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Has all bases covered.

Provides a surprising array of customization features.

Full-featured grammar checker in the form of an Opera extension.

This is an excellent piece of software and its grammar checker and spellchecker are really good at their job. I’ve installed a few spelling/grammar checkers/redundancy apps for my browser over the years and this one is up there for me. In my experience it is quite difficult to get a third party add-on to work with more than one language or other browser I use. I had to set my browser to French, after which my browser displayed only the French version of my browser window. I like that you can save what you are writing and the choices you made for that page and that it can be removed from the browser when you are not using it. The only drawback is that it is not as nice looking as the spell checker on most computers/phones. Its appearance is the same as the Google search box that I already use, and I can’t be bothered to change that.

The best spell checking.



I like the grammar and spell check, but the best thing is that it automatically corrects the spelling mistakes of the same word with different meanings (like a misspelled word).




I love that it is fast and does not bother me with notifications. It is, however, not a perfect fix as there are many words that it misses. I try to be careful with my writing, but it keeps doing it. It’s hard to use for me with another language installed. The interface is very nice but I found that it kept messing up some of my personal information. I had to delete the browser and start over. If you are able to solve that, then the spell check will be amazing.

A must have.



I’ve been using it for the past couple months and must say I’ve found it is really a great tool. A bit of learning curve but nothing much. I’ve noticed it is less strict than most programs and tend to flag pretty many things.

My Spell Checker



It’s better than my grammar checker! They are the best I’ve ever used. After 6 months of struggling to find a good spell checker I found it and it saved me a ton eea19f52d2

mBackup is a simple-to-use piece of software designed to give you an easier time backing up and restoring secure information on mobile devices running the iOS and Android operating systems.
After specifying a master password, you can seamlessly import data from CSV, mSecure backups, SplashID VID, Dataviz Passwords Plus CSV and Handy Safe 1.2 XML format, as well as export it to CSV and mSecure backups.
Swift installation and simplistic UI
Setting up mBackup is a rapid and uncomplicated task that requires minimal user attention, thanks to the fact that it integrates only familiar options. Once it is finished, you are greeted by a plain-looking window with a minimalistic layout, representing the tool’s interface.
Assign a program password
To get started, you are required to specify a password that will be used every time you want to launch mBackup, encrypt data, and restore it to the mobile device. It can be accompanied by a hint, so you don’t forget it. Otherwise, there’s no way of recovering the key.
Import and export files easily
After importing files into the main frame, you can view the product name and source type, along with the backup time and date. Any of these files can be easily removed with the click of a button, and you can export them by establishing the saving directory and file name.
Change the password and configure app settings
Apart from the fact that you can pick another master key, it is possible to tinker with the program’s configuration when it comes to the port (dynamic or static) together with the CSV import mode (use note as last field in the CSV file). There are no other noteworthy options provided by this software application.
Evaluation and conclusion
We have not encountered any unpleasant situations in our tests, since mBackup did not freeze, crash or display error alerts. CPU and RAM consumption was minimal, so it didn’t hamper system performance.
On the other hand, mBackup does not bring any extraordinary features to the table. Otherwise, it can be used as a straightforward app for backing up mBackup data and exporting it to mobile devices running iOS or Android.

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Before you start, make sure you’ve backed up your account on GooglePlay. On the GooglePlay website, navigate to the APK page for your app and click on the version you want to backup… In the Save