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Drakker is a powerful but easy to use application that will protect your data when surfing the internet.
Data encryption by strong 1024 bits VPN
During the launching of Drakker, a certificate exchange is processed between your machine and the Drakker network. The exchanged certificates are unique and private for each of our users. At the very exit of your PC, your data are encrypted and indecipherable. The content of your communications is therefore invisible, for any third party as well as for the Drakker network itself.
IP address Translation
After having your communications made indecipherable, Drakker processes to the translation of your IP address, in order to make impossible the localization of your computer. To reach this goal, Drakker provides you with random adresses from the Drakker servers through the world. You are never visible : the Drakker network is the only visible.
The Drakker network does not collect nor detain any personal data regarding its users. Inside the Drakker network, each user is only known by its login/password and the numerical signature of his certificates. The password is encrypted and unknown by Drakker. The private certificates are unique and only usable by their owner. If any third party would try to use a stealed certificate without having the account identifiers, then the certificate is immediately revoked and unusable. In such a case, only the owner of the account can regenerate its certificates by using the “Recovery” option.
The Drakker client can be downloaded wherever you are. Your account’s identifiers are usable everywhere. May you use your personal computer or a friend’s one, may you be in a hotspot or at the office, no software is installed on the computer, no trace is taken. If you copy the Drakker client on a USB support, you will just have to launch the Drakker client from the USB key, and you will be able to use it throughout the world with no trace left on the computers that hosted your communications : all is in the key.







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A powerful encrypted data VPN, Drakker Torrent Download
Is the world’s best VPN for free, 100% legal & encrypted.
The world’s best VPN for free, 100% legal & encrypted.

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If you have a corporate email account, your system is not safe, according to a recent report by the Open Rights Group (ORG) website. The site says that Google’s email service has been compromised by a security flaw.
Google regularly scans mail messages to detect unsafe uses that can result in defamation lawsuits. Google got into trouble with the authorities when it became known that the company scanned email for child pornography. The fact that Google scans email from free, open-source e-mail services like Gmail has not been picked up much.
But the ORG claims to have discovered that “all major webmail providers” are being scanned in this way. “Despite Google’s contention that GoogleMail is not compromised by this vulnerability, our tests show that it is,” said ORG.
Google yesterday confirmed that it is aware of the security flaw. “We are working on a patch and believe that the risk to our users is low,” a company spokesperson said. “We take users’ privacy very seriously and do not scan users’ messages without their consent.”
Google Mail supports 13 languages. But the problem lies not in the language that your email is received in, but in the language that it is sent in. If the sending server does not support the receiving server’s language, it can not be translated and thus the virus cannot be detected. The ORG suggests that software developers should “be more aware of how their products work and be more careful to ensure that such vulnerabilities are not present.”
Facebook also scans messages for obscene content. Most of its users seem to have no idea of the fact. In

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Drakker Serial Key uses SOCKS4 and 5 proxies to anonymize your internet traffic. The anonymity comes from the use of random and private certificates, and from the use of a strong VPN encryption. The encrypted data are sent to the Drakker network, where each client is only identified by his numerical signature, while the data of each client are indecipherable. We also offer a portability of your account by using only a basic and dynamic certificate which can be downloaded and launched by all computers. The Drakker network also offers a confidentiality by using an independent VPN encryption.

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Drakker [32|64bit]

Drakker is a popular multiplatform application used by millions of people worldwide. Drakker is used for work, entertainment, safety and security, banking and health. Drakker includes a total of six applications:
* Website Privacy Protector:
A total data protection solution for your surfing sessions.
* Fake IP Shield:
Protect your IP address to prevent and counter IP logging by ISPs, security agencies or others.
* Online Privacy:
Protect and obfuscate your online browsing.
* Online Banking:
Protect your sensitive banking sessions.
* Email privacy:
Protect your email communications from interception and decoding by individuals or companies.
* Card Shredder:
Shred your credit cards, debit cards, business cards, store loyalty cards, ATM cards and other physical cards.
Website Privacy Protector
Protect your surfing sessions with Drakker Website Privacy Protector. Drakker is an internet privacy software that protects your surfing sessions by encrypting all of your private data in your computer, linked to any website. The only data that is visible on your computer during your surfings is the public keys. Protect your browsing with Drakker.
Fake IP Shield
Protect your IP address to prevent and counter IP logging by ISPs, security agencies or others. Drakker uses a unique procedure to provide you with a totally anonymous private IP address that you can log into using any web page. Drakker protects your privacy with a unique unique “new” IP address that is provided by your computer to any web page. Your new IP address is so private that the original IP address and your other internet activities are logged and will never be visible. Stop IP logging with Drakker!
Online Privacy
Protect and obfuscate your online browsing. Drakker offers you a total privacy solution that protect your online communications by encrypting all your private data in your computer. The encrypted data are only visible for the public keys that are exchanged between you and the services you visit. You do not need to log in, create an account nor install any software. You do not need to encrypt your outgoing communication as Drakker is used by millions of people worldwide and you can communicate using the same address everywhere. Drakker encrypts all the communications in your computer as you browse the internet. The only data that is visible in your computer are the public keys.
Online Banking
Protect your sensitive banking sessions. Drakker offers you a complete online banking tool that includes multi signature and encrypted file transfer.

What’s New In Drakker?

Drakker is the easiest way to protect your web surfers. Drakker is a new and powerful security solution using the latest technologies. Drakker is 100% free and easy to use. Drakker is only used for surfing the internet. Drakker provides you with a secured, disposable, unique, and completely invisible online identity. With Drakker you will be always safe when surfing the internet. Drakker is always active and only used for surfing the internet. Drakker has no log records.
Working with Drakker
First, choose the IP address to use from the range available by choosing on the Drakker site. After having chosen your IP, you will be prompted for a user name and your password.
After each connection, your browser will be asked if you want to save your “Drakker Cookie”. It means that your Drakker user can’t be seen.
Drakker is very easy to use : when you surf on the internet, just click on the “Drakker button” on your browser, and sign in using your user name and password.
Your data are then totally encryped and the Internet anonymity is over. You will be totally safe with Drakker.
Drakker IP address
You have several choices of IP addresses to use. Simply choose the IP address that you want, then choose if you want to be still visible on the internet, to appear just on the Drakker network, or if you want to use an IP address different from the one you are using.
Your IP address will only be used for a maximum of one hour (reminder in the “Drakker IP address field”).
Drakker IP address
After a while, the Drakker IP address can change from time to time. So the IP address that you have selected will no longer be the right one. You have three options :
– Wait a while, your IP address will change and reappear on the current one : you can then select a new IP address
– Note the IP address of the Drakker server. You will need it to re-register again with Drakker.
– Or, simply reset the Drakker client on the PC that you are using.
To proceed, click on “Recover” and enter your unique, decrypted certificates.
Drakker VPN
If you want to use a VPN, you need to use the IP address and the data of your VPN

System Requirements For Drakker:

Memory: 6 GB RAM
Processor: Intel Core 2 Quad 2.4 GHz or faster
Hard Disk Space: 10 GB free space
Display: 1024 x 768 display resolution
Sound: DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card with built in speakers
Graphic card: NVIDIA GeForce 9500 GT or ATI X1900 graphics card
Operating System: Windows 7 64bit (32bit not supported)
Recommended: DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card with built in speakers
Hardware Requirements:
Processor: Intel Core