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This chapter provides a “three-piece menu” of tips and tools for getting maximum benefit from Photoshop’s features. The first tool is used to set up a project to go with the rest of the chapters in this book. When you’re ready to complete a project, this tool is useful for making sure that you’re preserving the best look for your resulting photos.

The second tool is used to create _layers_, which are transparent images that contain editing areas that can be edited independently or simultaneously and which are placed on top of one another, so one edit can be changed without having to edit all the other edits on the layers.

The third tool is used to create _masking_, which allows you to apply edits only to certain areas of an image.

Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, using Photoshop is a fun and productive way to enjoy photography.

FIGURE 2-1: Make sure that your image has proper lighting to help produce a successful shot.

Using the Project Preparation Tool

If you’re a beginner or have never used Photoshop before, now is the time to choose what type of project you want to make. After setting up a project, you use this tool to view the photos that you take, and then you can use those photos for a particular project or create a new project for the next series of photos that you take.

In the following steps, you see how to set up a template that’s used for a series of photos, where you’re going to place your images in the template, and how to insert images into a template.

1. First, choose File⇒New⇒Photoshop Project.

The New Photoshop Project dialog box appears, as shown on the left in Figure 2-1.

2. Select the type of project that you want to create from the Templates and Categories list.

For this book, you see that you have three templates to choose from:

• Photo Gallery: This type of project displays images in a grid, where the images rotate automatically.

• Photo Style: This type of project places a photos on a grid and lets you apply different style settings to the individual photos.

• Photo Album: This type of project places the images in a sequence and includes the ability to add title and description information.

• Photo Collage: This type of project places the images in a sequence and includes the ability to add title and

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How to Choose an Image Editor

Photoshop is considered to be the standard for visual design. Although it may be expensive, it offers everything that a pro photographer may want. It is known for its extensive tools, including its light and darkroom tools, video effects, Color controls and layers.

The selection of a Photoshop alternative can be difficult. For example, Photoshop produces high-quality images but may not suit every one’s needs. It is too expensive for some users and too complex for others.

Many professionals prefer another type of editing software such as Photoshop Elements or Adobe Lightroom. In this case, Photoshop Elements is a good choice because it is free and can be used on a home or laptop computer. Lightroom can be used to edit images and make prints.

Here are some issues you should consider when choosing an editing software.

How Fast Can I Create an Image?

You may have two types of images.

Experimental: This is an image that can be seen and then revised.

Prepared: This is an image that may be used as a cover or the face of a product or be used in printed material.

With Photoshop, you can produce a prepared image in about an hour or two. That is faster than using an alternative image editing software.

With Photoshop, you can save time if your image has already been tested and improved.

Color Controls

With Photoshop, you can adjust the color controls to correct the blue in an image or make skin more attractive. Using Photoshop, you can adjust settings such as saturation, contrast and brightness, and add special effects such as vignette and posterization.

The Photoshop Color Lookup has an extensive range of color settings that include hue, saturation and brightness.

Other editing software lets you adjust the color ranges within an image. This adjustment can be very useful if you want to emphasize the colors in an image or if you are trying to produce a mood. However, the adjust is not as extensive as in Photoshop.

Camera Raw Editing

With Photoshop, you can directly edit the raw data of a camera. This helps you to start with the raw data of an image. For this reason, you will use Photoshop whenever you want to produce a good image. However, with an alternative editing software, you can click buttons to adjust the camera file.

When you want to produce a good image, you will use Photoshop rather than your alternative editor software

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I want to open a file when i click a button in a program with python

I want to open my file from the folder ‘Documents\Sak2\Mappe2’ when i click my button, I have found a code that work, but i dont know how to put it on my program, can someone help me?
Here is my program:
pythonversion = getversion()
if pythonversion == “python2”:
from subprocess import call
from subprocess import check_call
call = call
if not call(“wmic”, “path”, “os get version | findstr /V /C:”.split()[0]):
dir = getosdir()
dir = ”

datastore = ‘Documents\Sak2\Mappe2’
filename = datastore + ‘\WindowsUpdate.log’

def on_configure():
file.write(datastore + ‘\WindowsUpdate.log’)

configfile = ‘config.ini’

def start():
call(‘start’, (‘mappe2’,).encode(‘utf8’))

def config():
from os import access, path
from os.path import join
file.write(datastore + ‘\config.ini’)
configfile = ‘config.ini’
if access(configfile, ‘r’):
from ConfigParser import ConfigParser
parser = ConfigParser()‘config.ini’)
for k, v in parser.items():
print(k, v)
configvar = parser.get(“Config”, “filedirectory”)

System Requirements:

Minimum System Requirements are based on tested configurations. Your computer
may be unable to support the software.
Recommended System Requirements are based on configurations determined
to be optimal for rendering your system’s hardware.
Optimal performance was determined on a particular system. Testing was
done using a variety of hardware and software configurations, including
configurations that are less than optimal for the system. In no event will
equipment, software, or services be modified, or contracted to be modified,