilizing its built-in audio library.


DavesMetronome is a highly customizable software that simulates a virtual metronome. You can customize its sound effects by accessing its Sound settings feature and utilizing its built-in audio library.Q:

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System Requirements For DavesMetronome:

Operating system: Windows XP Service Pack 3/ Vista/7
Processor: 2.0 GHz Dual Core Processor or better
Memory: 1 GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 6800 or ATI Radeon X1600 with 256MB VRAM
DirectX: Version 10.0
Video memory: 256 MB VRAM recommended
Sound Card: DirectX Compatible Sound Card
DirectX: Version 9.0
Hard Drive: 25 GB available space
Recommended hard drive: 30 GB
Network: Broadband Internet