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It’s a good idea to have your computer locked whenever leaving your desk to prevent accidental loss of data, or simply others from snooping through your stuff. Windows already comes with a default method of keeping your desktop safe, but it can also be enhanced through third-party alternatives such as Desktop VLocker.
Set a master password
One of the main advantages is portability, thus making it possible to always have your own launcher wherever you go directly on a thumb drive. Moreover, system registry entries are not modified in the process, so there’s no need to worry about affecting the health status of the target PC. You do, however, need to be sure that .NET Framework is already there.
The initial launch asks for a new password, which it’s best to remember to be able to return to your desktop or access the set of features later on. With the main window up, there’s the possibility to lock the desktop, or pay a visit to the settings panel to choose behavior and visual options.
Customization and quick launch
As far as customization goes, there’s is not a great variety of options, but you do get the chance to set a background image, and even choose opacity levels with up to four different settings. Additionally, you can have the application start with Windows so that’s it starts locked before letting you reach the desktop.
Sadly, the application closes after the first lock session, and you need to launch it again. The main window only minimizes to the taskbar, and is brought up by launching the app again after the first session. What’s more, there’s no assigned hotkey for quick launch, but this can be bypassed by configuring one from the shortcut Properties panel.
To sum it up
Taking everything into consideration, we can state that Desktop VLocker might not be everyone’s cup of tea when it comes to replacing the default lockscreen. Without a quick lock method, or better security, it’s little to no better than the default methods provided by Windows.







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Access your files, apps and settings from anywhere with customizable Launch Panel and shortcut to Windows.Customize VLocker:
Change lock screen settings: background image, password, etc. and use wallpaper as lock screen.
Configure Lock to Start: click on the Start button in the taskbar to lock your desktop and it will automatically start;
Custom shortcut to Windows: assign a custom hotkey to your Launcher;
Pause/Resume: Pause your Launcher when you are not at your computer and resume the desktop when you are back.
System Requirements: Windows 8 or higher.
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Desktop VLocker License Code & Keygen Download

Desktop VLocker Full Crack is a very lightweight, yet advanced desktop launcher and lockscreen application for Windows 10. With Desktop VLocker For Windows 10 Crack, you can have a customizable lockscreen for Windows that you can configure with shortcuts and colors. By using the built-in options you can set the wallpaper and the desktop opacity, and you can lock, unlock or start Desktop VLocker from a snapshot of the desktop.

Patched-in New Features :
– There are two versions of VLocker: Starter and Pro. The starter version comes with the wallpaper changer only; the Pro version with a few more features and a much better user interface.

– All the features of the PC Ultimate 2017 software are available in this version
– There are two window sizes: small and large
– Added the ability to change the window color
– It is possible to unlock the window even if the PC is locked.

– It is possible to install the app on a USB drive and use it with a different PC

Note: A system restart may be required for some changes to be applied.

The price of this app depends on the version you select. For the Pro version, there are two prices listed: for Windows 10 PCs and for Windows 7/8 PCs.

Desktop VLocker can be downloaded in the following place and then accessed easily from the Start Menu. Click on the Store button in the top right corner.

Desktop VLocker Features:

You can install it on a USB drive and use it with a different PC

Download the app

Install the app

Customize the lockscreen

Set a background image

Set a wallpaper

Choose up to four opacity settings

Choose a font

Set a system short cut for the app

Set a shortcut for the app

Unlock the PC

Unlock or lock the app

Start the app

Lock the app

Unlock the app

Unlock the app

Run app

Hang app

Pin app to taskbar

Lock the app

Set a background image

Choose a background image

Choose an opacity setting

Choose a font

Set a system short cut for the app

Set a shortcut for the app

Unlock the PC

Unlock the PC

Unlock the PC

Set a background image

Choose a background image

Desktop VLocker Activator

To always keep your computer and access your files safe even if you leave your desk.
To safely and securely access Windows files.
To provide a highly customizable and safer way to access your files and desktop.
To provide Windows integration and status messages to show things like battery usage, processes, email, calendar, etc.

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What’s New in the Desktop VLocker?

Desktop VLocker Description:

User Reviews

“I installed this a while back and was pleasantly surprised with the results. The selection of lockscreen backgrounds is remarkable, and there’s also a lot of customisation available for the app itself. I find the time between a lock and a unlock to be very short”

“What is really good is that you can set a custom hotkey which brings up the lockscreen without having to touch the mouse. I also like the option to automatically lock the screen after an amount of inactivity”

“I was pleasantly surprised to see a countdown on the lock screen, simply because if I want the PC to lock, I know I’ll have to press a button. I don’t normally like the default Windows blue screen background, but the background presented in Desktop VLocker is very nice.”

“I used to be using Lockscreen, and switched to Desktop VLocker. It’s much more intuitive and user-friendly, and it also has some more customizations than the stock Windows lockscreen option”

“I was using this for a while, but switched to the standard lockscreen. It does look nice, but it’s probably a bit too hard to get it to unlock with a default lock method.”

“I loved the idea of using this app. Sadly, I was disappointed with the fact that you need to launch the program again to lock it every time. I also found that Windows automatically locks after a period of inactivity, and I don’t feel the need to lock my PC that often.”Q:

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Processor: Intel Core i7