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Desktop Alarm Clock Description
Desktop Alarm Clock is a program that enables you to quickly turn your Windows desktop into an alarm clock. You can set alarm clock in two different ways: by using Windows Desktop Alarm Clock, you can be alerted automatically by timer and system clock, or you can set your alarm clock manually to wake you up. You can have multiple desktops. You can select the one you want to be your alarm clock. There are several excellent desktop and screen saver clock Icons included in the package.
Desktop Alarm Clock System Requirements:
Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, or Vista.
This program will help you choose the best theme for your computer. I m afraid that you will not like all the themes that are included in this tool. You can configure the theme by clicking on the button, Start Control Panel, Appearance and Themes, Control Panel, Window Color. When you have set your theme, you can select the best desktop picture that you want to use.
Wallpaper Analyser Description:
Wallpaper Analyser Description
Wallpaper Analyser is a simple program that allows you to easily identify a wallpaper. If you have decided to take a picture of your wallpaper, Wallpaper Analyser will tell you what picture you should use.
Here is how Wallpaper Analyser works: When you click on the button, a dialog window will appear and a window will open on the desktop. Then, you should click on the picture. Once you press OK, you will see information about your wallpaper. You can even download the picture in PPC format.
Wallpaper Analyser Requires:
Windows 98 or newer.
Next Computer User Description:
Next Computer User Description
Next Computer User is a popular utility that can be used to manage systems. Although it has been found that Next Computer User was not as intuitive as it had been, the new version improves the interface and make the operating system much more user-friendly and gives us a new convenient to use.
What’s new in Next Computer User v1.1:
Fix some program errors.
Make the hardware unit management more simple.
When editing the text file, you can see the preview automatically.
English language installed into this tool.
Basic knowledge to use Next Computer User
Next Computer User Installation Requirements:
Next Computer User Installation Requirements
Next Computer User is an application that enables you to easily view and edit the hardware unit of your Windows operating system.

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Desktop Alarm Clock is designed to help you wake up to a wake-up call whenever you want, or just before the alarm time, with very nice graphics and easy-to-use interface.
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Watch your laptop, PC or phone while it is sleeping or locked, wake it up by pressing the alarm key. Auto shutdown and reboot the computer when it is not in use. The best part is, it can work both via the Web and Local Network. You can receive remote notification when you are away.
Desktop Alarm Clock Features:
· Watch/unlock your PC/Laptop/phone/tablet etc…
· Wakes up the device remotely
· Wakes up and Automatically shuts down or reboots the device if it is locked
· Automatically shutdown PC after a predefined time
· Schedule a time for your PC to shut down automatically
· Create time-based alarm, you can choose a simple reminder on a calendar.
· Prevent access to your PC while it is locked
· Force shutdown/reboot PC remotely
· Get a sound notification when your PC is locked
· Turn off PC when it is closed
· You can control multiple devices remotely and leave it alone
· Remote Auto shutdown when computer is not using
· The App is designed to work with both the web and local network
· The App can directly work with your PC’s default alarm clock

This is a simple tool that you can use to convert 5-20GB of videos for free to a smaller file size. When you watch videos on Youtube, MySpace, or Vimeo, you download them to your computer.
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What’s New in the Desktop Alarm Clock?

Made to help you get a bit of work done right in the morning.
The desktop clock alarm will display a countdown timer, LED status colors, a user definable alarm sound, and friendly countdown clock style interface.
Desktop Alarm Clock can be toggled to run a script at :00, :05, :10, :15, :20, :25 and :30 every day to check for updates.
Desktop Alarm Clock lets you set your system time to an arbitrary time in the future by adding it to a configuration file, or by using a time value specified via the command line. You may also specify a different file path for the time (rather than relying on the internal clock) or have the system set its time to a previously set value.
Tested on:
* Linux Debian GNU/Linux 8.0.0.
* Linux Debian GNU/Linux 8.0.0.
* Linux Debian GNU/Linux 7.9.0.
* Linux Ubuntu 17.10.
* Linux Ubuntu 16.04.3 LTS.
* Linux Arch Linux 6.2.
* Linux Arch Linux 6.2.
An example of a command to set the system to 15:30 on October 31st, 2020:
exact 15:30
time +%H:%M
Alternatively, if you wish to set it using a previously set value as in the example above, you may specify it as follows:
exact 15:30 –time 13:30
time +%H:%M
Additionally, it supports being set to an arbitrary future time via a time specified in milliseconds via the command line:
exact 13:01:36 –time -363481726
This should show the time at 20:01, but if it doesn’t, then check that the clock is set to UTC.
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System Requirements For Desktop Alarm Clock:

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