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Review. Game Boy Advance. PlayStation 2. Original PlayStation release dates, reviews, and box art for Jackie Chan’s Stuntmaster, the first game based on the stunts and films of Sha’sa Way. Includes plot, screenshots, and reviews.
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[SCREENSHOTS] Jackie Chan Stuntmaster by Magnitude Studios for PlayStation 1 (PSX) [Official PC] Details. 15 comments. Jackie Chan’s Stuntmaster was released for the PlayStation in 1997. Featuring the same gameplay and character designs as the PlayStation ports of the Triple.
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PDF Full. Jackie Chan’s Stuntmaster [NEO] for the PlayStation [NEO-001603] (console) [Official PC] Details. 14 comments. Written by Mickey Tkac. Play. Platform: NES.

Ridiculously Easy Apiary. by Homebrew Gaming. Jackie Chan Stuntmaster is an action game based on the films of Chinese action star Jackie Chan, as well as on his martial arts and stunt training. This game was released for the PlayStation in 1997 and was composed by the game’s director, Richard Lutton.
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Stuntmaster: The Jackie Chan Karate & Kung Fu Game is a kung fu martial arts game published by GameTek for the Game Boy in 1997. This game was a port of the director’s cut arcade version of the Jackie Chan film Stunt Master, and was developed and published by Gametek.
[playstation] Stuntmaster (1997, platform) Review . Review. PS1. $19.99. Size: 420 MB. Published: 31/07/2013. By: Jovanka Vuckovic.
PlayStation 1 John Woo’s Hard Target (1999, platform) Reviews & Video . Review. Code reviewed by: Louise.
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Jackie Chan Stuntmaster is a side scrolling platformer video game released for PlayStation in 2000 by Midway games in North America.

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“The end of the year we’re still on court 11 and we’re really excited about our prospects of taking this to the championships,” said Round 13 captain Travis Batty. “The season looks pretty darn good to us.”

The Roosters again got off to a solid start through their defensive pressure which was made possible by good support play from the half back line and Toby Bourke’s efficiency at the goal line.

Roosters’ from Simon Burnett, Jake Stevens, Max Gawn and Tarryn Turner quickly forced a mistake from the Magpies.

The gap between the sides was at 7-0 by quarter three.

The Roosters dominated the centre of the ground with beautiful clearances from Sam Low (six), Tucker White, Johansson, Archie Smith and Bronson Harrison (three).

Midfielder for the Roosters, Josh Maguire, and Toby Bourke were impressive at ground level leading the Roosters forward attack.

Josh Maguire led the Roosters line ball work with a tough maul and an impressive, immediate grubber kick.

Toby Bourke was the workhorse for the Roosters. Toby pushed the ball hard in the Magpies forward line and was rewarded with several quick opposition kicks.

The Magpies fought back to a three-goal lead early in the final term. The Roosters were greatly punished as they were forced into 30 marks. Toby Bourke, Tarryn Turner and Jamie King were dominant in the Roosters forward line.

Halfback for the Roosters, Mason Crane and Toby were at the forefront of Roosters’ best movement and play. Crane was the key to Roosters’ best attacking play, he was unstoppable on the wing.

“We are very enthusiastic. The Roosters have a very good group of players