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The game is an original story set in the Land Between, a world where the souls of those who have lost their lives in this world continue to exist. The Elden Ring has also appeared in the Lands Between, a new world where there are some who have strayed. In this new world, a new story continues to unfold. Risen from the depths of despair, elves live by the rules of the ones who have fallen. Elves aspire to become the new elders. The present is full of tension and danger.


Using a term from a different section?

This is a very basic question but I haven’t found any information on it so I hope to find an answer here.
Consider the following statement

The apple, pear and banana trees are all members of the order Rosales.

Does the word order here mean the order Rosales as a whole or only the species? I mean is it assumed that a particular species is a member of the entire class or does the word order only mean that species?


The term order in biology has both taxonomic and phylogenetic senses (Wu et al. 2013; I am not arguing that both are used in all contexts, but I am saying that both have been used), and these are not necessarily perfectly consistent. For example, the Linnean system sorts taxa into “orders” and then into “families” (Rosales is a clade, not an order), and then into “classes” and “subclasses” (Clades, Afrosoricida, Section), and then into “genera” and “species” (Clades, Afrosoricida, Section, Genera, Species). The same is true with the phylogeny of major groups in plants. The flowering plants are divided into orders (Rosales, Gunnerales, etc.), and then into classes (Aquifoliales, Poales, etc.). The flowering plants are then divided into orders, tribes, and so on down to genera, etc.
The taxonomic sense refers to the ranking of organisms into a hierarchy of ranks, whereas the phylogenetic sense refers to the branching pattern of a particular phylogeny, which is a more or less distinct phylogeny from the taxonomic hierarchy (Hennig 1967). The phylogenetic sense is usually distinguished from the taxonomic by leaving the word “order” out of the sentence, although some


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  • A new fantasy action RPG for the PlayStation Vita
  • Relive the epic action of your youth with beautiful graphics that offer a large-screen experience on your PS Vita
  • An innovative system for fairly awarding in-game equipment by offering real money
  • Online play where a 16-player party can participate simultaneously
  • A seamless travel system where you can seamlessly transfer to other servers while keeping your party aligned
  • A variety of exciting online bonuses and weekly events for 2:00 PT
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  • PvP battle mode where you can challenge other players with your own strategy
  • PvP battle mode where you and your party can fight with other players on various maps
  • Fast, free, and simple creation of a user profile in Online Play
  • NOTICE: The items from Skybox (R) and the devs who worked on Skybox are not originally a product of Tri-Ace.
    We approached them to create a music and proper single for the game by means of an online promotion, and we plan to distribute the proceeds to them.

    18 Sep 2011 01:00:00 GMTNew Character Background for “TNK: Dark Resurrection”Online Game, Good Game!!

    Good Game!! Online Game, “TNK: Dark Resurrection”

    Based on the action game series “TNK” created by Arc System Works, with their sense of the atmosphere of the original visual novels, “TNK: Dark Resurrection” is an action RPG game featuring the stylish fantasy art. The action game will be released for PC and PlayStation Vita in Japan in March 2012 for JPY 3,996. More details to be announced.

    For more information about this game, please visit


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    This is one of those games that sneaks up on you and is pleasantly surprising. They’ve done a wonderful job packing this one. The game starts with a prologue scene that gives you a little summary of the story. A lord and a lady, separated by a walled off boundary. Sounds like pretty generic stuff, but as you continue through the story you see the game is actually more complex than that.

    There’s a lot going on in the game. Your main quest is about the current lord, a powerful but proud man. He’s surrounded by charming women, but none seems to get his heart. As he quests through time looking for his path to true love and self discovery he has to deal with an enigmatic evil in the form of mysterious walls and shifting events. But he keeps getting distracted by all the women, and also has his own secrets that he’s keeping from them.

