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.. Fonts: 2,933,004; Suggs, Johnnie; Moody, Ben; Battles, Jerome;. 874,329, 085,469, 279,550, 063,355, 010,561, 072,726, 190,074, 264,323. – Free movie download full 3gp hd 720p BluRay TamilFullHD 480p – Free ToobHD, Free ToobHD 720p.package com.grubman.movies.data.source

import com.grubman.movies.data.model.Episode
import com.grubman.movies.data.source.persistence.InMemoryEpisodeRepository
import com.grubman.movies.data.source.persistence.MoviesDbRepository
import com.grubman.movies.data.source.support.EpisodesBeanFactory

* Created by admin on 28/03/2017.
class MoviesDbManager(private val repository: MoviesDbRepository) {
fun getMoviesById(id: String): List {
return repository.getEpisodesByMovieId(id)

fun getAllMovies(): List {
return repository.getAllEpisodes().toList()

fun getAllEpisodes(): List {
return repository.getAllEpisodes().toList()

fun getEpisodeByReelId(id: String): Episode? {
return repository.getEpisodeByReelId(id)

fun getEpisodeByReelId(id: String): Episode? {
return repository.getEpisodeByReelId(id)

fun getAllMoviesByCountry(country: String): List {
return repository.getEpisodesByCountry(country)

fun getAllEpisodesByCountry(country: String): List {


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