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Name Elden Ring
Publisher enornan
Format File
Rating 4.79 / 5 ( 7929 votes )
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The Rise of the Elden Ring, a massive open-world action RPG of bold gameplay and advanced features, is a dynamic game in which you can enjoy traveling and battling freely across a vast open-world map while exploring the rich world and its numerous dungeons. The game boasts a rich array of storyline elements and characters, a finely crafted party system, and a deeply customizable character that is sure to become a familiar face.

* Story Events
The story unfolds as you progress through the game. Not only does the storyline unfold in episodes, but additional events occur throughout the world. Play a variety of quests, choose your own party, and fight in the ultimate battles!

* Battle System
More than just a simple party system, the Battle System provides a real-time tactical battle with detailed commands. The combat system employs various battle elements, including the Overdrive Attack, Combat Arts, and Critical Evasion. As the game moves on, the elements of the Battle System become fully integrated with the game systems, resulting in the most engaging battle experience ever!

* Character Customization
Become the most powerful character the Lands Between has ever seen with the customization ability to create and develop your own unique character. The shape, appearance, and elemental affinity of your character are all freely customizable.

* Open-World Environment
Explore the vast open-world map and the numerous dungeons of the Lands Between. You can also enjoy traveling with other players in real time.


* Easily and Automatically Switch Between The Gamepad and The Keyboard
After downloading the game, you can use a gamepad to control your character or keyboard to control other characters in your party. In addition, you can freely switch back and forth between the gamepad and keyboard modes as you please.

* Plenty of Party Members and Actions
In Rise of the Elden Ring, you have a large selection of party members to increase your chances of success. Each party member has its own skills and attributes, so you can customize your party to meet the challenges that lie ahead. You can also freely switch between your party members while you fight. You will never be bored as you take on the challenges of the field, because Rise of the Elden Ring features various actions and party members.

* Gain Experience by Killing Monsters
As you travel the world and its various dungeons, you will encounter monsters. Killing monsters will allow you to gain experience points, enabling you to level up in


Features Key:

  • Explore an Immersive Fantasy World
  • Wide Variety of Characters to Design
  • Character Development According to Play Style
  • Intense Diving Experience
  • Player-to-Player Connectivity in Story Mode
  • What to Expect in VERSUS Mode

    Travel the deep lands of Elden while playing as a unique character.
    With the wave system which lets players play alongside each other through a world wide online network, you can experience breathtaking Shuffle Maps that put you into the shoes of other players.
    • Twin Boss Battle!

    Twin Boss Battle: A Match Type in which you play with two other players. When both teams reach a certain level of difficulty, an additional boss will appear, giving you even more challenges!

    Shuffle Maps: Explore the unexplored lands around the cycle of the game and enjoy the thrill of discovery. In these events, or in practice mode, you find a large number of monsters, traps and puzzle-like elements. These can be very dangerous when you are exploring alone, so we take great care in making sure that your safe! When playing in Shuffle Mode, your opponent is randomly chosen by our dashing robot Take!

    Play link

    Twin Boss Battle, Shuffle Maps, Take! The way you play in VERSUS Mode will always be unique.
    We want you to make the best use of the online journey, so we guarantee instant gameplay, simple tap controls, and a quiet battle experience!


    Version Release

    The game will be available as a pre-release from December 14th (UTC).

    Release Date

    The development team has prepared for a winter release date.

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    User Review – 1 of 2 users…

    Incredibly ambitious and yet confused. Almost perfection in scope and execution, but it falls apart under the weight of trying to fill several important gaps. Disappointing.

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    Elden Ring Full Version Download

    ◆ Why did you make the game, ‘The Elden Ring’?

    After the release of the original game, X. Production and Idea received a positive response in both users and staff. We have thus decided to launch a new project that provides game content that can be enjoyed not only by users but also by fans, in a genre that can broaden their horizons.
    ‘The Elden Ring’ is a game that combines the two types of game industry. On the one hand, it is an action RPG on the PS4 that faithfully reproduces the original game, retaining the spirit of the original project. On the other, it is a new project of the genre that combines the best elements of action games and RPGs, with a focus on narrative.

    ◆ What are the major features of the new game?

    ◆ World Setting and Game Story

    ‘The Elden Ring’ is an action RPG of the genre in which you enter the world of the Lands Between via the door that is thrown down by Laura. You will encounter many ordeals and challenges that are all connected to the ‘Game Story’ of this new game.
    In the middle of a maze-like world, you will experience new scenes of the great battle between the gods and the gods of the dark realm. The prologue of the game will not only provide a glimpse into the world of the Lands Between, but also help you discover the ‘Game Story’ as you proceed through it.

    ◆ Game Mechanics

    The battle system for the ‘The Elden Ring’ has been completely revamped from its original form. With a variety of new features, it is said that ‘The Elden Ring’ is the first battle system for action RPGs that can enjoy and share its fun gameplay.

    ◆ Game Mechanics

    As the battle system has been improved, combat has become more intense, and so the usual dynamic change between action and role playing has also been added.
    We have improved the display of the battle system in the middle of battle, but also enhanced the dynamic relationship between game portions, such as the update of the status of the units and the advance-retreat, by changing the priority and speed of the determination of status effects.

    ◆ Battle System

    Characteristics that are not found in other action RPGs include not only the ‘Insanity Burst’ that is the power


    What’s new in Elden Ring:



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    What’s new:

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    How To Install and Crack Elden Ring:

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    System Requirements:

    Game Version: Xbox 360 version
    Compatibility: OS Windows 7 or higher
    Minimum System Requirements:
    System: Windows 7 or higher
    Processor: x86 based PC or compatible Mac
    Memory: 4 GB RAM or more
    Graphics: GPU NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 (3 GB) or higher or ATI Radeon HD 7870 (2 GB) or higher, or Intel HD 4000 or higher
    Storage: 20 GB available space
    Additional Notes: Opt for the version with “Additional�


    Additional Information

    Name Elden Ring
    Publisher enornan
    Format File
    Rating 4.79 / 5 ( 7929 votes )
    Update (13 days ago)


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