    The game is not easy. The main story is not simplistic, and generally moves along at a rather brisk clip. The action is smooth and does not overly emphasize combat. You can pause to look around, read a little, or simply take a break and rest. This is not a long game by any means. There is not a huge learning curve as you get the hang of things, but your stamina grows a little each time you play, and there’s a bit of frustration as you’re forced to proceed, but there’s also a reward for going slowly and going carefully. This is a mature game, and doesn’t pull any punches. It’s not a particularly violent game, but I didn’t see any nudity, swear words, or really anything that would offend anyone. The game is ideal for the under 18 crowd.

    The game may be very complex, but it’s also extremely well done. The visuals are amazing. The scenery changes constantly as you travel through the game, and is quite imaginative. For example, when you enter a room you can see a wall that’s green on the inside, as well as outside. This is because the room’s wall is a projection from the mind of an ancient wizard, and it can completely change shape. The technology is impressive. Textures are very detailed, and the open world is quite large. You can run around with a backpack on, and use a fetch quest to find items. You can even run from a quest to another quest, jumping to the next area as if it were a platformer. It has some of


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    #MMOGack: SkinsHacks.com Tips for Farming Points*
    The last few days, some people did something the MMOGack team likes to do here at SkinsHacks and that is encourage people to keep playing the game they love.
    MMOGack’s mission is always to help the players enjoy and do fun things with their games.
    We’ve seen that some players like to farm for points and other items just for the sake of doing so. And while this may be fun and entertaining at first, just like all other games…

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    • Choose your preferred Hero
    – The Skyward Alliance Hero:
    Knight of the Sky, Windblade of the Skies, and Cloudburst of the Skies
    – The Dark Kingdom Hero:
    Protector of the Darkness, Dragon Knight, and Magus of the Moon
    There is a large cast of heroes with different job roles.
    – The Elven Village Hero:
    Chieftain of the Elves, Flame Pixie, and Frosting of the Woods
    – The Dragon Clan Hero:
    Highmane, Redeye, and Matriarch of the Dragons
    – The Highland Hero:
    Crown Prince of the Highlands, Seagull of the Highlands, and Stormrider of the North
    – The Black Queen Hero:
    A Queen of the Black, Dark Knight, and Collector of the Night
    – The Imperial City Hero:
    Marshal of the Imperial City, Corrupted Lord, and Star of the East
    – The Imperial City Hero:
    Marshal of the Imperial City, Corrupted Lord, and Star of the East
    The heroes have different job roles and different strengths and weaknesses.
    – The Star of the East:
    The Star of the East performs great damage while using a set of skills and attacks.
    – The Stormrider of the North:
    The Stormrider of the North can greatly increase his powerful damage skills by


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    Further information

    All text is available under the GNU Free Documentation License. See COPYING.FDL for details.Dot structure of molecular adsorbents for the selective enrichment of isotopically labeled species from a mixture.
    A dot-structure for the selective enrichment of isotopically labeled species is synthesized on an inert porous silver plate surface by using three types of molecular receptors based on the anchoring of small, water-soluble model receptors onto a growth-retarded silver arrowhead/hexagonal network. Fast atomic force microscopy is used to visualize the axial step height, the height of the dot, and the coverage of the Ag surface, depending on the anchoring and reactivity of the three types of receptors. The anchoring of small species through boronic acid interaction brings about two to three apparent steps down on the dot compared with those obtained through the anchoring of larger species or nitrogen-functionalization of pyridine receptors. Diffusion tests for the substrate are conducted in triplicate using a commercial IRAS-4C column to demonstrate that the small adsorption energy of the molecular receptors enables both good positional retention and hydrogen bonding interactions. A batch approach is used to prepare the dot-Ag-system. The adsorption capacity of a prototypical diphenylmethane is 5.5 mmol/g.NFL

    Next week, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and the 30 owners will meet in Chicago to discuss the fate of the season. There are a number of ideas being floated on what to do with the 2011 football season. Here’s one that might be worth considering:

    Blow all the players’ guaranteed contracts

    I think the owners are overlooking a valuable weapon that they’ve neglected until now: Taking away the players’ ability to get signed in April of 2011/2012. There are a few issues we could explore.

