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As made quite obvious by its very name, NetWrix File Server Change Reporter is a software utility whose purpose is to report and audit file server access so that it can subsequently provide you with a comprehensive view of various events.
You simply need to indicate the UNC path to the directory you want the app to monitor, with the possibility of selecting a file server platform, with Microsoft Windows, EMC VNX/VNXe/Celerra, and NetApp Filer being your options.
As for the types of access the piece of software can audit, it is worth mentioning that successful modifications, failed modification attempts, successful reads, and failed read attempts can be spotted.
Apart from that, enabling long-term archiving for a specific interval is possible, as is also the case of resorting to network traffic compression, file version control, and large server support.
Other than that, a series of advanced settings are available for you to fiddle with. Report delivery scheduling can be employed, with the option to use SMTP authentication or SSL.
As for how the collected data is compiled, it should be pointed out that it is sent via email as a CSV file. You simply need to indicate the email addresses that should be notified of modifications and reads, and you’re good to go.







Ditto [32|64bit]

Similar to TaB Clipboard, Ditto enables you to quickly copy a string of data to the system clipboard. There are no options for adding or modifying a shortcut, but you can use the tool to copy selected text to the clipboard in a simple and fast manner.
Ditto Description:
If you’re a new owner of a Sony Walkman, then you can find the application interesting. This utility enables you to perform a variety of operations with the device, including backing up the files, changing the themes or changing the autoplay setting.
Whether you simply want to view the list of your files or you need to copy something from the computer to the Sony Walkman, the application can do it all for you.
Sony Walkman Companion can perform all the tasks with the Sony Walkman and other Walkman-related devices, such as removable audio cards and flash memory sticks. This is a simple and straightforward application for Sony Walkman owners.
Sony Walkman Companion provides you with a host of functions that can help you save time and work in other ways. For example, you can launch the device from a shortcut on the desktop or synchronize it with Windows Explorer, MP3 Player, QuickTime Player and other apps. It’s also possible to control the display via the context menu and change the theme of the device.
Hotkeys, interface and shortcuts
Another nice thing about the application is that it lets you use the keyboard. Press the hotkey button to open the context menu and then use the arrow keys to scroll through the buttons. You can use the hotkey to make a selected button active or deactivate it.
On the bottom, there’s the option to change some additional keys and skins of the application. It’s also possible to save your favorite hotkeys, as well as a list of the skins that can be used.
The Interface tab enables you to rename the items displayed on the main window, adjust the styles and colors and toggle between the three available styles. The Home tab enables you to synchronize your device with the Windows Explorer, including the Music, Pictures, Videos and Computer files.
Synchronize your Walkman with the folder of your choice
The History tab displays the names of the devices that have been connected to the device recently. You can also view all of the files and folders that are stored on the card and use the context menu to rename them.
The Videos tab lets you view the content of the Walkman directly from within the application, or rather, the content of

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Ditto is a simple and lightweight command line file synonymizer that automatically and sequentially changes multiple files/directories named the same way to your preferred names. If you frequently work with multiple, identical files and wish to rename them in one go, you may want to try the application.
What is a synonym?
A synonym is a word that may have different meanings but, when used as part of a sentence, always expresses the same idea.
For example, the words ‘a fishing’ and ‘fishing’ refer to the same activity, and the words ‘a pet fish’ and ‘pet fish’ refer to the same animal.
Similarly, the words ‘a fishing boat’ and ‘fishing boat’ refer to the same type of vessel. Now, if you are using Ditto to rename multiple, identical files, by means of its’rename’ command, you may receive a ‘Name exists’ error. This is because, when Ditto is looking for a synonym, the name of each file/directory it is processing is checked to verify if it has already been renamed, and if it has, the application will ignore this attempt.
Usage tips
Running Ditto is a fast and simple process, so you may consider trying it out for yourself. It is very easy to learn to use, with very simple command line options and up to hundreds of supported file/directory renaming aliases.
The application can be installed in one line of command-line code, which can then be passed to the program at the command line as a parameter.
The ‘-i’ option stands for ‘include’, ‘-d’ stands for ‘directories’ and ‘-r’ stands for’rename’. You can use the ‘-i’ or ‘-d’ options to include or exclude specific folders or directories. The ‘-r’ option stands for’rename’, and if you leave it empty, it will not’rename’ any files/directories.
The application comes with a help text file called ‘ditto.txt’, which is of no use to anyone but you. However, you can run the ‘ditto’ command without any parameter to view the ditto program’s options.
Ditto description
Ditto is a simple command line synonymizer that automatically and sequentially changes multiple files/directories named the same way to your preferred names. If you frequently work with multiple, identical files and wish to rename them in one go

