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Most web browser come with integrated download managers for a proper browsing experience. However, you might want to constantly keep an eye on a particular item for updates, and a browser can’t really do that. This is where DownloadChecker comes in handy, informing you and grabbing the latest updates on tracked items.
Quietly sits in the tray area most of the times
One of the first things which needs to be mentioned is that the application requires Java Runtime Environment to function, which you can choose to deploy through the installer in case it’s not already on your computer.
The application minimizes to the tray area right from the start, and it’s the place where you find most of the options. Unlike regular download managers, this one doesn’t integrate into any web browser, but this is probably because it’s not exactly a download manager. In fact, it’s mostly a way to have one or more file constantly watched and alerts issued whenever changes are detected.
Unattended check and download of target items
All added tasks are found in the surveillance window. It’s also possible to create new ones from here, as well as from the associated tray menu. Only a few requirements are required for a new task, such as the URL to watch, a comment, as well as a destination for the new files.
On the bright side of things, you don’t have to manually add all files you want to watch. The application offers the possibility to import multiple URLs from a list, given it’s under the TXT format.
By default, the application scans the given URLs as soon as it’s launched. You can forcefully check the list at any moment. When changes are detected, you can choose to automatically download files, inform you of a new version, or don’t download. Additionally, you can choose to have the file opened after download.
In conclusion
All in all, DownloadChecker is a neat little application which is sure to come in handy if you’re constantly on the lookout for new versions of files on websites. It can track multiple files at a time and automatically download when necessary.









DownloadChecker (April-2022)

A download manager is an extremely handy software which is popular among people and businesses in various industries. In this article, you will find the 10 best download managers in 2020.

Download manager is a software for a quick download of files from the Internet and later edit and modify them. If you are looking for the best download manager, then you will find it here. In addition to downloading and editing the downloaded file, you can also send it to someone in the form of a file sharing.

Download manager is a software that is very useful for downloading, modifying and sharing files from online media and other websites. Download manager will be very helpful in situations such as you have a large number of files and you do not want to do work yourself to update them.

In addition to downloading and editing the downloaded file, you can also send it to someone in the form of a file sharing.

Once the file is downloaded, users can edit it or any other changes can be made by modifying them with a simple one click editing option available in the app.

The basic idea of download manager is to make it as simple as possible to update downloaded file. Download manager is helpful to share files and even make them accessible to colleagues and friends without the need to constantly download the file by yourself.

Downloading and downloading a file can be difficult sometimes due to a number of reasons, such as the file is too large or too many files on the website. Download manager helps you in these situations to make the entire process of downloading the files easier for you and faster.

Download managers are very popular among the tech savvy and casual users who make use of the internet to download various types of files from different websites and make use of their own efficiency by modifying and sharing them with the rest of the world.

Download manager is easy to use as it does not require any kind of special computer and its interface is very well-organized. The interface of the download manager will be understandable for all kinds of users.

Download manager helps to prevent files from being downloaded in case there are already downloaded files and the user wants to download another file. Download managers also make it possible for user to copy, cut, and paste functions into one click.

Download manager is a web browser extension and it is safe to use. It can be used on any browser whether it is chrome or Mozilla or Internet Explorer.

It is an excellent download manager tool, which is compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems as well as

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DownloadChecker is a revolutionary software for monitoring files online without browser extension!DownloadChecker is a downloadable software, and therefore you need to have Java Runtime Environment (JRE) installed on your computer. DownloadChecker also requires additional free space on your computer hard drive.

These days, no one feels safe from hackers in general, and for good reason. If someone is able to hack into your computer or network and put malware like a Ransomware on it, they can easily take all of your data and information, including passwords, banking information, and emails. Therefore, how can you protect yourself from these types of attacks? Well, you could keep a good software antivirus on your machine, but there are so many different types of viruses, and most antivirus applications cannot be updated every day, or even every week.
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DownloadChecker Activation

DownloadChecker is a freeware application to check latest files on the Internet. There is no longer need to spend your time on keeping track of a bunch of “newer” files. It will keep you up to date with the newest downloads on the web.
Just install DownloadChecker, and then add one or more websites in the list. It will then monitor the websites for updates, and let you know as soon as any file on the website has been updated. DownloadChecker is a cross platform application, it supports Mac OS X, Windows and Linux.


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System Requirements For DownloadChecker:

Windows 7 and later (32bit or 64bit)
Intel Core 2 Duo E4500 2.8GHz or better
2GB Memory
Video Card: Nvidia 9800GT or better
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