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Desktidy [32|64bit] (2022)

Who said that apps and files needed to be cluttered on your desktop? Desktidy Crack Mac has one goal: to provide you with a simple interface that makes it easy for you to keep your desktop clutter-free by adding your favorite apps and files right to your desktop. This way, you can launch any application or file you frequently use directly from the desktop. Furthermore, you can access files and applications in Desktidy from anywhere on your computer.

Keeps your desktop clutter-free

Prompts you to include any caption that you like

Provides a drag-and-drop feature for adding files and applications

Upgrades from within your Windows

User-friendly, intuitive interface


Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8

32-bit and 64-bit

Report a problem or error on Desktidy
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Desktidy Free

For those who like to stick with traditional solutions and do not want to bother with effort to change the way they like to organize files and programs and also, to keep their desktop clean and clutter-free, then Cracked Desktidy With Keygen might be an excellent choice.
Desktidy Crack is an intuitive launcher tool that enables you to add the files, directories and applications you are using on a daily basis in a drop-down menu so that you can access them quicker.
The tool does not have an interface per se, but rather it is designed as an icon from which you can access various items. Functionality-wise, the utility is as simple as it gets and consequentially, does not have an advanced Options menu or customization features. On a side note, you can change the font’s style, size or color using the options available with Windows.
Nevertheless, the app is fairly easy to use and it is unlikely to give you any trouble. You can add a file or application with a simple drag and drop over the icon. Before the item is added, you can preview a small window with the path and you can include any caption you prefer so that you can recognize it easier.
An intuitive launcher that helps maintain your desktop clutter-free
On the downside, the tool is solely designed to add shortcuts to the files you are using regularly and does not pack extra elements such as to-do, calendars or a search function, for instance. Therefore, if you need a more complex solution with extended functionality – other than quick launching or accessing programs and files – then this may not be the right tool for you.
In the eventuality that you are not satisfied with the Windows designed and are looking for a solution to keep your desktop clean and uncluttered, then perhaps you can consider giving Desktidy a try.Q:

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Desktidy With Key

Desktidy Launcher provides an innovative feature called the “Drop down menu” in which you will list all items you are working with in your PC.
The desktop icon will have 2 functions:
1. Add a folder:
You simply drag&drop folder or file to the icon, and it will be listed in the “drop-down menu”
2. Add program to “Drop Down Menu”:
You drag&drop program shortcut and it will be listed in the “drop-down menu”
* If you want to remove a file or application from the “Drop Down Menu”, you can drag&drop it to the browser icon on the “top left”. It will be listed in “drop-down menu” too.
You can:
1. Remove the folder or file you have added
2. Remove the program shortcut you have added
3. Remove the list with all the “drop-down menu” icon
When you have finished, you can simply:
1. Close the “Drop Down Menu” icon
2. Drag&drop the icon to your desktop

* You can use the F2 key to toggle the “drop-down menu”

The following is a list of Frequently asked questions:
Is Desktidy Launcher free?
Yes, Desktidy Launcher is absolutely free to download and use.
How to open a file in Desktidy Launcher?
Drag and drop any file or application onto the desktop icon for instant listing.
How to open the “Drop Down Menu” window?
You can open the “Drop Down Menu” window by pressing F1 key.
How to remove a file or application from the “Drop Down Menu”?
You can drag and drop the file or application icon to the browser icon on the “top left” for removal.
How to remove the “Drop Down Menu” window?
You can click the “X” button to close the “Drop Down Menu” window.
How to reset all the items in the “Drop Down Menu”?
You can reset all the items by clicking the F1 button.
Is it easy to use Desktidy Launcher?
Yes, Desktidy Launcher is easy to use and it will improve your work time efficiency.

How To Get Started Using Desktidy Launcher?
1. Navigate to and then download the Desktidy Launcher app from the window below.
2. Once downloaded,

What’s New In?

A new solution for managing files and shortcuts on your desktop or start menu. Add items by dragging, drop, click or right-click on its icon. View the paths and any text you like. After adding a file or application, you can also remove or edit any text. Can also group files and add thumbnails. Drag the app to the Desktop and create shortcuts for the added items to the desktop too.

Windows offers a good number of dock programs. But no matter which of them you go for, it’s not a very user-friendly idea to have to search around in the system to find the file you want. You find yourself slowly tabbing from menu to menu, or opening multiple applications in the hopes that you have your file somewhere.
You may also know of a couple of related apps called Desklet Info and Desklet Info Pro that enables a live view of all of your apps and file shortcuts on your desktop.
Desklet Info Pro is the desktop version of the above mentioned.
It brings the most important items right to you, ready to access. You can even drag and drop files on it for a quick view of all their information.
It’s a nice solution if you want to keep your desktop tidy and organized.
Before going for the trial version, you may want to check out our Desklet Info review first.

The program can be downloaded from the official site for Windows 10, Windows 7/8/8.1 and Windows XP.
Installation is relatively simple and straightforward. You just need to double-click the.exe file and then press the Install button after it has finished.
Since the program is completely free, you will not have to pay a single penny.
It also requires a minimum of 200MB of free disk space to work.

As you might have guessed, this program was designed specifically for Windows, and it is completely compatible with all Windows versions.
It includes both 32-bit and 64-bit components, but the latter is not really necessary and is not a smart idea unless you require extensive compatibility with older versions.
It is important to point out that, by default, the application will only display the application shortcuts on the desktop – shortcuts to running programs as well as system shortcuts and shortcuts to other installed programs.
Naturally, it does not include any shortcuts to documents, documents or any other types of files that are stored on your computer.
Additionally, for the moment, there is no way to view folders, downloads or any

System Requirements For Desktidy:

OS: Windows 10 (64-bit), Windows 7 (64-bit), Windows 8/8.1 (64-bit), Windows Server 2008 R2 (64-bit) or Windows Server 2012 (64-bit)
CPU: Intel Core i5-2500K / AMD FX-6300 or faster
Memory: 6GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 670 / AMD Radeon HD 7970 or faster
DirectX: Version 11
Network: Broadband Internet connection
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