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With features such as software built in overclocking, C.I.A. (CPU Intelligent Accelerator) and Smart Fan technology, EasyTune is the perfect tool for those users who require an efficient and well-regulated speed control. In this review, we’ll take a look at how this utility is able to offer to users this type of functionality in order to make sure we can give a great value.
The program is designed for use with the Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD4P motherboard, and works with both Windows XP and Windows 7. This is because all the needed drivers have been incorporated into the program’s interface in order to allow our testing of the program’s many features.
Our testing was performed using a Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD4P Motherboard, which is equipped with a Intel® Q9400 processor, 4GB DDR3 memory, ATI Radeon™ HD 2600-HD AC-1 graphics card and hard drive storage capacity.
In order to get a thorough idea of what makes EasyTune special, we have tried to answer all the questions we had in the preview right after we got our hands on this software.
“EasyTune has features which allow you to set up a customized load so that your system can operate in the best way possible.”
– EasyTune preview
EasyTune Features:
There are several features which can improve the performance of your system, but it is important to keep in mind that overclock and overclocking can have some negative consequences.
Although this is not the case with EasyTune, we’ll take a look at the options which are available to ensure users don’t end up with unexpected results. One of the most important parts of EasyTune is the automatic overclocking capacity, which ensures the computer is set to overclock at all times. Even though we do recommend users to confirm a few times what the application is doing, this feature can be the perfect solution for those who are new to overclocking.
The utility is also equipped with a PID (Processor ID) control mode that will adjust the parameters on the fly so as to find the best values to overclock the CPU.
C.I.A. (CPU Intelligent Accelerator) is another feature that is able to monitor the load of the CPU and it will automatically adjust the speed according to the demands of your system. The control may have some minor impact on the system, but it

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EasyTune is a utility for Intel platform processors that allows you to fine-tune the performance of your system. This easy-to-use software increases the system stability, improves the processor, memory and GPU temperatures, accelerates the system boot up, improves the system memory performance, provides a full control of the power and voltage as well as provides a full access to the system sound settings.
EasyTune has a very clear and comfortable interface, it also provides a lot of system information and setting controls. Also it can monitor the system automatically or manually, alarms that detect malfunctioning devices, and is able to set a custom temperature and fan profile.A spin cutting blade or a rotating cutting blade is used to cut material from a workpiece. The cutting blade may be used, for example, to cut thin-walled, flat surfaces from a cylindrical bar (e.g., metal). In some applications, the cutting blade may be used to remove material from a workpiece so as to form an elongated hole in the workpiece, such as a cylinder where the hole is shaped like a nut and bolt. In other applications, the cutting blade may be used to remove material from a workpiece so as to form two flat surfaces (e.g., for separate halves of a fastener) with a hollowed-out area therebetween (e.g., an aperture in the workpiece that is shaped like the head of a bolt).
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EasyTune is a utility that comes with a nice GUI and gives users all the information they need to take advantage of the settings available. The only thing you need to know is that the adjustments made with this program will remain saved until the power is turned off and then reapplied the next time the system is booted.
The interface is very intuitive, and the toolbars offer a wide range of functions, as one can make adjustments for both the main CPU and the RAM.
For the motherboard, you’ll find the same information and controls as you have for the dedicated cards.
As for C.I.A., it allows the CPU to run the most suitable frequency for the actual load, without the user having to manually adjust the settings for that purpose.
EasyTune is compatible with all Intel and AMD CPUs, and we have to mention that the tests performed to be published on this post were done on a 3.4 GHz Core 2 Duo.

*After installation, the program would offer a tutorial on how to install additional add-ons. This is a free, optional, and not certified update.

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What’s New In?

Go through the settings menu to find the application options, and then adjust the settings according to the target. Additionally, inside of this utility there is a program to make a backup of the settings before making the changes, in case something has gone wrong, in case you needed to restore the previous configuration.
The application has a very simple user interface and it is very easy to navigate through all the menus. There are also graph showing the current and target values of the different parameters, a section that permits to change the percentage to get the final result, and finally the usual slider to scroll through all the settings that an user wants to adjust.
The main function of the program is to display the current values of all the parameters that are critical for the use of this application, so that the users can make a precise decision as to the right setting they want to apply.
EasyTune uses the CPUID model on all the supported board motherboards, therefore almost all the boards from the Gigabyte model are compatible with this new utility.
Only the Intel 905 chipset family is not supported, though you can try to install the drivers yourself by using a simple driver CD or floppy.
The installation process is simple, just download the right version for your platform and extract it on your desktop, after that launch the app and follow the instructions to start from the configuration.
To change the clock frequencies, the voltage or the fan speed, all you have to do is click on the control box that appears once inside the setting menu.
Multi-platform compatibility
A few configuration presets
Easy to access settings
Simple to use
Configure the clock frequencies
Configure the fan speed and/or temperature limit
Simple control interface
Settings menu includes:
Fan Speed
Fan Temperature Limit
CPU Clock
Memory Clock
Shader Clock
Cooling Throttle
CPU Load
CPU C.I.A. (CPU Intelligent Accelerator)
CPU Fan Speed
CPU Voltage
CPU Overheat Protection
CPU Core Power Consumption
Key Features
Single set of parameters to adjust
Very simple to use
No need to install anything extra
Never miss anything in your main settings
Simple configuration menu
World famous software
Compatible with all the motherboards from Gigabyte
Intel 905 is not supported
System Requirements
Operating system: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
Processor: X86 compatible processor (i.e., Pentium 2 and Pent


System Requirements:

PURPOSE: Overview of the Simple Sharing Platform (SSP).
Note: Many of the SSP processes are preloaded with the Flawed market.
Loading the wrong market will crash your system. To reload the
market, first enter SSP and go to the “Preferences” button.
Under the “Configurations” tab, enter a new root key and then go
to the “Help” button and select “Load markets”.
Introduction to the Simple Sharing Platform
The Simple Sharing Platform allows you to share