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JMReader is an eBook viewer that opens ebook files (.txt,.htm,.html,.zip and.rar). With JMReader, you can read eBooks from the Internet, from a local file, or from an email.
Read a text file from the Internet and display it in a WebView control.
Read a local HTML file from the file system and display it in a WebView control.
Read a Zip or Rar archive and display its contents in a WebView control.
Easily display any text in multiple fonts (via TrueType and OpenType fonts).
Display PDF files.
Choose among text colors or system colors.
Display the bookmarks toolbar with the current, previous, next, and last chapters, with clickable links to related documents.
Create folders and sort books in them.
Move a book around in the folder tree.
Manage Favorites, Favorite groups, and the list of Recent files.
Open any file in a WebView control.
You can select the font, size, and color of text in the file.
JMReader Features:
* Supports HTML, Text, EPUB, OpenType and TrueType fonts.
* Supports webpages in the following formats: HTML, WML, RSS, RDF, XHTML, XHTML5, MathML, SMIL.
* Supports most web browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari.
* Open any online text file in a WebView control.
* Choose among eight text colors.
* Enable TrueType and OpenType fonts to display any text in any font.
* Display a text in bold, italic, or different fonts.
* Supports bookmarks, favorites, and favorite groups.
* You can open any text file in a WebView control.
* You can adjust the color of text, size, and font.
* You can set multiple margins in a line.
* You can select the line space.
* You can hide the toolbar, the status bar, and the preview area.
* Supports keyboard shortcuts.
* You can easily display the file’s summary in a WebView control.
* Supports Auto-Reading mode: quick and clean reading.
* Allows you to clean book cards and display them in the summary area.
* Allows you to edit book cards in the summary area.
* Allows you to create a list of recently opened files.
* Allows you to organize your eea19f52d2


Whether you want to take a quick snapshot, record some activity, create a replay, or simply record the activity on one single app window, this program will easily help you. The interface is pretty basic. You get the main functions with accurately labeled buttons, some settings, and a few visual queues.
Start your masterpiece
The program will not take a lot of your screen space. Once you commence the filming or snapshot action, the application will display the result in a tiny window. You can also choose to place a mark on your creation, avoiding situations where someone might take over your content.
A CPU usage meter will let you know how much of your machine’s power you are using with the app. A volume slider can deal with the level of sound within the captured content. A View button has been included. It allows the user to access the created content in seconds.
Lots of settings in the app
Although the program’s interface is nothing to write home about, the application sports a complex Settings section. Here, one can choose to adjust the audio bitrate, video quality, and format, enable background mode, and so on.
One can also tell the app to stop filming after a certain time or size threshold has been surpassed. There is a great sense of adaptability with this application. It was made to adjust depending on the user’s needs, and that is by far the greatest of perks included with this program.
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