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Ditto Description enables you to extract the meta data of any audio file. The program supports audio formats as well as video ones. It supports metadata formats like BMP, JPG, GIF, PNG, EXIF, TIFF, JPEG, GIF, and PNG.
This audio editor feature a simple user interface, which enables you to alter the meta data quickly, even for the most technical users.
FFmpeg is a free and open-source multimedia software that supports a wide range of multimedia formats.
By means of this program, you can easily convert one file format to another. It is more of a batch converter since it enables you to select many files and then start the process.
This cross-platform utility allows you to use it from other operating systems, such as Windows, Android, Mac OS, Linux, etc.
You can enjoy Free Screen Capture with the latest Sysinternals Suite. The utility’s name is a clear indicator of its character: it is a screen capture and screen recording tool that you can use to capture the desktop screen, recording the process without any delay.
The active screen recorder can be used from a single file or a folder as the input. You may also use its own keyboard shortcuts and specify the framerate speed.
The recording feature can be used in order to capture specific process. You can then use the resulting.gme file in other applications.
The function of Free Screen Capture with Sysinternals Suite is not limited to screen capture. You can also create short videos from files, record your mouse, and grab anything on the screen and so on.
Jet Editor is a small and free software application designed to enable you to create and manage database systems. Its name came from the tag line “Your own easy-to-use Jet Database Program”.
Jet Database Server is a small and stable application designed to work as a Jet Database Server. Its name was also introduced by the said statement.
The software does not require any installation and can be run from either CD or removable storage media.
JetEditor is designed specifically for the creation and management of database systems. It can be used to manage online as well as offline databases.
Its user interface enables you to create and delete database objects, run batch and query operations, and carry out custom tasks.
The software includes a set of functions from which you can easily acquire information about the database, such as system time, name, creation date, size, number of fields, and so on.

What’s New In Ditto?

There are numerous tools capable of generating new passwords, but you have to waste time with being bothered by settings and don’t get any security. Therefore, we developed Ditto Description to help you generate random passwords with the help of the format you specify.
Ditto Description is very simple to use. All you need is three steps. Namely, specify the format you want to use, a number of attempts and the passphrase length. The application will automatically supply your chosen formats, allowing you to select more or less significant variations (the longer the passphrase, the more diversified it will be).
For the sake of simplicity, the tool is limited to just that. There are no options for visual design, grabbing area or design controls. Ditto Description is just a basic tool.
But with the proper settings, it can become a powerful password generator, leaving other solutions far behind in terms of versatility.
Informational section
To get started, you should specify the format you want to use (the best way to pick the one you like is to choose from the list), a number of attempts (which you can set from 3 to 20) and the passphrase length (which goes from 8 to 128 characters).
The tool will add a new window to it, in which you can choose more of the available options (you can leave them aside for the time being). They are as follows:

Entropy level: You can specify the level of entropy you want.
Characters: You can set the number of characters per line.

You can change the passphrase length when you select the third item. You can also pick the block length, although you probably won’t need it.
Lastly, you will also be able to set a number of random characters (a matter that is not very important) and a base letter to use (the number is listed above the option).
Clicking the bold box will prompt the format to open and give you a random password of the selected length.
Encode: For the sake of security, you can also specify the password to be encoded in Base64. The second window will show you the result with the text “Encoded to Base64”, and the encoded one with the text “Encoded to Base64 (Base64).
There you have it. All the settings should be enough to create a password you can remember for a lifetime. As long as you don’t forget about the result, of course.
Ditto Description

System Requirements For Ditto:

OS: Windows 7
Processor: Intel Core 2 Quad Q9550 @ 2.66GHz
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 3000
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Storage: 400 MB available space
Additional Notes: Additional notes, details, requirements or recommended settings may be found here.
Important Details:
1. Add-ons are integrated directly into the game client and do not require any downloads, installations, or patches.