    1. How would one schedule divisions?

    You can’t say that the owners want every team to play every team. That’s a no-one wins situation. So rather than having every team play five other teams in their own conference, how about slicing up the schedule between two conferences? For example:

    Currently, the team that wins the division title plays against the wild card team that is higher in the draft. But a restructuring could create what’s called a four-way tie. An example:

    Seven teams would compete in each division: One division winner, two wild card teams and four ”


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    Cambodia: A former Khmer Rouge stronghold, center for banned opposition parties and a place where, perhaps, “one million died in 10 years” of their own famine in the 1980s.

    Communism took over here in 1975 and every time we come I remember how it worked, how well it worked, how beautiful and real it was. I was on my way to see a Khmer Rouge concentration camp two years ago. You could still smell the death.

    And that’s when it hit me: in many of the places that were being destroyed or rebuilt today, I had been, that first time in 1975. Vann Nath, a Khmer Rouge stronghold in the old capital, is now a charming public square of shiny buildings, selling garbage. You can still see a statue of the Pol Pot Tsar in a garden.

    By remembering our past, I’m trying to escape the present. The way I look at things is different now.

    I’m trying to start over, to learn how not to make the same mistakes. To understand the power of the past and its ability to shape the future.

    In all the years since, there have been so many revolutions, the reason was always the same: a search for a new way to live. The Americans struggled against the British; the French got rid of the Tsar. After that, a man could even stab a king and claim to be the new king.

    The search for new ideas is always the same. And the same ideas are always banned.

    I really want to travel to China or Cambodia and experience the revolution of 1917 for myself. I don’t have to go through anything to see how societies might start to change in a new way, a democratic way.

    And what I’m finding is that, after the Russians deposed the tsar and were free to be free again, the people were actually free and they knew it. There wasn’t a single tsar in the entire country.

    In 1917, we were grateful to know that we were free


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  • Pakistan proved its playboy chief foreign affairs adviser, Sartaj Aziz, wrong on one thing. He never said Pakistan was born to be poor. Instead, he said the country was born to be poor and then a poor country could be built up by the country having an identity.

    Aziz said at one of his many media sponsored talks in Washington: “This is the birth of a country. We have forged an identity that has given us pride, our own identity that was ours… we can say that basically this identity has come to us without even thinking about it.”

    There, he forgot to mention that the whole identity was forged by the British.

    The birth of a country, it seems, rather than the birth of a poor (or formerly, a rich) nation to become poor.

    Although Pakistan itself was not born poor when it got independence it was no less poor than the countries that got independence in the same era.

    A new Pew survey on economic conditions in Pakistan shows the country’s per capita income over the last 20 years has hardly moved, while a large majority still suffers from poverty. Worse, there is little hope to offset the consequences of rising poverty.

    New Zealand, like Pakistan, was born poor. Yet it didn’t stay poor. Did Pakistanis become poor while it lacked an identity? On what basis can we say that “our” identity made Pakistan poor, when all the rich countries in the region had better identities — sometimes even better than Pakistan?

    Nations get poor by being poor and by not having any new ideas that could lead to economic progress. If Pakistan’s identity is a business beano, an oasis of swanking and horse-racing, it can hardly claim the right not to be poor.

    It may not be fair to use a better-than-the-worst-apart figure to define “poor”. Many poorer countries, like Laos,



    System Requirements:

    OS: Windows 7, Vista, Windows 8 or Windows 10
    Processor: Intel Core i3-2120 (2.1 GHz) or AMD equivalent
    Memory: 1 GB RAM
    Graphics: OpenGL 2.0 or DirectX 9.0c
    Storage: 500 MB free hard drive space
    DirectX: Version 9.0c
    Additional Notes:
    Peripherals: You may use any pair of headphones with mic.
    OS: Windows 7, Vista, Windows 8 or Windows 10


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